Good morning from Frankfort! It is Day 26 of #KYGA23 and what a day it will be!

Starting my day in the House Education Committee where lawmakers will vote on a sudden bill to audit @JCPSKY.

The crowd for JCPS is hoppin’. Three of the roughly 11 folks here are with JCPS.
SB 156 is up now.

Rep. Tina Bojanowski, a JCPS teacher, says she was really excited about the bill initially because it dealt with reading - but now she isn't thrilled.
She is currently running through a list of audits JCPS has gone through in recent years, starting with former Auditor Adam Edelen's 2014 review to KDE's takeover-sparking audit to a series of more targeted third-party reviews.
Sen. Stephen West says this isn't supposed to be "a negative in any way."

Large organizations should go through regular audits, and the state is responsible for oversight.
Rep. Lisa Willner, who was on the JCPS board during the takeover attempt, says she is taken aback by this.

She challenges West's assertion that KDE is a lil too close to JCPS to review it, reminding him KDE wanted to remove the JCPS board at the time.
Willner doesn't like the call to consider splitting the district and tried to call a committee amendment to remove it from the bill. Chair James Tipton refuses because she should have filed it yesterday even though she didn't know the sub had been filed.
Former superintendent Rep. Scott Lewis is lowkey roasting West.

We're going to have them pay for another audit to tell us what we already know, he says.
Rep. Josie Raymond asks who asked for this.

West is like some folks in the House and Senate, ?
JCPS Superintendent Marty Pollio is at the mic.
Pollio said he found out about this bill around 9 p.m. last night.

It was an "absolute punch to the gut."
Pollio is poppin' off
Bring on the audit, if that's what it takes, Pollio says. I've been through several audits here.

But not one with a predetermined outcome like splitting the district up.

The House Education Committee just REFUSED to approve the committee sub on SB 156.

The JCPS audit language FAILS.
I am now in the Senate Families and Children Committee meeting on HB 470.

Background on the cmte sub

Former GOP Rep. Jerry Miller is testifying against HB 470 - his grandchild is trans.

I still screw up the pronoun thing, but I'm going to fight for my grandchild, he says.
Wasn't expecting that from him
We've heard from many of the folks who testified against HB 470 when it was in the House, including doctors and psychologists.
Sen. Karen Berg speaking now
Wow - she gets 2 minutes. She gets cut off. She asks if she could finish her sentence. Chair says no.
Bill sponsor Rep. Jennifer Decker has 25 minutes for bill supporters.

It is some of the same folks of questionable standing she had in the last committee meeting, including the guy from the SPLC-identified hate group.
Someone in the crowd shouted out that his group was an advocacy group and got a warning from the cmte chair
Jeanette Cooper from Partners for Ethical Care, a "nonpartisan" group that aims to "stop the unethical treatment of children under the duplicitous banner of gender identity affirmation," is speaking.
Cooper says she doesn't shave or wear makeup. I guess that makes me a man in some eyes, she says.

She got some laughs on that one. I'm not sure it was a joke.
Chair Danny Carroll paused the meeting to ask a state trooper to remove someone from the crowd. Carroll got the wrong person and then the crowd refused to snitch.

No removals but tense for a second.
In closing, Decker encourages the committee to consider the stories of those who have been through this and have "escaped" it.
Decker is now focusing on the million (maybe she said billion) dollar industry around providing gender affirming medical care
Carroll says they're *not* allowing senators to explain their votes due to timing.
We're pausing for some senators to come back from other committees.

Berg was speaking with Carroll and he started saying "this conversation is over" and telling her to go away
OK now they WILL be allowed to explain.

Girdler a yes.
Harper Angel a no.
Stephen Meredith, a R, is a no.

(Girdler is a R, Harper Angel is D)
Tichenor, R, is a yes
Westerfield, R, is a yes

He doesn't like how far the bill goes. He plans on making changes on the floor tho - he will vote no if it comes to the floor today
Julie Raque Adams, R - I've been pretty clear I don't like this bill

She said Carroll promised changes before a floor vote, so she is a yes
Wise is a yes

Carroll is a yes

Webb is a no
🚨 An altered House Bill 470 passes out of committee 6-3. It could pass out of the Senate this afternoon, but I'd be surprised if the proposed changes come that quickly.
Learn more about Kentucky House Bill 470 👇 #KYGA23…
Aight I am in the House today while @joesonka monitors the Senate. Follow along
Senate Bill 5, the parent complaint bill, just got a second reading in the House. Could get a full vote tomorrow.
House Bill 360 is up for concurrence. The House does NOT agree with the Senate's changes to HB 360, so this will head to a conference committee.
And the House also does NOT like the Senate's changes to House Bill 448. Also to conference committee! Yeehaw
Senate Bill 62 is up for a vote. Background from @joesonka…
SB 62 passes and we're moving through the orders of the day.
SB 107 is up. This used to deal with the Ky Board of Ed but now its main component is requiring the education commissioner be confirmed by the Senate every four years.
Rep. David Meade is now discussing Education Commissioner Jason Glass, mistakes optional KDE guidance on trans kids as "curriculum."

