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Pro-ruѕѕian media and trοllѕ say that Ukraine has been shelling the Dοnbas for 8 years, and has cοmmitted any number of atrοcitieѕ.

Let's shine a light on this question, and dispel the prοpaganda and the lies.

Thread (of course) 😎
Firstly, to understand the situation in the South and the East of Ukraine, you must go back to Holodomor, where ruѕѕia ѕtarved much of the population in the Donbas to dϵatһ, and replaced them with ethnic ruѕѕians!
2/24 ImageImage
3/24 Image
4/24 Image
5/24 Image
6/24 Image
7/24 Image
8/24 Image
The actual russian takeover of the Donbas...
9/24 Image
10/24 Image
Images of the 'separatist movement' in 2014...
11/24 ImageImageImageImage
12/24 Image
Images - Russian troops in unmarked uniforms in Ukraine in 2014...
13/24 ImageImageImage
If anyone doubts that russian troops were fighting in Donbas in 2014, LOOK AT THE EQUIPMENT of these 'mysterious green men'.

This is equipment standard for the russian military - it's impossible for 'local groups' to have acquired this privately.

14/24 Image
15/24 Image
16/24 Image
Video of russian shelling of the Donbas...
18/24 Image
19/24 Image
For those who are interested in more information, you can watch this documentary of events (English-speakers, please turn on the automatic English translation):

I write in the service and defense of the human race.

Anyone who would like to donate any small sum, please do.

Donations will buy materials to reconstruct works of art to replace THOUSANDS of works of art destroyed in Ukrainian museums.


For those who missed my thread on how russia originally laid claim to Crimea...

For how Putin created a propaganda campaign about 'Ukrainian atrocities' using Ukrainian refugees...

Those who wish to learn more about what lies beneath this conflict can go through my latest book - available for download for free (the smaller download is more convenient).

Pages 193 - 278 and pages 334 - 374 contain interesting insights.


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Mar 10
Yesterday was the day Taras Shevchenko was born - one of Ukraine's greatest literary and artistic figures.

I was going to write about him yesterday, but the 'free speech platform' suddenly βaηηϵd me for a day.

So, if one day late, a tribute to Taras Shevchenko...
1/14 Image
Taras Shevchenko, born on the 9th of March 1814, was a great Ukrainian writer, poet, artist and folklorist.

His writing is considered the very foundation of Ukrainian literature, & to an extent, even of the Ukrainian language itself!

A self portrait...
2/14 Image
It goes without saying that he was horribly persecuted by the russian empire.

The Tsar himself sentenced him to exile and to become a soldier of the empire, and to be forever FORBIDDEN TO WRITE OR PAINT!
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Mar 7
It's a standard line for pro-russian trolls to talk about 'Zelenskyy pocketing millions', and that no one knows 'where Western aid goes'.

This is all nonsense.

Let's talk about both where Western aid goes, and these accusations about Zelenskyy.

Thread 😎 1/16
First - where DOES Western aid go?

Well, partially, aid from the US and the EU goes to keep the country running - Russia is trying to strangle Ukraine's economy by cutting off our trade routes through the Black Sea and sinking our civilian cargo vessels.
Our rail lines are Soviet gauge, while European lines have a different gauge - this means that our trains cannot simply leave Ukraine and enter Europe - the rail lines are not compatible! All this chokes off our trade, and our economy.
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Mar 6
It's time to call a spade a spade.

Since the first rise of the Soviet Union, russia determinedly tried TO CONQUER THE WORLD.

Their goal was nothing less than converting the WHOLE WORLD to their 'socialist paradise'.
1/5 Image
To this end, they manipulated nations, offering poor nations in Asia and Africa shipments of russian arms (what ELSE does russia really have to offer?) & placing military and political 'advisors' around the leaders of such nations, to help bring them into the 'Soviet World'.
2/5 Image
Lots of people in Asia and Africa complain about 'US interference in world politics'.

So, let's take a look at what the world would have been like if the US had NOT interfered, had not countered russian moves for world domination EVERY STEP OF THE WAY....
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Mar 5
Someone - an American, I think - recently accused me of 'spreading propaganda'. I suppose he thinks I am a CIA agent or paid pawn of the US.

Anyway, below, in this thread, I've pasted part of my answer to him...
'In writing about this war, my main motivation is the SURVIVAL and SAFETY of my family.

My family in Kherson lived under occupation for most of a year, before they were recently freed by the Kherson offensive.'
2/8 Image
'My uncle and cousin were taken away for 'questioning' by russian occupiers and beaten and tortured.

THIS is what we're fighting against. '
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Mar 3
😎For today's sermon, let's select Matthew 6:3...
'Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth.'

This encapsulates Ukraine's strategy in Bakhmut and on the battlefield in general.

I'll explain...
1/4 Image
A portion of the Ukrainian army is fighting in Bakhmut - & it engrosses the attention of the whole orc army (what shattered remnants remain of it).

Meanwhile, ELSEWHERE, the REAL hammer blow is being prepared, & will soon fall upon the orcs in a wave of steel and fire.
2/4 Image
When it does, the orcs will not lose some small town but thousands of square kilometers of occupied territory.

And that's the least of what they'll lose.
3/4 Image
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Mar 3
How the world LET Putin SURVIVE when he would have fallen...

We look at Putler today, and we see him firmly in control of his nation - and making horrific war against another nation. But there was a time when his hold on russia was far more shaky.

Long thread 1/21 😎 Image
Let's go back to 2012.

In the year 2012, Russians were expressing deep frustration with Putin's rigged elections and refusal to step down. Protestors formed a ten-mile chain around Moscow, with hundreds of cars bearing carnations and white ribbons honking in support.
2/21 Image
At this time, Russia's middle class were already aware that their 'elections' were a farce, and that they were being given no real choice by Putin.

And they were VERY unhappy with Putin's arrogant flouting of their wishes.

Putin was on shaky ground, indeed!
3/21 Image
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