How many employees of media corporations who repeatedly mocked the COVID "lab leak" theory as a "debunked" lie that only insane conspiracy theorists believe (because Fauci told them to say that) will apologize now that much of the USG believes this?
It is absolutely astonishing that the NYT's lead COVID reporter -- who became that only because the pape fired their real reporter because he upset rich teenagers who they made him take to Peru -- said it's racist to consider the "lab leak" theory.
A huge number of NBC and CNN employees repeatedly said the "lab leak" theory was "debunked." That was a total lie. It was never debunked. That lie was concocted by Fauci and Peter Daszak, who had major, undisclosed personal conflicts in protecting the Wuhan Lab.
In the weeks before the notorious, debate-closing Lancet letter, Fauci had numerous emails from top epidemiologists saying they regarded the lab leak as highly plausible at least. At the very least, Fauci knew it was a lie to endorse the idea that the zoontic theory was proven.
The same thing happened here as happened as with the media's CIA-mimicking lie that the Hunter Biden laptop was "Russian disinformation." Fauci and Daszak invented a false consensus to ensure dissent from their beliefs was censored off the internet. It worked for more than a year
These lies and state censorship campaigns succeed for one reason: employees of corporate outlets are very cowardly and lack critical thinking skills (that's why they're hired). So they always mimic state disinformation, including outright lies like this:

The worst part of Twitter is how much stupidity it surfaces. My point isn't that the debate over COVID's origins is resolved. My point: it was never resolved. That's why it was so wrong and immoral for the Govt and media to declare it resolved in the 2nd month and ban all dissent
It wasn't just the NYT's COVID reporter who said the "lab leak" theory is racist. Much of the liberal-left said it, too.

All that matters is the truth, but the far more racist theory was *theirs*: that COVID occurred due to primitive, unsanitary Chinese bat-eating wet markets.

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Mar 2
We just showed this NBC clip on our program. I can't get over it. Please watch it. These people analyzed the scientific and geopolitical implications of a fabricated tale the CIA gave them.

These are the ones who get invited to "disinformation panels" in Aspen and Davos:
Maybe this is a naive but it's what I always wonder.

They read this week's reports that the Havana Syndrome is fake and the "lab leak" theory viable.

They know they spent years telling their audience the opposite.

Why doesn't that bother them? How do they justify ignoring it?
I understand they have no career pressure to admit they spread disinformation. I know their media corporations reward it.

I mean on a personal level. Doesn't it bother them at all? They know they repeatedly spread lies that are now debunked, yet they just never acknowledge it.
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Mar 1
Yet another fraud @NatashaBertrand and NBC played a leading role in disseminating.

There have been reporters who have spread worse hoaxes than Bertrand - not many, but some - but I can't think of a single journalist who has spread more than she, getting promoted each time.
These people -- not QAnon, not 4Chan, not pro-Trump Facebook users -- are by far the most frequent, casual, and destructive disseminators of disinformation, and they all work at the nation's largest media corporations:

Last year, we produced a comprehensive review of the Havana Syndrome fraud, which media figures played the leading role in spreading it (Bertrand, @juliaioffe, @andreamitchell), and how it was used to claim Trump was allowing Russia to murder diplomats:…
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Mar 1
The NYT's neocon columnist Bret Stephens wrote a homage today to the greatness of Joe Biden's war policies in Ukraine.

"I feel grateful for Joe Biden," he wrote, because "on the most consequential question of our time he has the big thing right."…
Stephens says Biden has been far better on the war -- pledging eternal and limitless support to Ukraine -- than France's Macron (whose crime is wanting diplomacy), Germany's Scholz, and Ron DeSantis (not hawkish enough).

Stephens is openly rooting for Biden's re-election. Image
Starting in 2014, neocons perceived -- correctly -- that the GOP was becoming increasingly hostile to their endless thirst for war, and that the Dem Party (starting with Hillary) was their far better vehicle.

Now the Dem/neocon alliance is complete.…
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Feb 28
In 2005, Bush/Cheney authorized the NSA to spy on the international calls of Americans without the warrants required by law.

In 2008, Congress - rather than imposing accountability - enacted a law to retroactively legalize the spying.

Biden is now demanding renewal of this law:
I'd bet that enough Republicans join with Dems to give Biden what he wants.

But note: NYT says it will be hard because many Republicans "have adopted Trump's distrust of security agencies and surveillance."

Distrust of the CIA/NSA/FBI is basically non-existent among Dems now. Image
When Section 702 was passed - and again, its only purpose was to retroactively legalize Bush/Cheney's illegal domestic warrantless spying - civil liberties groups warned it would destroy 4th Am values.

Now, the only chance to prevent Biden's renewal demands is with GOP votes.🤷‍♂️
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Feb 28
Note how the official claim about COVID's origins has become: "we don't really know for sure and will likely never find out. "

But for the first 18 months of the pandemic, the official govt/media claim was the *exact opposite*:

We know for sure COVID's origin was zoonotic.
If this were a case where establishment institutions admit error -- "we know we insisted for 18 months that COVID's origins were dispositively proven but now see we were wrong" -- that would not only be commendable but would also re-build trust.

But they're incapable of that.
What you're seeing in real-time is them revising and re-writing history: just creating a completely false universe in which they acknowledged a lack of certainty from the start.

That's what they do when they get caught lying: they deny they spread those lies.
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Feb 28
Sobre a origem do COVID, a única questão relevante: é zoonótico ou vazou de um laboratório?

Muitos alegaram que a teoria do vazamento era racista. Mas é o contrário: a ideia de que o vírus veio de mercados chineses úmidos, insalubres e primitivos é muito mais racista e xenófoba. Image
Este é o ponto principal, com muita relevância agora:

No início da pandemia, os EUA e grupos aliados afirmaram ter provas de que a COVID era zoonótica, uma certeza que eles *não tinham*. Isso interditou o debate sobre o assunto. Quem questionava era banido do FB e outras redes. Image
Agora sabemos que alguns dos grupos científicos de ponta dos EUA apoiam teoria do vazamento. A CIA resiste. Isso mostra que o debate sempre esteve em aberto.

No entanto, vários governos afirmaram sua Verdade Absoluta e denunciaram toda divergência/dissidência como 'fake news'. Image
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