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#DoctorWho - S8/E1: Deep Breath (2014) Image
#DoctorWho - S8/E2: Into The Dalek (2014) Image
#DoctorWho - S8/E3: Robot of Sherwood (2014) Image
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OK Twitter, today's poll is...

If William Hartnell had turned down the part of #DoctorWho which of his contemporaries should have taken the role on: Lionel Jeffries or James Robertson Justice?

Vote below👇 ImageImage
You know who would have made a great first Doctor?
Well this question has certainly split the audience! It's not too late to vote you know...
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I took many pictures at Bolsa Chica this afternoon including many of terns diving for food and a fire that erupted a few minutes after our group left the environs of a WWII gunnery emplacement. Until I get to that part of the queue, you are stuck with various experiments.
I am very fond of #DoctorWho, so I have a small selection of action figures and a TARDIS. Attempts to photograph my tiny collection haven't given me results that I like until I use one of the #sfx filters installed in my Nikon Coolpix W150.
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OTD 1960 / 2012: #AnAgeOfKings Vs #TheHollowCrown – Henry V
Both the BBC’s hugely ambitious, brilliant Shakespeare Henriads did the really popular one on the same day (52 years apart).
It’s Robert Hardy vs Tom Hiddleston as the one Official Good King of the set. Shakespeare’s An Age of Kings – BBC DVD cover (they sellThe Hollow Crown (2012) – Ben Whishaw (beautiful Richard I
Hiddleston looks fantastic and has glorious weight in speeches and in battle, but doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself nearly as much as Hardy, who gets his big matches with Sean Connery and Judi Dench* and whose St Crispin’s Day speech is the most rousing I’ve seen. An Age of Kings – Sean Connery vs Robert Hardy
Mores have changed so that Falstaff was still a big draw in 1960, but he’s just drunk and unappealing in the later version to the extent you can’t see what they see in him.

*I think Dench is the one actor in both series (though not on July 21). An Age of Kings – Robert Hardy chats up Judi DenchThe Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses (2016) – support i
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doctor who: an interesting thread #DoctorWho
The First Doctor - very very interesting, hmm! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Second Doctor - yes, this is interesting ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Alright, so. Now that I've completed a @theblackarchive, here is the necessary "what you need to know, how do you pitch one, how do you write one" thread.

Here it goes.

First, note that the new submission windows will require a 8k sample of either the BA or previous academic work. So, the "writing" and "pitching" steps are a bit mixed together. But - ...
a - you need to find an episode you CAN think and write about non-stop for a year or so. This sounds basic, but it's important: not burning out starts with selecting something you're passionate about and which gets your creative juices flowing.
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#DoctorsDay #डाक्टर्स_डे पर आइए, भारतीय डॉक्टरों के जीवन #doctorslife में झांकने की कोशिश करें। आप कड़ी को जोड़ते हुए अपने अनुभव को साझा करें। अपना दुःख-दर्द साझा करें, नकारात्मक टिप्पणी से बचें।
1/n वर्ष 1991: पीएमटी (आज का #NEET) postponed की न्यूज़ बस में मिली, पहला पेपर physics का..कारण #राजीव_गाँधी जी की हत्या..मन खराब हो गया..नहीं बनना डॉक्टर #doctorsday2020
2/n जैसे-तैसे परीक्षा हुई, लेकिन आचार संहिता, लोकसभा चुनाव और परिणामों ने पीएमटी परीक्षा के परिणामों को 5 महीने आगे कर दिया। यह चेतावनी उन छात्रों के लिये जो #postponeneet जैसे Twitter trend का साथ देकर मेडिकल कालेज में प्रवेश को मुश्किल बना रहे हैं #doctorsday2020
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Doctor Who regenderated (a thread)
The First Doctor
The Second Doctor
The Third Doctor
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Here we go! Counting down the top 75 #DoctorWho stories of all time, as voted for over the last six weeks in our poll!

