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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread.

#Breaking from @jsolomonReports

The @StateDept was behind @RudyGiuliani’s efforts to investigate Ukraine.

Sorry about the audio not sure what happen with the glitch.
.@jsolomonReports The Ukraine embassy confirmed on the record that @HillaryClinton campaign and @DNC ask Ukraine to help interfere in the 2016 election.
Never forget what crying @SenSchumer sad about the intelligence community has six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
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#BREAKING head of #Yemen's Ansarallah (Houthi) Politburo: We decided to stop all types of attacks, including drones, on Saudi Arabia and we expect from them a similar move
This comes few hours after #Hezbollah leader #Nasrallah adressed #Saudi and #UAE leaders saying that the minimal cost to defend their countries is to stop the war on #Yemen
This is not a message to the #US rather to #SaudiArabia, in accordance leader of Kataeb Sayyed AlShuhada in #Iraq Abo Alaa AlWalaei tweeted saying that the #US presence in #Iraq is completely in the fire range
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In U.S.' first response to #Iran's attacks on Saudi oil facilities, the Treasury Dept. sanctions the mullahs' Central Bank of Iran, the National Development Fund of Iran & Etemad Tejarate Pars Co. under its counter-terrorism authority.…
Iran’s Central Bank has provided billions of dollars to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), its Qods Force (IRGC-QF) and its terrorist proxy, Hizballah.
The NDF, being Iran’s sovereign wealth fund & whose board of trustees include Iran’s president, oil minister & the Central Bank governor, has been a major source of foreign currency and funding for the IRGC-QF & Iran’s Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL).
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Nuit de #breaking(s) qui mettent la présidence #Trump en état de siège. Le plus important: le coup de fil suspect de Trump qui a déclenché le signalement par le lanceur d'alerte était au président de l'#Ukraine Zelensky, d'après le @washingtonpost.…
@washingtonpost 2) Le président #Trump a donc "promis" et en tout cas agi avec le président d'#Ukraine Zelensky de façon jugée assez illégale pour qu'1 officier de renseignement déclenche un signalement légal d'alerte. Question: qu'a-t-il pu bien faire?
@washingtonpost 3) Et c'est là le 2nd #breaking: on ne sait pas sur quoi porte la plainte du lanceur d'alerte car l'inspecteur général du renseignement Atkinson,autorité supposée indépendante, a avoué hier au Congrès être bloqué par le directeur du renseignement de #Trump…
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#Breaking: Just in - The U.S.-Mexico Joint Declaration have announced in a statement that since June the 7th till now that illegal immigration into the United States have been cut in half. #US #Mexico
#Update: Just in - The United States and Mexico will declare a new cooperation agreement bill, to further bring down the number of illegal immigration in both countries. And will announce the plan within 90 days. #US #Mexico
#Update: Just in - Mexico also has agreed to increase its number of their National Guard forces among their southern border to even curb more Illegal immigrants coming from other counties to theirs. #Mexico #US
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#BREAKING: @DHSgov has issued the reinstatement of #MedicalDeferredAction by @USCIS according to an email obtained by WBUR and written by a DHS advisor.
Per the email, USCIS is “is resuming its consideration of non-military deferred action requests on a discretionary, case-by-case basis, except as otherwise required by an applicable statute, regulation, or court order.”
A little background; we first reported on the end of #MedicalDeferredAction about a month ago when Boston-area immigrants began receiving denials.

@RepPressley, @SenWarren and @SenMarkey then gathered 120+ Congressional signatures asking @DHSgov and @USCIS for more info.
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PSU banks will hold 'shamiana' meetings with NBFCs and retail borrowers before Sept 29: @nsitharaman
@nsitharaman #BREAKING | No stressed MSME will be declared an NPA up till March 31, 2020: FM @nsitharaman
@nsitharaman Banks will be encouraged to include new retail customers for lending: FM @nsitharaman
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Le #breaking fou de la nuit du @washingtonpost. 1 officier du renseignement US a déposé un signalement d'alerte à l'inspecteur général du renseignement car #Trump, président US, aurait fait 1 promesse suspecte par téléphone au chef d'1 puissance étrangère.…
@washingtonpost 2) Sur la source du #breaking: le @washingtonpost sort l'info, c.a.d 1 journal dont tous les scoops sur l'affaire russe sont validés par le rapport Mueller et qui, contrairement au NYT ou à CNN- à qui il a fait la leçon d'ailleurs- n'a pas fait de fortes rétractations/corrections
@washingtonpost 3) L'autre #breaking est que l'inspecteur général du renseignement Atkinson a jugé le signal d'alerte sur cette communication/promesse de #Trump "crédible" et de matière urgente et en a informé les comités parlementaires de supervision du renseignement. Mais tardivement…
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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Jeddah:
The attack on Saudi Arabia was not carried out by the Houthis, but it was an Iranian attack. Intel community is highly confident these were not weapons possessed by the Houthis.
(File Photo)
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia were an “act of war” - via AFP
Pompeo: "This is an attack of a scale we’ve just not seen before. No evidence Iraq is the source of the attack."

