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Mar 8 12 tweets 4 min read
Project Veritas revelations provide a window into the teaching of DEI in schools.

The interview unearthed three key points

1. The teaching of sex education and LGBTQ values in schools
2. CRT taught covertly
3. Conservatives not being hired for teacher vacancies.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is taught in schools and colleges throughout the US.

Some states have made it compulsory.

“New York State expects all school districts to develop policies that advance DEI.”
Through DEI, sex education, and LGBTQ+ values are being taught in schools.

Some states have pushed back.

The question is should these issues be taught in schools or should they be left to parents?
The topic of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and whether it should be taught in schools polarises the left and the right.

The Project Veritas revelation shows that there was an attempt to teach CRT covertly in white neighborhoods.
A Project Veritas revelation was, when conservatives applied for administrator positions they were given a low grade and so they were not hired.

Is this because conservatives made it hard for DEI to be implemented and thus it was better to not hire them in the first place?
Conservative parents don’t believe systemic racism exists or why LGBTQ+ issues and themes are talked about in school.
The role of teachers is more than just being classroom teachers.

Anti-racist work is covertly included in the curriculum.
Conservative Teachers are not hired.
Conservative administrators are not hired.

Also they don’t “believe in all kids” so they only do it for the money.
Why do we need to sexualise kids at a young age?

Using sex toys is not appropriate at that age.
Surgeries are irreversible

Middle and High school kids don’t know what they want to wear in the morning, never-mind make decisions about surgery.

But he also doesn’t want to devalue a person trapped in the wrong body.

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Mar 9
⚠️#BREAKING: Matt Tiabbi and Michael Shellenberger currently testifying to congress on the #TwitterFiles, the biggest release of social media censorship data to the public.

We get a deep look into social media censorship and governmental agency involvement.

(a LIVE thread)

There has been state sponsored censorship of American citizens.

Intelligence agencies work with other agencies to censor the people.

Psychlogical manipulation used on ISIS is now being used on Americans. /1

Relationship between Twitter and government impacted on both the left and right. It’s an issue that affects all.

Government agencies with quasi-entities were involved in censorship. /2
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Mar 8
🚨#BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Jan 6 Release Day 2

Tucker Carlson said that the footage was not made available to the Jan 6 defendants

Was Tucker doing his duty as a journalist or is he trying to rewrite history?

(LIVE thread)
Tucker said Chuck Schumer attempted to infringe on his first amendment right by stopping reporting on the story.

Is this 'free speech' or 'biased reporting'?
Tucker Carlson said that Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans, including Mitt Romney, engaged in trying to stop him releasing the videos

“They on the same side” - is he right?
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Mar 7
🚨#BREAKING: Tucker Carlson releases exclusive tapes that 'exposes' what happened on Jan 6th

"Democrats in Congress, assisted by Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, lied about what happened that day. They are LIARS!"

(a LIVE thread)
Tucker Carlson shows that Qanon Shaman was not violent but was instead escorted from the building.

This is quite different to the previous narrative, that he was the face of a violent extremist attack on the Capitol.
It was claimed that there was an attack on the Capital which was a violent insurrection.

But footage released by Tucker Carlson shows that it was ‘peaceful chaos’.
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Mar 6
New Dr Fauci emails leaked!

Dr Fauci was instrumental in spreading the lack of possibility of the ‘lab leak’ theory

The WHO were complicit & controlled the process

Evidence from Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus investigation

(a thread)
On 1 Feb 2020, Dr Fauci was first warned that Covid may have leaked from a lab in Wuhan and may have been INTENTIONALLY genetically modified. /1
Evidence released by the Select Subcommittee suggests Dr Fauci 'prompted' the publication that would ‘DISPROVE’ the lab leak theory.

The authors of the paper SKEWED EVIDENCE to achieve that goal.

This indicates Dr Fauci pressured scientists to disregard the lab leak theory/2
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Mar 4
#HeadlinesToday News Recap:

1. Ukraine war keeps escalating
2. US abortion battle heats up
3. Fox lied about Trump election claims?
4. Trump's legal woes continue
5. New Long Covid side effects: fear mongering or academic revelations?

Anything I missed?
(a thread)
Ukraine is facing significant artillery supply issues and has appealed to the EU for more supplies to ease critical shortages.

This is well above what the EU agreed to send.

Will ammo issues result in the end of the war or even a Russia victory?
CNN reports that the attack on the Bryansk region was carried out by Neo Nazis from the Ukrainian Army.

Is this a rogue battalion or is it systemic of Ukrainian ideology, as claimed by the Russians?
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Mar 2
🚨General Mike Minihan expects a US-China war by 2025

Are the Chinese really planning to invade Taiwan? Will the US get involved as Biden confirmed?

Can this all lead to a US-China war, possibly WW3?

(a thread)
Tensions have once again flared up between China and Taiwan.

China sent 25 warplanes and three warships toward Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry claims 19 planes have crossed into Taiwan’s air space and ships are operating in the Taiwan Strait. /1
Is there a real prospect of an all out war over Taiwan between China and the US?

This seems to be a sentiment shared by key US personnel.

Philip Davidson former US Indo-Pacific command said “Chinese threat to Taiwan would ‘manifest’ in the next six years, by 2027” /2
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