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#BREAKING: I've obtained the horrific shooting video showing Korean American woman Eina Kwon being gunned down in her white Tesla in downtown #Seattle last week. Kwon was 32 weeks pregnant. Authorities say the baby was delivered via emergency surgery but later died at the……
HUNDREDS MARCH FOR EINA: This tragedy struck a chord with people from all walks of life who are just sick and tired of the crime, open air drug use, and deteriorating public safety conditions in parts of #Seattle

CONVICTED FELON: This is a mugshot from Cook County Illinois where Goosby has ties. According to court documents, Goosby claims he saw a gun in the car so he fired multiple shots into the window. But no weapon was ever found in the vehicle. Police also say the weapon allegedly…… Image
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🚨#BREAKING Russland hat im ganzen Land massive Razzien durchgeführt.

#RussiaIsCollapsing #RussiaIsLosing #Russia #Russian #Ukraine️
Laut Quellen gegen ausländische Arbeitsmigranten.
Die Gründe oder Anklagepunkte für die Organisation einer solchen Aktion sind nicht bekannt.
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#BREAKING Russia has launched massive raids on foreign migrant workers across the country. The grounds or charges for organizing such an action are not known.

#RussiaIsCollapsing #RussiaIsLosing #Russia #Russian #Ukraine️
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#BREAKING: 30 year old Cordell Goosby officially charged Friday afternoon in fatal Belltown shooting that claimed the life of Korean American biz owner Eina Kwon and her unborn child.


-Murder in the First Degree with a Firearm Enhancement

-Attempted Murder in the…… ImageImage
PROSECUTOR Q&A #1: #Seattle Image
PROSECUTOR Q&A #2: #Seattle Image
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#BREAKING: This is 30 year old Cordell Goosby, the man accused of gunning down Korean American Eina Kwon and her unborn child in #Seattle earlier this week. Her husband was also injured but expected to recover. The mugshot is from the Cook County Sherriff's Office in Illinois.…… Image
UNITE FOR SAFETY RALLY: It’s expected to be a huge gathering. Many in the region’s Korean American community are expected to be there on Saturday. Susanna Keilman(@OhSusannaLee) is the organizer and leading the charge. #Seattle Image
WEEKEND RALLY FOR SEATTLE MURDER VICTIMS: The community outrage in #Seattle has finally reached a boiling point. This Saturday June 17, hundreds are expected to rally for Korean American mom Eina Kwon and her family.
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#BREAKING: Happening right now, D5 Seattle City Council candidate Tye Reed along with Stop the Sweeps Seattle are moving homeless people to the Leary Triangle in Ballard, completely undercutting Mayor Bruce Harrell's(@MayorofSeattle) plans to get people off the streets. This is……
CAMPING AT QUEST CHURCH: This could get interesting. Brand new, I mean totally brand new tents have been pitched right on the sidewalk outside Quest Church(@seattlequest) in Ballard. How long will this ministry allow this to flourish? #Seattle
@MayorofSeattle @GovInslee…
PROGRESS WAS BEING MADE: Just a few months ago, the city removed the eco-blocks around the Leary Triangle, with plans to turn it into a dog park. #Seattle
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#BREAKING: We are overcome with joy that the Supreme Court has upheld the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), which is widely regarded as the gold standard of child welfare.
To fully understand the implications of this decision, we are conducting a thorough legal review and will provide in-depth analysis this afternoon.
One thing is certain: #ICWA is crucial for the safety and well-being of Native children and families and the future of Native peoples and Tribal Nations. The positive impact of today’s decision will be felt across generations.
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Delhi Police files closure report in the sexual harassment case filed by minor wrestler against WFI president Brij Bhushan Singh before Patiala House Courts.

No corroborative evidence found to indicate commission of POCSO charges, says #DelhiPolice

#BrijBhushanSingh Image
The matter has been fixed for further consideration on July 04.

Delhi Police has also reached the Rouse Avenue Courts for filing chargesheet against Brij Bhushan Singh before the MP/MLA Court in other sexual harassment case filed by women wrestlers.
Delhi Police has filed chargesheet in the Rouse Avenue Courts against Brij Bhushan Singh and other persons in the FIR registered by women wrestlers over sexual harassment allegations.

SPP Atul Srivastava represents Delhi Police.

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❗BREAKING❗Jeff Bezos akzeptiert Forderungen von Berlin vs Amazon!

Jeff Bezos commits to the claims of @berlinvsamazon
Videobeschreibung: Jeff Bezos erklärt wie ihn sein Aufenthalt in Berlin für die Probleme der Stadt aufmerksam gemacht hat und er nun versteht warum sich Amazon radikal nachhaltig verändern muss, entsprechend der Forderungen von #BerlinVsAmazon #BREAKING #Amazon #b1406
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#BREAKING Plea to prevent 'mahapanchayat' proposed to be held in Purola in #Uttarakhand amid communal tensions mentioned before Supreme Court vacation bench.

