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Third Doctor as a sofa: a thread
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On the occasion of Tom Baker’s 85th birthday, allow me to share the time the Fourth Doctor of #DoctorWho (and my first Doctor) led to international intrigue in 2013, and potential blacklisting... /1
I was excited to do a phone interview on a Friday morning, Nov. 8, 2013, w/ #TomBaker about #DoctorWho 50th anniv special. He was amazing, and delightful. I asked him the obvious question (normally I avoid these because I know they’ll get shot down and waste precious time): /2
"Will you be in #DoctorWho 50th?" I could almost sense glee building over phone lines. “I am in the special. I’m not supposed to tell you that, but I tell you that very willingly and specifically; the BBC told me not to tell anybody but I’m telling you straightaway.” /3
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Happy 2019! Hope your days back at work are going well.

Let’s do #tweetnotes on #DoctorWho: Resolution.


In short: Daleks remain *the* way to reawaken enthusiasm for the show, but a string of weird choices stopped this from being a knockout new year’s special.
DW-R: An alien possesses a woman and goes around killing folks on its mission to make a phone call. A gang of contemporary heroes and their ageless leader use hacking tech to track it down.

Most of you will recognise this kind of story immediately - it’s Torchwood. #tweetnotes
DW-R: What happens when you do a big Doctor Who special in the Torchwood style?

Well, it gets smaller. Instead of a Dalek firing at New Year’s crowds, we get one driving through England on Jan 1st.

If Doctor Who happens at a party, Torchwood lives in the hangover. #tweetnotes
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#DoctorWho: Spearhead from Space, by Terrance Dicks. Hayakawa Bunko SF, 1980. #Japan
#DoctorWho: Day of the Daleks, by Terrance Dicks. Hayakawa Bunko SF, 1980 #Japan
#DoctorWho and the Daleks, by David Whitaker. Hayakawa Bunko SF, 1980 #Japan
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Let’s do some #tweetnotes on #DoctorWho - Kerblam!


In short: A delightful returns to ‘what we think Doctor Who is’, complete with a return to *who* we think the Doctor is, marred slightly by a slow middle and some deeply conflicted politics.
DW-K!: If what you want from Doctor Who is for the Doctor to drop in on an interesting SF world, discover who’s behind a mystery and why and solve it - this is that. And a good version of it.

And it’s made all the more appealing for not having been seen in a while. #tweetnotes
DW-K!: One thing that warm, familiar shape allows is room for the TARDIS team to be who we want them to be. The Doctor dismissive of authority, pushing for answers. The companions quietly heroic and compassionate. (Ryan’s refusal to let his condition stop him is 👌🏻) #tweetnotes
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Ryan was so excited the first time they landed on an alien planet. Graham was shookington but he handled it well, considering.

Ryan running away immediately is still hilarious. I love him. #DoctorWho #TheGhostMonument
Everybody is actually entirely too calm considering they landed on a planet called Desolation.

LMFAO at Thirteen warning Ryan (specifically) not to touch anything. 😂
Love this moment.
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#DoctorWho did something radical tonight. An episode where they time travel to 1947 India & Pakistan at the time of the partition. Huge kudos to @VinayPatel for writing such a powerful and unique episode. This sci fi nerd child of Indians is in awe.
@VinayPatel First of all - for an episode airing on Remembrance Day, a hugely important memorial day in the UK, they told the story of an Indian veteran. Despite the fact that millions of Indians fought in Britain's wars, the stories of Indian soldiers rarely get told.
@VinayPatel Second - as if just taking modern day English time travellers back to 1947 India & Pakistan wasn't fraught enough (and there is a 'sit down, colonizer' moment), they take on the issue of a Muslim-Hindu wedding *during the partition.*
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Okay, time for #tweetnotes on #DoctorWho: The Tsuranga Conundrum.


In short: Playing all the old notes, but very much not in the right order.
DW-TTC: What’s the best way to make ‘it’s on the radar, it’s inside the ship’ corridor sequences scary?

Make sure you’ve given the characters and audience reason to be scared. In Alien, this means face hugger jump, chestburster death *then* start searching corridors.
DW-TTC: Doing lengthy ‘be scared in the corridors’ scenes won’t be tense if you don’t know if there’s reason to fear the boarding alien.

Sometimes, especially in Doctor Who, they’re nice aliens! This was too soon to do the spooky corridor thing. #tweetnotes
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Still on a bit of a nostalgic #DoctorWho kick, in particular for the Moffat Era.

So now watching “Dark Water”, the first part of the two-part eighth season finale.
“It's a terrible thing. Just a terrible, terrible thing.”
“It wasn't terrible.”
“It was boring.”
“It was ordinary.”

