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Mar 8 3 tweets 1 min read
What are the biggest media lies of the last few years?

-Covid-19 (all of it)
-Jan 6 'insurrection'
-'safe and effective' jab
-Jussie Smollett
-Bubba Wallace
-Covington hoax
-Kyle Rittenhouse story
-'Very fine people' hoax
-'drinking bleach'
-'horse dewormer'

What else?
-Russian collusion
-Ghost of Kyiv
-Hunter Biden laptop
-'Don't Say Gay' bill
-Twitter collapse post-Elon
-Nord Stream pipeline
-'Transitory' inflation
-Men can get pregnant
-BLM narrative
-'2 weeks to flatten the curve'
-Blaming Russia for missile that landed in Poland
This list is not exhaustive... Kinda crazy to see it laid out like this.

And people have the nerve to call ME a 'conspiracy theorist'. I didn't promote any of these.

Mainstream media has the misinformation game on lock. I can't compete. 🤣

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Mar 7
The biggest problem in the West right now is many people no longer believe the future will be better than the past.

This demoralisation leads to cultural malaise. And then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Shame people didn't inject themselves with optimism instead.
What's worth noting is this sentiment is common across all demographics, regardless of age, politics, religion, race, ethnicity, or sex.

Most people have bought into some sort of doomsday narrative. Whether climate disaster, technocracy, nuclear war, genocide, replacement, etc.
It's rarely discussed, but this is also a major reason why people are not reproducing much. Either not at all, or delayed and at a reduced level.

People are not confident they can afford children, or that their kids' lives will be better than their's.

It's quite the tailspin.
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Mar 4
I'm intrigued by the concept of 'role models'.

I think simply labelling them as 'bad' or 'good' is low resolution.

My PARENTS have always been my primary role models (that's a blessing) but I have taken positive inspiration from many that others call 'bad role models'... 😂
Especially rappers. I am inspired by tons of rappers and have been since my teens.

This is because I can separate words from actions and reality from entertainment.

I pay attention to the entrepreneurship, dedication, mindset, and grind. Others focus on the profanity/content.
Heck, I don't even swear.

I think that if you are raised properly and with solid morals (that's a big IF), then no song, movie, video game, or social media influencer is going to turn you into a degenerate or psychopath. 🤷🏿‍♂️

YOU should be your children's main role model.
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Feb 16
They have pushed this type of blatant propaganda from the beginning...

The difference is EVERYBODY can see it now.

What a difference time makes.
I've been raising awareness about these paid 'influencer marketing' campaigns for these injections since February 2021. 👇🏾
Naturally, some people called me 'conspiracy theorist' for these posts and many others.

At this point, that label is a badge of honour.

All my former 'conspiracy theories' are now well known facts. 😏
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Feb 15
If you run a 'black owned', 'woman owned', or 'minority owned' business, I don't recommend branding yourself as such.

Don't use your identity as a crutch. It limits your audience unnecessarily and subtly suggests inferiority. We can see who you are.

Just run a good business.
There are certainly SOME customers you can attract by branding yourself this way, but in most cases it won't offset the number put off by it.

Unless the product is specifically FOR that demographic (e.g. Hair products for black women)

For most businesses, it's a bad idea IMHO.
The terms 'black owned business' and 'woman owned business' make me cringe only slightly less than 'white owned business' or 'man owned business'...

Just think of how silly the latter sounds.

Many feel the same way. It's subtle but major.
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Feb 8
I've been fasting 12-18 hours per day consistently for the past 15 years.

I highly recommend it for health reasons, cognitive performance, discipline, energy management, and lifestyle simplification.
In practice, this simply amounts to not eating in the morning and not eating late at night.

Zero calories for 16 hours per day is my norm.

It's not hard at all... Maybe takes 1 week to adjust if you're used to eating constantly.
I don't always have 'normal' days because my life is weird. But this is typical for me, for those curious.

7am wake up

10am train

12pm breakfast

4pm lunch (sometimes)

7pm dinner

12pm sleep (hopefully)
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Feb 4
Andrew and Tristan Tate have been detained since December, with no charges brought against them, only allegations. While many on mainstream and social media continue to condemn them.

That's not justice.

If there is hard evidence of crimes, press charges. If not, free them.
The court of public opinion is brutal these days... But pissing people off online and saying harsh things is not a crime. These accusations are serious.

Holding people indefinitely with continuous extensions, with no charges, is not fair.
I have met and interviewed both Andrew and Tristan multiple times. I believe they are innocent (and as of now, they are in a legal sense too).

They know I disapprove of the camgirl stuff. It's outside my ethical boundaries. But if they haven't committed a CRIME, free them.
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