Adv Sharukh Alam mentions the petition filed by Association for Protection of Civil Rights

#SupremeCourt Image
Alam : It is an unlisted mentioning...

Bench : We don't permit unlisted mentioning..

Alam : There is extreme urgency.

Alam : There is a continuing mandamus issued against Uttarakhand to prevent hate speeches....there is an ultimatum given to a particular community to leave the place before a mahapanchayat.

Justice Nath : Law and order is for the administration to handle. You move the HC
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#BREAKING | "பா.ஜ.க.வின் அரசியல் செல்லுபடியாகாது"

* "அரசியல்ரீதியாக எதிர்கொள்ள முடியாதவர்களை, புறவாசல் வழியாக அச்சுறுத்தப் பார்க்கும் பா.ஜ.க.வின் அரசியல் செல்லுபடியாகாது"

* "தலைமைச் செயலகத்தில் உள்ள செந்தில்பாலாஜியின் அறையில் அமலாக்கத்துறை நடத்திய சோதனை, அரசியல் உள்நோக்கத்துடன் Image
செயல்படுவதையே எடுத்துக் காட்டுகிறது"

* "அமைச்சர் செந்தில்பாலாஜிக்கு தொடர்புடைய இடங்களில் நடத்தப்படும் அமலாக்கத்துறை சோதனைக்கு, அவர் முழு ஒத்துழைப்பு வழங்கி வருகிறார்"

* "தலைமைச் செயலகத்தில் உள்ள செந்தில்பாலாஜியின் அறையில் அமலாக்கத்துறை நடத்திய சோதனை, அரசியல் உள்நோக்கத்துடன்
செயல்படுவதையே எடுத்துக் காட்டுகிறது"

* "அமலாக்கத்துறை தாக்குதல்களைத் தலைமைச் செயலகத்தின் மீதே தொடுப்பது கூட்டாட்சித் தத்துவத்துக்கே களங்கம் ஏற்படுத்தும் செயலாகும்"

* "ஒரு மாநில அரசின் மாண்பை காக்கும் தலைமைச் செயலகத்துக்குள், மத்திய காவல் படையை அழைத்து வந்து அதிகாரிகள் சோதனை
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#BREAKING Canadian Supreme Court Justice Russell Brown has decided to retire ending an investigation into an incident at a banquet in Arizona on January 28th 2023. #cndpoli… The Canadian Judicial Counc...
Adding the release on this from Supreme Court of Canada on the news…
And now a statement from former Canadian Supreme Court Justice Russell Brown For over ten years – eight ...
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Alright. After the just awful journalism I have seen in the last few days & some of the just god awful reporting by @samanthamaiden it's time to break down the whole saga that kicked off the review of Parliament

#auspol #thread
To be clear @samanthamaiden works for News Week. A publication own by Rupert Murdoch. A man who has an interest in discrediting abusers of sexual assault. Do I expect her to be judicious in her reporting? Based on how she has treated a rape as her own personal cash cow... NOPE.
Walter Sofronoff had to issue a suppression order when this behaviour interfered with the Commission last month - @samanthamaiden would have been at the top of his list of complaints for picking pieces for clickbait. #auspol #journalism #news 📰📎🗞️🖇️…
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Russian channels post footage of at least one Leopard 2A6 and numerous Bradley IFV, destroyed south of Orikhiv yesterday.

According to @BILD information, the 47. Ukrainian Mechanized Brigade lost at least two Leopard 2 and 13 Bradley during the day. Image
@BILD #NewsMap
This where it happened.
3.5 km south of Mala Tokmachka, Zaporizhzhia oblast. Image
@BILD Seven of the lost Bradley are visible in the footage.
Also hit French VAB, M113, MaxxPro and Soviet-made tanks can be seen in the footage. ImageImageImageImage
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#BREAKING: Trump was just indicted in connection with his retention of classified material. He is reportedly facing at least 7 counts, including willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to conceal, & false statements & representations.…
Trump announced his own indictment on Truth Social. He’s trying to turn this into a partisan matter, saying “the corrupt Biden administration” is to blame and that he’s innocent, but let’s be clear:

This is a national security matter, not partisan politics. ImageImageImage
Also: Trump says he thought being popular would protect him from being indicted. Image
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Pro-Russian sources have reported a significant #Ukrainian attack in the Zaporizhzhya region, including ground attacks against a series of villages situated south and southwest of Orikhiv - such as Lobkove Image
The pro-Russian sources are reporting several offensive axes in this area, claiming these attacks were repelled (as they always do).

Let's wait until there is actual evidence, but this area has a lot of strategic value.
#Breaking RIA Novosti now confirms the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to advance in the Zaporizhzhya region, claiming that Ukraine is sending large amount of forces and military equipment in this sector of the front.
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DEWS. Canada. US. intel:

#Canada | #NYC

#BREAKING Smoke from the hundreds of wildfires blazing in eastern Canada has drifted south, casting a hazy pall over New York City and triggering air alerts from Minnesota to Massachusetts.

