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Inside: California to smash prison e-profiteers; and more!

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1/ A prison cell. Behind the b...
This Weds (May 10), I'm in #Vancouver for a keynote at the #OSSummit:…

And a book event at #HeritageHall:…

On Thu (May 11), I'm in #Calgary for @WordfestTweets:…

2/ Image
California to smash prison e-profiteers: The Public Utility Commission to the rescue!

3/ Image
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Very intelligent 🧠 and #brilliant doctors. Doctor vs #DoctorWho Quiz.
Which #cytokine stimulate the growth and differentiation of #eosinophils.
#medtwitter #meded #doctor #USMLE #medical
Very intelligent 🧠 and #brilliant doctors. #Doctor vs #Doctor Quiz.
Which #cytokine stimulate the growth and differentiation of #eosinophils.
#medtwitter #meded #doctor #USMLE #medical
On Targeting #Eosinophils which clinical condition will benefit most ?
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Compiling a thread of the #Gally1 panels I tweeted through here for the sake of organization for #DoctorWho fans. Enjoy and feel free to add more here!
Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford interview (Friday 2/17, 2:15pm)

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Rorvik in the famous Tom Baker #DoctorWho storyline, "Warriors' Gate".

Rorvik and @mtaibbi's bestest friend @elonmusk have a lot in common! they both love slavery, they both adore bullying people, and their "management" style is pointing a gun and screaming.

~Chara Image
Rorvik and his men are utterly dependent for their space travel on an enslaved people who know about time travel; like @elonmusk parasitizing the long-suffering staff of @Tesla and @SpaceX, Rorvik doesn't *know* how time or science works—only how to exploit it for gain.

whenever someone like the Doctor or K-9 says some big words that Rorvik / @elonmusk doesn't like the sounds of—well, #ElonMusk may not actually *know* what all the intimidating polysyllabic words really mean, but he does know how to pitch a fit.…

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You cannot help but notice the latest developments in online gambling and the exciting new options available for players. The emergence of new online casino platforms that have recently entered the market is notable. #DoctorWho #DaredevilBornAgain #daterush Online gambling has become more popular in recent years, resulting in more demand for new and innovative casino sites. dditionally, technological advancements have made it easier for new casino sites to enter the market and offer high-quality gaming… Many new casino sites offer unique features and bonus funds to attract players and stand out from more established competitors. The increasing use of mobile devices for gambling has made it easier for people to play casino games from anywhere,
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Recent tweet inspired me to listen to the first half of the best two-track sequence in #DoctorWho

Not only is this cue an absolute banger, but the backbone is something Murray Gold wrote way back for the 50th Anniversary…great stuff #NowListening
PS. I still need these damn cues, Murray…
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So at long last, here comes the thread.

#DoctorWho: #ThePowerOfTheDoctor
Toraji namedrop calling back to 42 was not in the script. This addition over Scene 1 is likely ADR written by Chris later on. Image
H: “Be careful.”
A: “It’s alright, they’re dead.”

Seems to be ADR too. Image
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Excuse me as an old woman gets all emotional over what started as a children's show, which I watched as a child.

A part of my life, and like most things in life, there were good and bad moments in it.
Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, John Bishop, Sacha Dhawan, Bradley Walsh, Sophie Aldred, Janet Fielding, Jemma Redgrave

David Bradley, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann

Katy Manning, Bonnie Langford, William Russell, and David Tennant
Let me get one grump out of the way, Jodie was IMO the 14th Doctor.
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"Now, I'd like you to gently squeeze the accelerator, Mister Pertwee."
*Ka-thunk!* VROOOMMM!!!
#5Docs Image
Jon has just posted a letter saying:
"Dear John Nathan-Turner
I'm sorry, but I don't feel ready to return to Doctor Who.
Yours sincerely, Tom Baker"
#5Docs Image
If you had the chance you'd Timescoop Jon Pertwee, wouldn't you? And Bessie. It would be great.
#5Docs Image
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If you've ever wondered what the Queen liked to curl up in front of, keep reading to check out her favourite series on telly! 📺

#TheQueen #QueenElizabethII

According to reports, the Queen was something of a TV aficionado and loved to sit in front of a decent series after a long day!