Clara is a fascinating companion, in large part because she’s essentially riffing on the sense of entitlement that Rose felt.
“He deserved better. And so did you.”
“I don't deserve anything. Nobody deserves anything.”
“But I am owed better. I am owed.”

Clara is selfish and self-centred. But she’s aware of that, and the show is aware of that.

These traits are explored as developed. They make her human.
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Evening all! Let’s do some #tweetnotes on #DoctorWho: Arachnids in the UK. MUTE FOR SPOILERS

In short: Chibnall’s best Who episode to date is a solid romp that doesn’t put many of its eight feet wrong…it just doesn’t have much to say, either.
DW-AITUK: A lot of the basics here felt cribbed from Eight Legged Freaks. (Or, rather, so obvious that both did them.)

Toxic waste leading to massive spiders. Nasty businessman’s big land development. Youth activity used to lure the beasts into place. #tweetnotes
DW-AITUK: One pleasant surprise was the surprisingly natural flow of the early scenes - from vortex to TARDIS to home, to flat, to trouble.

Yaz sadly realising “No messages” is good. The Doctor’s sadness that her friends are leaving is, too. #tweetnotes
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Some period graphics featured in ‘Rosa’.
*Lots* of research for this episode. All of the timetables contain accurate Montgomery bus route information, I’ll have you know..!
...My motor oil company was quite a big deal in 50s Alabama...
...Due to the lack of a screen-usable 50s accurate Montgomery map, I had to map out the entire city from scratch using a pixelated old reference pic as a guide. And yes, it took over a week of solid work, gosh darn it...
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Time for #tweetnotes on this week’s Doctor Who!


In short: an episodic adventure that struggles to emotionally connect its various pieces but is bolstered by production value. #DoctorWho
DW-TGM: I’m a bit in awe of the efficiency of Chibnall’s regeneration scene last year now.

Not only did “Aw, brilliant” land the take on the character, but it fuelled the story for the next TWO episodes - first land the Doctor, then find the TARDIS. #tweetnotes
DW-TGM: I’m opening kind, though, because I found Ghost Monument to be a thin episode with a lot of stumbles that could have been easily avoided.

Not bad, really. But more ’just there doing it’s thing’ than I’d have liked. Sometimes clumsily. #tweetnotes
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There we are then, this is finally announced. I've written episode 6 of this season of #DoctorWho. Demons Of The Punjab - Yaz goes in search of her grandmother during the Partition of India. Starring @shanezaza @hamzajeetooa and @amita_suman. Directed by @JamieRossChilds.
Shane actually originated the role of Rasik in #AnAdventure at a sharing last year and it was an absolute privilege to work with him, Hamza, Amita and Shaheen on this. Proper life moment and they are absolutely cracking.
Also, I talked to Hamza about being in my first play, years ago. It's really bloody lovely to get to work with people you think are brilliant, especially for this kind of story. Can't wait for you all to see what they've done with it.
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Okay, let’s take a break from all this horror and talk about #DoctorWho for a moment. First things first, I thought it looked beautiful, great production design, amazing cinematography, the casting was great, the lighting was wonderful, much of the CGI looked a generation better.
As to the plot, well, I think you have to look at first appearances of new Doctors as doing two things - telling the story of the week story and establishing the show’s new status quo and the new Doctor. Honestly that doesn’t normally lend itself to a great main plot...
... and this was no real exception. The baddie was beautiful but also a bit lame, his motivation a bit crappy, his plan confusing and the resolution was a bit formulaic. Like a 6/10 story of the week. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing special.
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New series, new Doctor, now #tweetnotes threads!

MUTE FOR SPOILERS as we delve into The Woman Who Fell To Earth. #DoctorWho
DW-TWWFTE: With so many new characters to introduce there’s neat trick here: we start with two different Who episodes - the ‘odd artefact’ mystery and the ‘dangerous creature’ seige. #tweetnotes
DW-TWWFTE: While Ryan and Yaz get sucked into one story and work to make sense of it, Graham and Grace are saved by the Doctor in the other.

And then it all links up. That’s canny. It’s a lot of what Who does, intercut and with all the new leads quickly bedded in. #tweetnotes
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A new season of @bbcdoctorwho began last night with an episode entitled "The Woman Who Fell To Earth."

Yes, the 13th Doctor is a woman and that woman is #JodieWhittaker. There was been the expected sexist push back, and may they eat crow.

She was amazing.


I have watched #DoctorWho for what feels like my entire life. Tom Baker was my first Doctor, but I love all of them in their own way.

Jodie still has some miles to go before she surpasses Tom or my personal favorite, Number 10, David Tennant, but she's on her way.

Last night was hands down the best and most exciting series premiere in the series' entire 55 year history. But it was also the strongest and best debut of any new Doctor.