There have been 295 stories broadcast since 1963, and we’re comparing the results against the last large-scale poll undertaken by Doctor Who Magazine in 2014. Image
Of course, we’ve seen the introduction of both the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors since the last poll, so this is the first time we’re able to see how the last five series of the show stack up against the rest of the Doctor’s adventures.
We’ll be counting down the top 75 stories over the next week, and posting the full ranking of all 295 stories on Friday night, alongside some deeper analysis.
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L’#expoWisigoths est une occasion en or de parler des "Barbares".
Ce terme, utilisé originellement par les Grecs, est souvent employé aujourd’hui dans la création artistique pour définir un guerrier solitaire ou une horde. #Boucherie
Alors empoignez vos scramasaxes, sellez votre fidèle poney alezan, parez-vous de votre peau de bête autour de la taille, et allons sur les chemins de la réception du "Barbare" dans la #CulturePop en compagnie de @MathieuS31
Le terme "Barbare" définit au départ celui qui ne parle pas la langue commune, donc l’Autre.
Mais bizarrement, cet élément sera peu repris dans la création fictionnelle du Barbare, au contraire de leurs caractéristiques physiques et sociales.
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"...durchgesuppt wie beim echten Chinesen, wo man nicht weiss, ist das jetzt ein gebratener Mensch, Hund, Katze, Fledermaus - es kann eigentlich alles sein."

Aus dem #Podcast #festundflauschig #StayAtHome tut denen nicht gut

#Rassismus #ichbinkeinVirus
Mir ist einfach nur noch schlecht.
Als #BPoC hast du keine (bekannten) Allies. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ist so. Früher oder später kommt raus, dass man für viele nur eine Lachnummer ist. Siehe oben im 1. Tweet #festundflauschig, #franziskavanalmsick oder die #heuteshow. #ichbinkeinVirus #Rassismus
Dass anscheinend niemanden dieser problematische Satz (1. Tweet) aufgefallen ist - oder dass sich niemand dran stört... Das stimmt zu meinem #ichbinkeinVirus Erlebnis in den ÖPNV, wo Leute bei rassistischen Übergriffen einfach weggucken. #rassismus #festundflauschig
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With the help of some friends I've been working on the most detailed, accurate and conclusive account of each series of #DoctorWho since 2005.

I'm honoured to present to you this incredibly comprehensive thread:

Each series of Doctor Who as food.


🪐 Effortless perfection.
🪐 Doesn’t distract with big-budget condiments, just does it's job and does it well.
🪐 People try to skip breakfast in a rush, but the rewards of investing in the most important meal of the day cannot be understated.

🪐 A decent crack, but it’s just not cheese is it?
🪐 It’s an ethical choice, nice enough as long as you never compare it to the real thing.
🪐 But, have it on a base of S1’s buttered toast and you’ve got a pretty solid meal nonetheless.
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What if the #DoctorWho season one finale Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways was written in the style of The Timeless Child?

We proudly present:
The 13th Doctor is shocked to find herself in the Big Brother house. But she really enjoys the show, so settles in quite happily.

“Good this, isn’t it? Blimey, that transmat’s a bit harsh. Ah well, when’s the next eviction?”
Ryan has landed in The Crystal Maze. He is nominated for physical game — crossing a pool of acid!

Nothing gets burned, in fact it might just be water. And Ryan willpowers his dyspraxia away to win a crystal.
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March 1981: Shakin' Stevens is top of the charts, Tom Baker is leaving #DoctorWho and Clive Sinclair is bringing computers to the masses. Britain is moving into a new age, and one object above all will herald its coming!

For #BritishScienceWeek this is the story of the ZX81...
Like many electronics companies Sinclair Radionics had been beaten up by the 1970s calculator wars: cut-price LCD products from Japan, plus aggressive price cuts from Hewlett Packard made Sinclair's LED calculators unprofitable. The company was in trouble.
The British government bailed out Sinclair in the 1970s, and wanted it to focus on instrument manufacturing - the only profitable bit of its business. Clive Sinclair resigned in disgust in 1979. He had a better idea.
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Let’s dive into the #DoctorWho Season 12 finale, The Timeless Children. I’ve got a lot of thoughts about the series today but just going to enjoy the ride. Doctors, please don’t fail me. #highhopes #blerd
Are we going to have a trial of a timelord moment?
They gave Ryan a fucking basketball 🏀...
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Okay, let’s do this. Here are the #tweetnotes on #DoctorWho The Timeless Children.


In short: Unless you’re the News, being told stuff for 45 minutes is a preposterous way to format an hour of television.
DW-TTC: “One day Doctor I’m going to give you a pretty hard telling. Oh yes you will be told a thing pretty drastically. Such a mighty telling as will require a significant update of your Wikipedia page - with another bloody awful Chibnall SF name at the start of it.” #tweetnotes
DW-TTC: Let’s start with a question: Who is the character in Doctor Who right now who so defines themselves by their own backstory — things that happened to them — that to to mess with that would challenge their whole sense of identity?

It’s Graham.

