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My wife went to a local egg supplier. She spoke with a staff member who is among the egg suppliers. Their hens haven’t been laying for months. Then she switched the feed and is now back to normal production.

This makes me optimistic-
Many people’s first thought is that hens aren’t laying because of winter or due to molting. But there is something else going on. For many, the egg laying problem began before winter, and yet with change of feed it’s resolved in the height of winter. Doesn’t sound seasonal.
Then there’s the “avian flu outbreak” they are using as cover to kill millions of chickens. They are using fraudulent pcr tests to determine presence of the flu. This is in addition to the outrageous price surges caused by fuel price increases.
The reason this makes me optimistic is because we have strong evidence that centralized suppliers are contaminating chicken feed supplies to vanquish domestic and commercial food production. This is nothing less than a deliberate act of war against civilians.
Many of us are already aware that the compromised regulatory apparatus and centralized corporations have been compromising food, water, air, “medicine,” and consumer products for years. This helps breed loyal, weak, and dependent consumers while growing profit margins.
Entire books have been written on the corporate and political scams that have robbed and sickened the world, but until recently this obvious reality was hiding in plain sight while the average consumer went on with their lives depending on “expert” advice.
A related aside to this is the widespread redpilling of the people of the world toward vaccines. I have been completely suspicious of them for years. Friends of mine who once dismissed me for this have had a change of heart on the issue in the wake of the mRNA disaster.
They are asking the question I once posed to them. “If you cannot trust the pharmaceutical companies here, then why would you trust them there?” It took worldwide sudden injury and death to cause them to question all pharmaceuticals and vaccination theory.
The heavy-handedness of the political-industrial-regulatory-medical-climate cult-war regime is doing a better job redpilling people than anyone could ever do.
You may not be surprised to learn that our food is literally poisoned, but it has too much for some to believe that such a level of malice was possible. That is, until now.
What regular people are going to start realizing is, “If they are willing to poison my chickens to prevent me from supplying myself or others with eggs, then surely they would poison the food I eat and feed my family.”
Frankly, that is a bigger redpill than pharma is bad.
When I consider the future, I no longer have predictions. But I see a fork occurring- a path of total domination or one of total freedom. I have no doubt there is darkness on the horizon. But where sun abounds, grace does much more abound.
In whatever measure evil increases, the power of God can rise in greater measure. And we must not fear for what could come but be in prayer and fully submitted to God.
For centuries, the church has largely been a religious institution wrapped up in vain theological discourse (or complete flaky chaos on the other extreme).
There have been expressions of transformation and power at times, but the majority of Christendom today could exist without any supernatural demonstration or experience. Much of it is totally cerebral. But that is not the expression of the faith that will help in days ahead.
Public awakening could cause things to steer in a better direction. One that favors family, neighborhood, localism, and so on. Our enemies don’t want us to be self-sufficient and they don’t want us connected or of sufficient means to help one another.
Our enemies lose power when their methods become obvious to people once in the dark. Because now they will take actions to defend themselves. It starts with refusing an injection or replacing the chicken feed, but it doesn’t end there.
Our enemies won’t take kindly to being exposed, and they will act desperate. More desperate than they already are. That is when true evil is unleashed. And we haven’t even tasted that yet. Now is the time to cultivate family, community, and deep fellowship with God.
Things could move suddenly in our favor, but even if they don’t because the enemy retaliates- God is able to provide, protect, and equip us supernaturally. There will be no room for dead theology. But a people who live and breath the miraculous.

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Mar 13
Was paying for a Cuban sandwich today when I realize the total is too high, even w/ tax. I ask Indian woman cashier to clarify the discrepancy.
Some chud next to me mansplains “it’s the tax.” Nope total is off.
Refuse to tip. Cash out & print receipt. “5% gratuity added”
I confront cashier about charge. (Don’t care if I look petty over 70 cents. It’s about principle.) She makes up some lie about what the charge is for. I can’t have any reaction without appearing unreasonable.

So why does this matter?
Life in globalized America is filled with these kinds of experiences, whether you’re aware of it or not. Even other Indians laugh about what a pain they are to do business with, but it’s no laughing matter.

I expect such an interaction if I travel overseas, but not here.
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Feb 1
The regulatory state has been the greatest driver of loss of freedom in our country. What was hypothetically designed to temper corporate greed from harming people & nature became the means to scale harm against people & nature, this time under the false guise of benevolence.
This ties right into the security state which has made everyone less safe under the false pretense of protecting them from danger- namely from the state itself.
This is of course worsened by astroturfed commie activism which prevents the only helpful elements of the state from doing the job of ensuring safety- ie blm getting cops lynched so any cop in his right mind leaves the force. Same with gay agenda in military.
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Feb 1
The real danger of tiktok and Instagram for young men is not just “p0rn brain” but the constant exposure to normal, otherwise unknown, 11/10 women from around the world. When they’re supposed to just find a conventionally pretty girl at church or school or a friend’s house.
Then the suitable women in their orbit are largely dumbed down by permascrolling while trying to emulate a rando from Italy that went viral that she will never be as pretty as.

This kind of exposure is worse than celebrity culture exposure. Add to that filters….
Like with a celebrity you know they don’t really exist. Basically a propagandized individual pumped full of money. Filters aside, these random girls online are real people, but she was only supposed to be seen by men in her town at a cafe or so something.
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Dec 4, 2022
In 2005 a train derailment in Graniteville, SC near an Avondale Mills plant. They were a massive cotton empire in AL, GA, & SC. The corporation, already struggling to withstand global competition went on to shut all of its operations in the aftermath. 4,000 jobs lost.
I’ve told story before of rancher I know who sends all cow hides to the dump. He used to fetch $15 a hide. Last time he sold them, the tanner offered him $5 a hide and told him not to send them anymore. Global competition and synthetic materials had boxed out the competition.
There are many more stories like this. The parasitic “free market” globalists have all but gutted American and local infrastructures- thereby the national culture itself- all across the economy in the interest of short-term wealth.
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