Lucky 13 is amazing and I am dead excited about the future of #DoctorWho now.

The future is female.
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To all the misogynistic assholes trolling the new season of #DoctorWho , please fuck the hell right off.

There was always the possibility that the Doctor would come back as a woman.

There have been allusions throughout the series.

The Master already broke the ice.

In fact, it would have become a study in the ridiculous had the possibility not become the reality sooner than later.

If you're a REAL fan of the show & it's premise then you would love the Doctor in all of her/his permutations.

That's the magic.


#DoctorWho @bbcdoctorwho
Sometimes the Doctor is young, sometimes old. Sometimes the Doctor is cranky, others sexy. You never know what you're going to get and that's what makes it such an amazing journey.

So now she has a fucking vagina. Deal.

Grow the fuck up.

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So, let the screaming begin - I'm going to argue why #DoctorWho shouldn't be a woman. But not for the reasons you might think. (Thread.)
Before you start baying for my blood, however, I need to make clear that the issue isn't one about gender. In fact, I think Jodie Whittaker is an excellent actor, and wish her best of luck.

For the issue is not, in fact, about gender.
It is, in a roundabout way, about Kevin Costner and Henry Cavill, or rather, Jonathan and Clark Kent/Superman as they portrayed them in 'Man of Steel'. In summary, what a waste.
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Is there a reason we’re rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody ahead of the #GoodOmens panel?
Some thing make zero sense. #nycc
Whoopi Goldberg enters to We Will Rock You. I’m beginning to assume the #GoodOmens soundtrack is All Queen All The Time
It’s a toss up between Tennant and Hamm for biggest audience response upon entrance. #GoodOmens
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✨How To Order @ComicsTitan’s #DoctorWho Comics: A Primer✨
Step 1: Find upcoming #DoctorWho comics and select the covers that appeal to you by checking social media and searching the monthly @PREVIEWSworld catalogue which is arranged by publisher.
Every issue will have both an “A” art cover and a “B” photo cover. In addition, there may be other variant covers to collect. (The contents will be the same however.)
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The world’s falling apart, obviously, but that was probably always going to happen during the 18 months we’ve had no #doctorwho. Thankfully though, things are about to get much, much better.
While I'm momentarily delving into the depths of my nerd lunacy (instead of being a political commentator or trying to finish off a conference talk I'm delivering in a couple of days) you may as well get this Tardis wallpaper I made the other day:…
I'm not going to apologize. In addition to being deeply confused about the state of the world, politically active and actively working in tech, I'm also an unbelievable dork. May as well own it. #DoctorWhoTrailer #doctorwho
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After rummaging through a closet that I swear employs TARDIS technology, I found the @TerryMooreArt books I was looking for, + a few I had plumb forgot about. I'll spread these pics out over several days.
While the cover art may be familiar, these aren't actually SiP comic books.
I'll post another pic later this evening. (FYI: I'm in CA.) Years ago, Maida Carpio Scott (RIP) posted a then comprehensive @TerryMooreArt checklist online. Alas, that site appears to be defunct. Many of the publications I'll be spotlighting were on that list, but a few were not.
Not the pic I planned on sharing tonight, but fate intervened. It was announced today that @realbdw will be reprising his Lando role in SW IX. Issue 5 of @DarkHorseComics 1999 @StarWars Tales features Lando covers (photo cover shown) and the @TerryMooreArt story A Summer's Dream.
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We are just shy of a full #Doctorwho #bingo board.
We have #riversong, #amypond, #rory, #osgoode, #donnaNoble #cyberman, #weepingangel, #k9, #dalek, spaceman(who turned out the lights) and doctors 1,4,7,9,10,11,12, and 13 ❤

If u got one that aint listed, drop on by g-2 #DCC 😂
Harkness! We've got #captain #jackHarkness 😊
I got back to my sister's house. Put my other pj pants on.
Laid down, waiting for the rain to stop so we could get drawing stuff out of the car.... And poof!
It was the next morning 😂

So.... Here we go, end of the show!
We only made it to 20 if 25 unique Who costumes-
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Danger: a LONG thread of ridiculously overcomplicated nonsense about #DoctorWho TARDIS minutiae is imminent. Feel free to mute me! This time it’s about those 1960s photo-blowup walls. I’ve been thinking about them WAY too hard. Thread starts... NOW! 👇
1/ It seems that it was always planned that one wall of the TARDIS would be taken up by a photographic blowup - although the original plan was that the centre of each photo roundel would be cut out to allow for backlighting.
2/ The pilot featured two photo blowups, each 14ft wide by 12ft high, printed on cloth (even though the design plan specified hardboard) and joined in the centre - you can just see the join, hidden behind one of the light boxes, as the perspective/shadows abruptly change.
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