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I'm sat right behind Chibnall, Stone, Aldred, Fielding, and Shurmer for the Power of the Doctor Commentary #gally1
"I'm Janet Fielding." - Sophie Aldred.
"I'm Sophie Aldred." - Janet Fielding.
"I'm Chris Chibnall and I'm unemployed." Chris Chibnall
The opening train sequence was supposed to be the climax to Eve of the Daleks before all the money went #gally1
"This was the most complex sequence we ever did." Says Chibnall on the train sequence. Jamie Magnus Stone loved the excuse to buy toy trains.

"Jamie's action figures are legendary in the production office. Some of them are still there," says Chibnall. #gally1
The shape of the hole in Dan's helmet is from a cut bit where his nose got stuck. They made a fake nose and everything. #gally1
Dan is only in Power a little because Bishop was busy with a standup tour when they got extended for one more special. Chibnall says it did give more space to "the theme of what does it mean to be with the Doctor, what does it mean to leave the Doctor." #gally1
The qurunx seeming like it could be the Timeless Child was deliberate. #gally1
"I didn't know the title until right at the end of the edit." Chibnall at #gally1 Power of the Doctor commentary
First shot on day one of the shoot was Aldred in the museum #gally1
Tegan in Romania used the same location they filmed It Takes You Away in.
Fielding was nervous in her first scene because she could see her face reflected in the screen and it made her anxious. They had to tape it over.

"I was just impressed that I cleaned my nails." Aldred in response. #gally1
Chibnall and Aldred compare Dan's departure to Mel's.
Chibnall values companions leaving of their own volition and thinks Resurrection of the Daleks imprinted on him. #gally1
Chibnall "loves the idea of the Doctor not being able to say goodbye." Yaz then knows the Doctor so well as to decide not to at the end, he says. #gally1
Chibnall had an idea for an episode called "Betrayal of the Daleks" for a long time and loved the idea of a "spy Dalek", hence the traitor plot. #gally1
Massive praise from all for Dafydd Shurmer's Winter Palace set.

"It was a bit easy with references" says Shurmer.
"Well of course Rasputin is the Master, that's been clear to me for a number of years. Why would he not be?" - Chris Chibnall at #gally1
Chris Chibnall said his edict for series 11 on was not to go any quarries. So then he put them in the biggest quarry ever for Power. #gally1
The pattern in the planet floor was added late by the colorist. Who is also the Wes Anderson colorist. #gally1
"I won't be doing that again, putting a q at the start." Chibnall on the qurunx, which "nobody can pronounce."

"You can get antibiotics for it" says Fielding. #gally1
Chibnall shouts out to Mandip's face reacting to past conpanions 💀
"So many things you put in a script and go, they won't let us do that. They won't let us put the Master in all those paintings... it's like watching a fever dream inside my head." Chibnall at #gally1
"I just love the fact that he's so unhinged." Fielding on Dhawan

"I just loved writing the Master." Adds Chibnall. Mentioning when he first saw the Spyfall rushes: "Great, he IS that unhinged, so everything makes sense."
"One of my favorite scenes" says Chibnall about the Master getting brought in to UNIT and interacting with the classic companions and Ace #gally1
Russell texted Chris delighted and incredulous about Auntie Vanessa on BBC One in 2022. #gally1
"The Doctor knows she's going to go at the point for Yaz it becomes declarative. Here it's not the center of things but really it's building to the scene on top of the TARDIS that is a love story."

Chibnall also used the word "unrequited" to describe it. #gally1
He did essentially say they love each other while also using the word unrequited. Make of that whatever you will.
"You dismiss it with a line" says Chibnall on bringing back Ashad and regretting killing him #gally1
JMS had the Master kiss Ashad before they teleported out but Chibnall cut it. He's not sure he should have.
Chibnall describes the forced regeneration as a callback to The War Games #gally1
Audience erupts into applause at Ra Ra Rasputin
"There was a 4 minute cut of this" on the Rasputin dance.

Blu-ray extra please 🥺
"If he's Raputin we just have to. You can't not do that." Chibnall on the song. #gally1
The original cut of Power was an hour fifty with many extended scenes, including the dance. #gally1
The two glass chambers for the forced regeneration were an intended End of Time callback, according to Chris. #gally1
"It's a callback to the Paul McGann movie" says Chibnall of how the Master exits the regeneration chamber with Frankenstein imagery #gslly1
"He's a bully who can't be what he wants to be. He can't get the love."