#TheQueen #QueenElizabethII…
Former BBC Radio 2 editor Phil Jones revealed that #TheQueen told him her favourite TV show.
Phil said: "I alighted on ‘What’s your favourite programme?’ Straight away she said: ‘The Kumars at No.42,’ and recited one-liners."

The show ran from 2001 to 2006.

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#JusticeForNoelClarke is proud to present:
"@NoelClarke's adventures in cancellation from Time and Space"
This article investigates Guardian allegations against Noel from within the world of #DoctorWho, and includes bombshell testimony from our source!…
We have decided to tag Noel Clarke so he is aware of our new article. We remind everyone we are a totally independent fan organisation, determined to hold the media to account and get answers to OUR questions!
Together with text from the "Adventures in cancellation from Time and Space" article, this JPEG shows the layout for the signing session with Noel at the 2016 Bournemouth Film and Comic Convention.
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Вставлю сюда своё дохуя ценное мнение #HouseoftheDragon #HOTD #HouseOfTheDragonHBO Image
И в чем он неправ????? #HouseoftheDragon #HOTD #HouseOfTheDragonHBO ImageImage
Пометка для тех, кто долбится в глаза в комментариях со своим А ВОТ В ИГРЕ ПРЕСТОЛОВ ТАКОГО НЕ БЫЛО

#HouseoftheDragon #HOTD #HouseOfTheDragonHBO ImageImageImageImage
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Respect for Chris Chibnall: a thread 🙌💙

I think Chibnall has been a great showrunner over the last 5 years. Here are 5 reasons why!

Chibnall just gets Doctor Who. He respects the cannon but understands that it needs to be stretched and explored in order to constantly reinvent. He’s reinstated mystery into the show whilst staying true to its roots.

Every character in the Chibnall era just *feels* different. They feel like they’ve been written by different people. Every companion and reoccurring character has felt distinct and have been explored in subtle but powerful ways. Here are some of my favourite!

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I actually quite like that there are certain recurring settings/characters in #DoctorWho largely tied to a particular version of the show.

"Peladon" (and arguably the "... Space" stories) for the Third Doctor, Sil for the Sixth Doctor, "the Other" for the Seventh and so on.
In the Moffat era, you have characters like the Paternoster Gang and Rivier Song largely tied to the Eleventh Doctor.

In the Chibnall era, you obviously have the whole "Timeless Child" mythology. All of which, within the show, remains largely tied to a particular era.
I like that, unlike so many major franchises, you can kinda just bite off chunks of "Doctor Who" and treat them as self-contained shows.

So, you don't need to watch (or wiki) forty-odd years of continuity to watch the Davies era, or you can jump on fresh with Moffat or Chibnall.
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Doctors and Daleks, our #dnd5e conversion of Doctor Who The Roleplaying Game, is out this Tuesday! So I thought I'd share some insights into what has changed from #dnd, what's the same, and what we've brought over from the Doctor Who RPG
Just like regular DnD, you'll pick your Species and Class. For Species, you can choose from Human, Sontaran, Silurian (Welsh or Wenley Moor), and Time Lord. There are no preset Ability Scores, you can choose those yourself, but there are recommendations (such as Str for Sontaran)
Time Lords get more bonuses than other Species, such as access to SRD spells like Telepathy and Augury based on their level. But don't worry, the GM chapter contains advice on having a Time Lord in the party and keeping things fair
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Apparently it’s ten years today since I started collecting startling #DoctorWho headlines & screenshots. So to celebrate, here’s some of my favourites:
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“A Good Man Goes to War” is very much about the idea that the Doctor probably shouldn’t be (or at least shouldn’t primarily be) an unstoppable universal force like “the Oncoming Storm.”

It’s something of a deconstruction of Davies’ post-Time War characterisation of the Doctor.
It’s very much a deconstruction of the angsty “darker and edgier” version of “Doctor Who” that could be seen to extend from having a protagonist who committed multiple premeditated genocides.

It drops him into a rape revenge narrative, and points out how that just doesn’t work.
It doesn’t work because he’s a children’s television character, and isn’t fit for purpose.