#Iran intending to continue wreaking havoc:
200 IRGC frigates will take part in a military parade in the Persian Gulf marking the Iran-Iraq war anniversary.
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Saudis reveals wreckage of cruise missiles/drones
Official-Attack on Aramco not only targets Saudi Arabia, but targets the whole world. We call on int'l community to recognize #Iran's malicious attacks. Iran tried to falsify facts. Attack on Aramco came from the north.
Saudi official:
"We have evidence of Iran's involvement in acts of sabotage in the region through its agents. Attack on Aramco oil facilities shows Iranian regime targeting civilians and infrastructure. Iran is behind the Aramco attacks."
Saudi official:
"Iran manufactured the weapons that targeted Aramco. Precision missiles were used to target Aramco. Attacks on Aramco did not come from Yemen."

Saudi Arabia is officially holding #Iran's regime responsible for Saturday's attack on its oil facilities.
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Wreckage of drones/cruise missiles moved to facility near Riyadh to make what a U.S. official describes as “a very compelling forensic case” that #Iran launched “a complex and coordinated attack.”
Case includes radar tracks showing cruise missiles/drones out of Iran.
-Saudi amb to UK: #Iran is almost certainly responsible for Aramco attack
-U.S. analysts examining missile guidance mechanism recovered in Saudi Arabia
-Macron: France to send experts to investigate attack
-Iranian Def. Min. denies his country's connection to attacks
@almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @CarrollQuigley1 @GeorgWebb @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @HNIJohnMiller @rising_serpent @cvpayne REPORT:
As Pompeo completes consultations with Saudis, White House ordered Pentagon to provide military options against #Iran after documenting launch of attacks on Saudi oil facilities. The limited military response is more likely to target Iranian navy command & control sites.
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U.S. identifies locations inside #Iran where cruise missiles were launched to target Saudi Arabia's oil facilities - via @AmichaiStein1
@AmichaiStein1 #UPDATE
The locations where #Iran launched more than 20 drones and cruise missiles were against the Saudi oil facilities are in southern Iran at the northern end of the Persian Gulf- via @CBSEveningNews
@AmichaiStein1 @CBSEveningNews #UPDATE
-Pence says Pompeo arriving in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday
-Pence: U.S. military ready after attack on Saudis
-Saudi officials are increasingly certain attacks originated from #Iran
-Attack involved low altitude cruise missiles/drones to avoid detection
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@AlHadath cites the Syrian Observatory reporting "unidentified aircraft" attacked a #Iran IRGC-backed militant position near Al Bukamal on the Syria-Iraq border.

Iran-backed militias in this area have been constantly targeted in attacks associated to Israel.
@AlHadath @almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @CarrollQuigley1 @GeorgWebb @EmadAlmudaifer @HNIJohnMiller @rising_serpent @GaetaSusan @GoogleExpertUK #UPDATE
Early Tuesday morning - Al Bukamal, eastern Syria
Reports indicate unidentified aircraft targeted and destroyed an #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF/PMU) training camp & missile site.
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#BREAKING Exclusive: information obtained through an intl criminal probe into encrypted comms firm Phantom Secure (used by global criminal syndicates) produced evidence that led to investigation and arrest of the RCMP's Cameron Ortis… #cdnnatsec #natsec
Canadian CEO of Phantom Secure Vincent Ramos is in prison in the United States. Information from the RCMP in his possession led Canadian investigators to launch a probe into who tried to sell him info. Sources say the 2015 charge Ortis is facing is from that attempt to sell info
Working on confirming some other elements on just how damaging this has been and how Ortis got the information from the RCMP HQ to his condo.
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Cruise missile, drone attack targeting two Saudi oil facilities came from Iranian soil: U.S. officials - via @LucasFoxNews

Trump shown documents proving Tehran launched these attacks. Pompeo to provide more evidence.
@LucasFoxNews #UPDATE
#Iran President Hassan Rouhani says the attack on Saudi oil facilities was an act of self defense by the Houthis from Yemen.

My take:
Tehran is feeling the heat & becoming utterly terrified of a possible retaliatory strike by the U.S. that may also include Saudi Arabia.
@LucasFoxNews #UPDATE
WSJ: U.S. intelligence informing Saudi Arabia that #Iran was the source of attacks on two Aramco refineries.

Fox News: Pentagon officials say there is no doubt the drones & cruise missiles used in this attack came from Iranian soil.