Chibnall on the Master #gally1
"Tegan does die hard with Cybermen" was how Chibnall pitched the action sequence to JMS. #gally1
"You cannot talk about Mandip enough. The whole throughline of the episode is invested in Mandip," says Chibnall. #gally1
Chibnall was concerned whether the Master's Doctor costumes would look like "a mockery." Had talks with Holman about it. #gally1
Dhawan researched what Troughton played on recorder in the classic series, found the song, and learned to play it. #gally1
"Excellent use of the hood here. We didn't really use Jodie's hood much in the show." Chibnall on Dhawan having the hood up #gally1
"This is the heart of him, I think." Chibnall on the scene with the Master with Yaz in the TARDIS
The scene with Davison and Fielding was filmed separately using green screen. #gally1
"I could not resist Adric. I could not resist." - Chris Chibnall. #gally1
The volcano stuff was originally supposed to be in an oil rig.
The McCoy line about watching Ace fly was about Chibnall's son going away to university, which he didn't realize until watching the cut #gally1
"That's all I'm saying, Big Finish. Ace and Graham and their adventures"
Everyone loves Jemma Redgrave.
"She has an insane laugh." Fielding
"She laughs like a donkey." Aldred
"There was a UNIT plan throughout the era, we brought it down and then brought it back, completely ridiculous" says Chibnall #gally1
The "unleash the volcanoes" stuff was earlier in the script, and moved to maximize the energy of the episode. Chibnall says the edits are as important as the scripting process. #gally1
"Can I just say "I'm freelance" was like "I'm leaving the BBC". That's me as Vinder." Chibnall #gally1
"Where there's hope" is an inverted Pertwee reference, says Chibnall #gally1
"That speech of Yaz sums up the era" says Chris
"It was Nikki Wilson who said the Cybermen can't come out of the walls of the building because that's a real building," says Chibnall on a lost visual. JMS reinserted one arm doing that near the climax because he got really excited by it. #gally1
"It's a thinking show, not a punching show, and sometimes you need to see that" says Chibnall #gally1
Chibnall mentions a number of deleted scenes about the Master reenacting Rasputin's death but says "at this point of the episode, you don't care" and so they were cut. #gally1
"We had two days with Brad. That's all we could get him for." Says Chibnall. That's why he stays in the TARDIS instead of going on the cyber planet.
"Your can't touch that one, it dematerializes the TARDIS" said Aldred to Walsh in the group TARDIS scene.
"It's not real" he replied.
Mentions of the cut Tunguska plot. I didn't quite catch what was said but maybe someone else did.
There was a filmed bridge of Sacha crawling out of a sack after Rasputin's death happens before crawling towards the Doctor in the climax. #gally1
"That was always the image. Always the image that we had to get to. When you talk about the story across the three specials, she saves her life twice." Chris Chibnall at #gally1
"Croyden is a Sarah Jane reference, obviously." Chris Chibnall #gally1
"I always knew that was the ultimate scene. The two of them, sitting and talking."
Chibnall further says that scene was also the sentiment of the team saying goodbye to the show. "Nobody else got to live our days." #gally1
They all got to take home roundels from the TARDIS. "I got home and my wife was like, and where is THAT going?"
"It's lucky Mandip looks so lovely when she's crying. It's not ugly crying, is it?" Sophie Aldred
"I think we checked Anneke Wills. She was having a tree felled or something?" Says Chibnall
The editor came up with intercutting the Doctor with Yaz at the support group. Chibnall describes that as "beautiful." #gally1
"It's sort of an egoistical thing. That's me coming home to Dorset." Chibnall on the regeneration
"When David was filming this, he was texting Jodie." Says Chris #gally1
And that's that! What a fantastic commentary. Well done moderating, @Legopolis

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Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford at #Gally1
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Radio Free Skaro panel at #gally1 starting now 🥳
Colin Baker is the first guest up! #gally1
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Jan 3, 2020
New year. New fears. New book to drown myself in.

Drama around the Target Storybook's production made for one of the most encouraging moments of the year for me in 2019. Let's see if the book itself can be a bright way into 2020.
So Gatecrashers is already extremely charming. I love mundane concepts and stakes like space pizza delivery, and I love characters like Yaz seeing through it to the real human stakes. Hooked.
Ryan knows spray cheese is shit.

Ryan is wise.
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Jul 30, 2019
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