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#DoctorWho is so shit that I might actually drop it now, and I was only watching it out of habit, but fuck me, what a shitshow.
You know what I'm most pissed about? The Doctor is an alien baby that dropped out of a magic portal, but she doesn't want to, you know, find out where that portal leads to or who her people ACTUALLY ARE
Why the fuck would a space-faring civilisation, who can regenerate, look through the matrix and go, 'ah yes, early 1900's Ireland, that fits right into Galifreyan lore'?

This show is written by absolute chimpanzees.
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1/ At Savers Health And Beauty:

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3/ Olay Twin Packs £9.99
Regime giftsets £15.99
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Let’s do #tweetnotes on #DoctorWho Ascension of the Cybermen.


In short: A runaround that misses why cliffhangers work. All the aesthetics of last year’s lousy Battle of Rancid Cauliflower perked up with familiar baddies and effective Moffat-esque cutaways.
DW-AOTC: Why do cliffhangers work?

They’re typically a big development or a guessing game, right? Either a story changes direction in a thrilling way, or it’s a game of ‘How do they get out of this?’

Here we are one of both…and neither lands right. #tweetnotes
DW-AOTC: The Master’s arrival doesn’t actually change the direction of the story. Rather, he offers exposition to keep the arc on track.

That it’s Gallifrey is a curiosity, but you knew Gallifrey was showing up somewhere — we got teased that at the season’s start. #tweetnotes
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Today in pulp I'm heading back to 1978, when disco was NOT DEAD and Dr Strange dreamed of being Lemmy from Mötorhead...
Some call it copywrite infringement, others call it inspired genius...

Stravolta: Crime Fighter, February 1978.
The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band film (1978). Starring:
- the Bee Gees
- Frankie Howerd
- Aerosmith
- Donald Pleasence
- Earth, Wind & Fire
- Steve Martin

Surely this deserves a BluRay special edition...
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Let’s do some #tweetnotes on #DoctorWho The Haunting of Villa Diodati.


In short: Trust a soap writer to get the this version of Doctor Who to work!
DW-THOVD: Before we get started, can we take a moment to lament the appropriate but *horribly* awkward title, The Haunting of Villa Diodati. CLUNK.

Also the sterling work this location’s distinctive staircase has performed across the modern series of Doctor Who. #tweetnotes
DW-THOVD: I’m not joking about Maxine Alderton.

Here’s an experienced soap writer who understands how to imply adult things for a 7pm audience. Who knows how to make her dialogue smooth and unobtrusive, and cover character ground quickly but with flexible looseness. #tweetnotes
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Let’s do some #tweetnotes on #DoctorWho Can You Hear Me?


In short: A clash of two writing styles delivers something with exciting oddness and, at least, some exciting new flaws.

TW: Mental health, suicide, cancer, dyspraxia.
DW-CYHM: Cards on the table, I really enjoyed this. We’ll come to its myriad flaws in a sec but here’s what happened as the episode warmed into its stride:

I leaned forwards.

I was interested. I wasn’t quite sure where this was going! I *love* feeling that way. #tweetnotes
DW-CYHM: A lot of recent eps struggled to make me curious - you know where Orphan 55’s monster runaround, or Tesla’s invasion, will take you.

Hell, even the Ruth reveal was only able to kill time *until* that reveal — you knew ‘runaround with reveal’ was the shape. #tweetnotes
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A brutally honest thread about #DoctorWho fandom.

Buckle up.

So, I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday when chatting with my gf who noted that even though she hardly follows 'Doctor Who' social media accounts or fans, her timeline gets flooded with wholly...

...negative coverage of the show. To the point where she's completely baffled by people taking the show *that* seriously.

Obviously fans can be passionate in their love for something and sometimes we can be critical out of love, but that's not what she was referring to.

It was more the idea that even supposed fans of the show completely hate it and that hatred is so visibly unhinged, so obviously lacking a basis in reality that it actually has started to turn her off the programme.

I thought about this viewpoint overnight and...

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@doomcock @Nerdrotics @GeeksGamersCom BBC what’ve you done to Doctor Who?
Either change it or end it, but this cant go on!

Please read to learn what the loyal fanbase has to say about the state of our show! Every bit of help counts :)…
@doomcock @Nerdrotics @GeeksGamersCom Terrified the audience will reject the Ruth Doctor if catapulted ahead of Hartnell, the Radio Times tries to claim there is no such thing as Canon

@Doomcock deserving of your ministrations!…
@doomcock @Nerdrotics @GeeksGamersCom Canon CAN bend: This is TRUE: but only when the show can take the audience with it
Moffat pulled off his canon bending dodge of the "War Doctor" because he couldnt get Chris E back for the 50th, but fanbase went for it becuase John Hurt as a dark secret Doctor was irresistable
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