Two NSC meetings on this subject.
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U.S. tells Saudi Arabia Saturday's attacks were launched from Iran, not Iraq or Yemen.
Washington's assessment comes as Trump suggests he could strike Tehran in response.…
A White House national security meeting chaired by U.S. President Donald Trump was convened on #Iran this morning - via @HansNichols

U.S. Amb to UN: Info shows Iran behind the attacks on Saudi facilities

World oil markets have 'fairly substantial' supply: US official
@HansNichols #UPDATE
Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat, coming to realize the clear and present danger posed by #Iran's regime to U.S. allies and the U.S. itself.
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#Iran-backed Houthi militias claim responsibility for a drone attack targeting the world's largest oil field in Buqayq, eastern Saudi Arabia.
Footage of drone attack launched by #Iran-backed Houthis
-Drone attacks overnight on two Aramco factories in Abqaiq & Khurais provinces, fires under control: Saudi interior ministry
-Strikes against oil infrastructure can have massive economic & environmental consequences
This thread provides numerous videos of the drone attack in eastern Saudi Arabia.
#Iran-backed Houthis are claiming responsibility.

Credit: @no_itsmyturn
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#BREAKING: Largest ever attack against Oil facilities #SaudiArabia's #Aramco is carried-out by Loitering drones launched from #Iraq in support of #Houthi rebels in #Yemen. As its result two Aramco's facilities were hit 4 times in #Buqayq/#Abqaiq early morning. Here is the video
#BREAKING: According to a source from Royal #SaudiArabia Air Force, the loitering drones which attacked the Aramco's Oil facilities in #Buqayq/#Abqaiq early morning today are most likely launched from #Iraq & not by #Houthi rebels in #Yemen.It took 3 hours to control the fire👇
#BREAKING: Without the help of #Iran's Islamic Regime & #IRGC it is almost impossible for #Iraq's #PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi) or #Yemen's #Houthi rebels to carry-out such a massive attack at #SaudiArabia's Oil industry deep inside the country's territory in #Buqayq/#Abqaiq today.
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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread.

#Breaking Horowitz has officially submitted the draft FISA report to Attorney General Barr.
.@SaraCarterDC and @seanhannity says they haven’t heard that a grand jury failed to indite Andrew McCabe. It sounds like a rumor pissed by Andrew McCabe‘s attorneys.
.@TomFitton hopes Attorney General Barr takes his own counsel instead of listen to the thousands of James Comey’s in the DOJ.
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#BREAKING RCMP intelligence director accused of violating secrets act

Cameron Ortis faces charges under both Security of Information Act and Criminal Code

@cattunneycbc reports…
#BREAKING Secrets in hands of alleged RCMP spy would cause 'devastating' damage to Canada, allies: documents…
Cameron Ortis: Trudeau reassures allies amid alleged spying case…
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#Breaking Global News has learned that the Director General of an intelligence unit at RCMP HQ has been arrested and charged under the secrets act involving espionage by foreign powers. Sources tell Global News this was an extensive national security investigation #cdnnatsec
Global News can identify the senior RCMP member charged as Cameron Ortis. This is a very serious and rarely used charge #cdnnatsec
He was arrested yesterday in Ottawa
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U.S. Assistant Treasury Secretary Marshall Billingslea:
-Lebanon's gov suffers due to Hezbollah's actions.
-Hezbollah receives money/support from #Iran, which has recently shrunk due to sanctions.
-Efforts will continue to dismantle Hezbollah's financing networks.
-Hezbollah uses Lebanon's banking system to cover up its suspicious actions.
-We will work with allies to stifle Hezbollah, Qods Force & #Iran's regime.
-No separation between Hezbollah's military and political wing.
-We call on the international community to stop buying Iran's oil that finances terrorist organizations & the IRGC Qods Force.
-We must punish anyone who deals with Hezbollah.
-We're working to stop the IRGC Quds Force's funding for the Houthis in Yemen.
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#breaking the Liberal media bus just hit the wing of the campaign plane #elxn43 #cdnpoli
Media were on the bus leaving the airport when we heard a loud rolling/scraping noise. Looked up and saw the plane’s wing and realized we had gone under it and the sound was the roof of the bus grinding against the wing of the plane #cdnpoli #elxn43
There is visible damage to the wing of the plane which appears dented
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U.S. Treasury Department issues new sanctions on #Iran's IRGC, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda & ISIS.

"Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Persons Who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism"…
Sanctions follow Executive Order by U.S. President Trump enhancing authorities to target finances of terror groups/leaders to ensure being as robust as possible, said Secretary Steven Mnuchin, in a press conference with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.…
Pompeo said the designations add “further muscle to US counterterrorism efforts [and] will help to ensure that the deadly attacks of September 11th that occurred 18 years ago this week are never repeated on American soil.”…
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