In Ontario, a layer of haze blanketed parts of……

DEWS. Fires. Carbon monoxide. Particulate Matter. Cabal intel:

Detailed Report:

Apparently, over 100 fires were set simultaneously on 06.02.23.

Basically, the who SE Quebec is on fire.

Fires started first in Quebec, Nova Scotia, B.C, Ontario, Alberta,……
DEWS. Canada wildfires.Ammonium nitrate. Investigation intel report:

Remember my post about the 60,000[30 tons] lbs. of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used as a fertilizer and in explosives, went missing on a rail shipment from Wyoming to California in April?

I've seen many…… ImageImage
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פרסום ראשון: איראן בונה מתקן אסטרטגי לייצור טילים.
המתחם המזוהה עם "ארגון הגיהאד להתעצמות של זרוע האוויר והחלל" (SSJO-ASF), חווה כנראה שני פיצוצים שעיכבו את בנייתו, באמצעות מה שתואר כפגיעת רחפנים מתאבדים, תקיפות שיוחסו בתקשורת הזרה למוסד הישראלי. מאז, שוקם וכעת הוא עובר שדרוג…… Image
#breaking Iran is building a strategic missile production facility.
The complex, which is associated with the "Jihad Organization for the Strengthening of the Air and Space Arm" (SSJO-ASF), apparently experienced two explosions that delayed its construction, through what was……
Iran is building a strategic missile production facility. Image
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#BREAKING: Nova Kakhovka hydro-electric dam on the Dnipro River in southern Ukraine has been blown by ruzzian bastards. The scale of the ecological catastrophe is still difficult to predict, as well as the number of human victims!
An appalling act of ecocide by the russian regime. The #Kakhovka dam and the Kakhovka "Sea" are gone.
#Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant loses access to water!
Consequences of blowing up the Kakhovska Hydroelectric power plant:
Crimea will not have water for a decade.
Hundreds of thousands of peoples lives will be shattered.
Thousands may drown to death.
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BREAKING Russian bastards blew up Kakhovskaya HPP at night, a terrible disaster, large floods save people!!!
#BREAKING: Nova Kakhovka Dam on the Dnipro River is destroyed above Kherson and 80 other settlements.
A multi-hundred foot chunk of the Nova Kakhovka dam is gone, the Kakhovka Reservoir is quickly emptying out into the Dnipro.
Flooding down the Dnipro River to the Black Sea also affecting the Bug & Inhulet Rivers.
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🚨🚨#Breaking Image
Byju's files suit challenging loan acceleration, seeks lender Redwood's disqualification…
On Monday, Bloomberg reported that Byju’s plans to make a quarterly interest payment of about $40 million on a loan that has been at the centre of the firm’s financial troubles 👇

Byju’s faces deadline for $40 million payment

Read more at:…
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#BREAKING: The Nova Kakhovka Dam has been destroyed. The consequences of this are going to be drastic and grave. "It would be impossible to supply water to Crimea via the North Crimea Canal" - Head of Nova Kakhovka district. #ukraine #russia #novakakhovka #dam #crimea
A map below shows potential flooding consequences down stream of the dam. 80 towns, villages and cities are in danger of being under water in the coming hours. It is unclear who struck the dam at this time. This also drastically reduces water supply to Crimea. #russia #UkraineWar Image
‼️☢️Article of Zelensky talking about Russia staging a "false flag" on the Nova Kakhovka dam. He states that it could endanger the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant by draining the reservoir it uses to cool. This is a global crisis unfolding. #ukrainewar… Image
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I think that I can actually share some real #BREAKING news here. The Swedish Supreme Court has for the first time given green light to the extradition of a (self-described) Kurdish PKK supporter to 🇹🇷. This case was different than past ones as he is convicted of a drug crime.+
Turkish authorities have vowed that there are no plans to charge him with any terrorist crimes & have merely requested that he return to serve the remainder of his drug sentence (he was released early from a Turkish prison in 2014): 2 years and 7 months.+
The Supreme Court did not appear fully convinced that the person's political activities were not just a creation after the fact & did not find that he risks persecution. Hence they found no obstacle to extradition according to §7 in the Law on Extradition (1957:668). +
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Today on June 5, #Atlanta City Council will vote on whether to authorize $33.5 million taxpayer dollars for the Atlanta Police Foundation to fund the construction of the Public Safety Training Center, aka ‘Cop City.’

You can tune into the council here:…
On May 15, hundreds of Atlantans unanimously spoke out against the proposed authorization.

Learn more about the over seven hours of public comment in opposition to 'Cop City' on May 15 here:…
However according to research done by @atlanta_press, the amount of public funds allocated to 'Cop City' construction may actually be over $51 million.…
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