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Viral persistence depletes lymphocytes & once depleted the patient's immune system starts destroying healthy tissue -> starting with the brain.
Damage to immunity is #incurable
Damage to the brain is #incurable
Damage can be prevented IFF persistence was tested
RNA viral infections can give rise to a systemic decline in the number of lymphocytes in the blood, referred to as acquired lymphopenia. Lymphopenia may affect the patient's adaptive immune responses and impact the clinical course of chronic symptoms.… Image
We have detailed scientific and medical knowledge on how viruses such as HIV & Ebola induce lymphopenia and have valuable information into the pathogenesis of viral infections and potential therapeutics targeting lymph node recovery that we aren't using for SARS-CoV
Lymphocytes are important elements of the human immune system (HIS). They are categorized into T lymphocytes (t-cells), B lymphocytes (b-cells) and natural killer (NK) cells based on their migration, surface makers and biological functions.
Lymphopenia is a condition in which there is an abnormally reduced number of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood - easily diagnosed when the total lymphocyte number is lower than normal for a particular age group (ie; less than 1000 cells/μL in post-pubescent children & adults).
A simple serological test can determine a reduction in blood lymphocytes count. These occur due to a wide variety of reasons such as; chemical lymphoid-depleting agents, autoimmune-related systemic diseases, viral infections, cancers, sepsis and severe muscle trauma injuries.
This lymphocyte (t-cell depletion) test is the standard test for detecting HIV in patients.
The lymphocyte count overall does not indicate HIV. A CD4 T lymphocyte count is the test done when people have HIV to monitor their progression.…
RNA viruses (influenza) can lead to relative lymphocytosis, the destruction of circulating immunity cells. Only a few RNA viruses cause chronic disease and result in lymphopenias, such as;
- Ebola virus (EBOV) &
- Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
For 40 years we've attempted to study the causation of lymphopenia during viral infections, but the underlying mechanisms are still unclear. Lymphocyte depletion is complex due to multiple underlying factors; such as gut health & co-infection by other persistent viruses (EBV).
The lymphopenia list of scientific "unknowns",
far exceeds the list of "known" factors! Image
Do you want to know what we do know for certain?

We have 99% certainty there's no cure. The cure for old age, cancer, HIV, and immunosenescence is all the same - farmed embryonic stem cells.
In other words, there's a cure for the elite one percent.
We have decades of HIV knowledge that if we fail to diagnose lymphopenia early and apply early treatment, then Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) is the result.

Once the patient complains of weeks of "gut problems".

Everyone is vulnerable to persistent SARS infection.

We just don't have enough autopsies conducted yet to prove it.

None of this is fearporn. Wear N95-grade PPE with eye protection for your own health and safety.
HIV doesn’t kill during the acute phase.
HIV patients die from early onset immunosenescence (inflammAging).

Unknown cancer.

Mysterious hepatitis.

Spontaneous bacterial encephalitis.

Death “FROM” HIV, not death “WITH” HIV!
Kids born with HIV don't "spontaneously die".
They die 10-15 years after puberty. Pre-pubescent kids' immunity resilience stems from their unused stem cells.
ART medication can extend their lives, IFF there's medication adherence without skipping doses…

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Asymptomatic #LongCOVID
We’re going to eventually have evidence of transient persistence after SARS-CoV infection in 100% of cases where chronic #LongCOVID symptoms appear in only 30% of all SARS-CoV infections.
Minimizers going full steam to question whether men should wear a condom for 6 months after infection are distracting from the findings that #LongCOVID can be asymptomatic - because the immune system doesn’t have a pain receptor.
#AirborneAIDS #WearN95 Image
2024: We still don’t have a test!

2024: US, UK & EU political leaders refuse to accept the @WHO clinical definition of #LongCOVID

That’s where we are in the AIDS pandemic timeline. Image
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It's been 24 hrs since a human was sent home with respiratory #H5N1 #BirdFlu & in response ... @CDCgov has tested <50 farm workers!
Based on our epidemiological risk assessment** only a porn star could ever hope to save America.
** We're all phucked!…
Did you notice CDC recently recommended farm workers, wash their hands, before using N95 respirators with eye protection for their own health and safety?

I don't need to have 50 years of Public Health experience to understand how severely the bull shirt has hit the fan when the CDC says:
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Our “Holy Mother of God™️” moment was 3 months ago in early March when a mixed American farm with unvaccinated chickens, cows, pigs and goats was infected by #H5N1 #BirdFlu but @USDA swept away the evidence in a manner that would leave China’s Xi blushing.
@USDA Scientists being denied access to the genome data are buying milk and digging through wastewater to be able to complete their research. Read this thread by @ejustin46 to understand how long #H5N1 #BirdFlu has been hidden by American interests.
America is doing everything possible to suppress informing the public during an election year, which is exactly why human-to-human #H5N1 #BirdFlu will eventually "pop out" in a country that imports cattle from the US.
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"We explain the immunological mechanisms, hypercoagulability states, and viral reservoirs in the skull that feed #NeuroCOVID in patients with #LongCOVID"
SARS-CoV is neuroinvasive
#AirborneAlzheimers #WearN95…
"Beyond its morbidity, #LongCOVID more disabling than fatal, exacts one of the most substantial tolls on public health in contemporary times, with the potential to cripple national economies"
SARS-CoV doesn't need to kill you to prevent you from living.Image
"The nervous system, particularly the brain, can become infected by SARS-CoV early in the course of COVID-19 via viral access through the cribriform plate located at the upper part of the nose"
Guess why none of "immunity, t-cells or antibodies" can prevent this. Image
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May 7
Highlighting: "transient" lymphopenia.
That means "temporary immune dysfunction".
Or, short-term AIDS lasting 2-3 years.
For many, this AIDS will last a lifetime, due to early onset autoimmune deaths and/or repeat re-infections. 1/
#AirborneAIDS #WearN95
SARS Survivors from 20 years ago faced the same challenge: the liver, kidneys, and pancreas rely on a robust immune system, which, in turn, relies on the health of these organs.
Lymphopenia exacerbates recovery!
Re-infection exacerbates lymphopenia!
There's a persistent SARS infection that resides in GI epithelial cells well beyond the acute phase and until that persistent infection is resolved, recovery cannot start.
We need a persistent SARS clinical test!

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May 2
Do you want to know why Associate Professor Philip Britton, can never be held criminally responsible for giving this false medical advice that will cause serious injury to kids?
@NCIRS @drphil2014
@NCIRS @drphil2014 Because "Freedom of Speech" protects anyone from spewing misinformation when it's published. No matter how insane it is to suggest children should be exposed to toxic Mycoplasma bacterium, this quack will never end up in prison for these words. Image
@NCIRS @drphil2014 Do you want to know why Dr. Britton, whose specialty is Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) can ignore the #PrecautionaryPrinciple and the evidence SARS-CoV has a role in reducing children's immunity that allows Opportunistic Infections (OIs)? Image
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