It’s deliberate how uncomfortable the Eleventh Doctor feels dealing with this stuff, and very pointed that his attempt to raise an army to solve a problem through force… doesn’t work. Image
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Can Ncuti Gatwa and Russell T Davies rescue #DoctorWho?…
The Doctor can travel anywhere in time and space. They can tackle any issue: ethical, emotional, scientific, political, or philosophical. They toy with technology and fiddle with physics
The show can have as its hero almost anyone of any sex or colour, albeit being British appears to be the one constant requirement
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Theory for 13's last moments (a thread):

In this scene, The Doctor opens the fobwatch, causing her to regain her Timeless Child powers, which she uses to defeat The Master. However, this soon starts to take its toll on her, and The Doctor's mind starts to burn up..
mind starts to burn up. With very little time left, The Doctor astral projects into her true form (an androgynous amalgamation of all her prior and future incarnations) and debates on what to do. With the fobwatch destroyed, there is no way for her now to shut off her..
Memories again, and that even if she were to regenerate, it wouldn't spare her from all the pain that's driving her mad. The Doctor eventually realises that there's no easy way out of this. So she makes a compromise..
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Pues mira, si @AlvaroLoman dice que es una idea chachi, ¿quién soy yo para contradecirle? Se viene... EL MEGA HILO DE REFERENCIAS DEL FANHUNTER NAPIAS OF FORTUNE 👇👇👇 Image
Que si alguien a estas alturas TODAVÍA no se ha enterado de lo que es... #NapiasOfFortune es un pack de personajes (narizones) pregenerados no-oficial y gratuito para #Fanhunter el #JuegoDeRol #Épicodecadente de @chemapamundirl, @celspinol y @DevirIberia.…
Empezamos por They-Ra, superheroine no-binarie a tiempo parcial. Aurorita Puigmartí es un claro homenaje a Adora / #SheRa, protagonista del spin-off de He-Man del mismo nombre, y concretamente al reboot de Netflix del 2018 realizado por ND Stevenson (@Gingerhazing). ImageImageImageImage
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I am raising money for the Red Cross, Ukraine @RedCrossUkraine

I am running an auction that will run till 12th of March.
Link to see Lots and how to bid is as follows:…

LOTS SO FAR ARE... (Thread)
LOT 1: Three rings from the Estate of Peter Wyngarde. These were owned by him and gifted to me for my birthday in 2020. These are all size 6 rings and fit on my pinky. They will come in the original bag and provenance will be supplied. ImageImage
LOT 2: A signed copy of Robin Ince's The Importance of Being Interested PLUS the winner will have a Zoom conversation of 30 minutes with Robin where you'll be able to ask him anything. Kindly donated by @robinince ImageImage
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It is a good time to be glad to not be into James Bond. Turns out that James Bond is now gay.

I don't get this trend of fucking around with gender or orientation of well established characters.

Particularly those who are highly romanticized.
In many ways I see this trend as suddenly Doctor who is a woman. James Bond is gay, etc to be extremely dehumanizing and appropriative.

Fans have emotional relationships with characters. Appeal is a HUGE part of that. Screw around with gender/orientation and you fuck that up.
Superficially, it may seem like activism, but in reality, it creates a bogus "equality" by equally denying masculinity and femininity.

A man attracted to a woman is same as man attracted to man is same as woman attracted to woman, etc. It is an emotional violation.
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After taking a Twitter sabbatical (things have been busy), I thought I would take a note from @jurijuri and discuss my insights into #meetups...since I run @WhoMeetup. A thread. /1
Meetups, at their heart, are socially-oriented.

There's no rule that says you *have* to show a video, or *have* to do anything.

Too many people act like "meetups don't matter"...and they do.

#Meetups can provide a low barrier of entry to fandom /2
At its heart, @WhoMeetup doesn't "compete" with Gally or Chicago TARDIS...

we take our cue from groups like @chicagonerds, @RaksGeek, and @DownInFrontLive and focus on *community* rather than "commodity".

And we've done a lot since I took over @WhoMeetup in 04/2012. /3
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Happy #DoctorWhoDay everybody! The show is 58 years old today, and as this is a pulp account there really is only one way I can mark the occasion...

Let's look back at the New Adventures!
In 1989 the BBC killed off #DoctorWho. The corporation said the series was being 'rested'; the fans suspected it was as dead as Adric.

But an unlikely saviour emerged to carry Who through the wilderness years: Richard Branson.
Both Michael Grade and Jonathan Powell, BBC Directors in the 1980s, disliked Doctor Who. They felt it was outdated, violent and cheap-looking. Ratings were awful, exacerbated by terrible scheduling. Relations with producer John Nathan-Turner had also hit rock bottom.
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