Again: optional guidance.
Meade says Glass is the one making education politicized and Beshear just watches.

Glass and many teachers I'm sure would love a word rn
SB 107, Meade says, is a way to give parents more say over their kids' education.

I fail to see how making a state education official subject to confirmation by a state entity bolsters parents voice. feels like there might be a more direct way idk
After a bit of ranting about Jason Glass, SB 107 passes party-line - 80-20.
SB 48 - the CHFS reorg bill - is up now.
House is DONE with the orders of the day.
Rep. Savannah Maddox just withdrew two amendments to HB 542, her workforce dev turned guns on college campuses bill.

The committee sub making that major change still remains on the House orders of the day.

HFA 1 and 2 got pulled.…
SB 5 - the parent complaint bill - is on tomorrow's orders of the day for the House.
Oh - Rep. Josh Calloway just filed a floor amendment to SB 5 👀
And a floor amendment to SB 150, too.

I wonder what it could be.
House adjourns.
So the Senate, which may or may not take up HB 470 tonight, has been caucusing for about three hours now.

I have been on the clock for 13 hours.
Senate is returning slowly
That means NO vote on HB 470 in the Kentucky Senate tonight. #KYGA23…
OK Senate is recessing to wait for a floor amendment to get here and that's it.

Senate will reconvene at 2 p.m. tomorrow.
Senate President Robert Stivers says to expect some sort of action on HB 470 tomorrow.

• • •

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Mar 14
Kentucky’s Senate finishes its business without a vote on HB 470.
LOL Sen. Damon Thayer just said they might have more orders of the day later today lol nice
Spoke with Calloway a bit earlier - he declined to share details about his floor amendments today and said the situation is "fluid."
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Mar 14
Another lil twist in Kentucky's fight to figure out what it wants to do on the anti-trans/"parents' rights" front.

HB 173 didn't even get a committee assignment, signaling limited appetite for it as is.
And given how some Senate Rs think HB 470 goes too far, hard to see how HB 173-as-a-floor-amendment is successful / torpedoes the entire thing before the veto period.
As I explain here, getting the House and Senate - and all of the factions within - to agree by 11:59 p.m. Thursday could spell doom for not just HB 470, but *all* "parents' rights" and anti-trans legislation in KY.… Image
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Mar 14
Seeing a lot of confusion in the mentions about this.

The surprise last-second push to audit @JCPSKY will not happen because a House committee refused to vote on it.

This means the potential JCPS audit will not happen.

Again, audit NOT happening.…
I'm going to walk through this as simply as I can.

Senate Bill 156 is a bill. It is a bill dealing with a state reading research center.

It passed out of a Senate committee and the Senate earlier in the session. #KYGA23
This means its next step in the legislative process is passing out of a House committee.

It was assigned to the House Education Committee. That committee passed the bill yesterday morning.

That meant its next step would have been a House vote. BUT
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Mar 14
so ok let's run through tomorrow

8 a.m. - surprise shawtyyyyy sb 156 is back at it in house education with a brand new direct aim at jcps

9 a.m. - ban on gender-affirming medical care + don't say gay surprise mashup in senate families + children
also at 9 a.m. because my coverage areas are not considered in making the last-full-week-of-session schedule - a random hearing on a school choice amendment bill that can't legally pass this session because sure why not
10 a.m. - a hearing on all the bills that always get so close yet remain so far aka gray machines and medical marijuana in senate l & o (rip to sports betting's inclusion on this cmte list)
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Mar 14
Obtained a copy of the committee sub on HB 470 and it is a doozy. #KYGA23

Basically, they took SB 150, added a lil spice, and dumped it into HB 470.
By added a lil spice, I mean adding:

-no convos on human sexuality or STDs before 6th grade
-parents must provide written consent for 6th grade+ to learn about those topics
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Mar 14
BREAKING: Kentucky lawmakers are calling for a major audit on @JCPSKY -- including potential recommendations to split up Kentucky's largest school district.…
I know what you're thinking - didn't JCPS just get audited?

Yupp - Wayne Lewis called for a state takeover five years ago. And JCPS spent more than two years remedying hundreds of flaws, and got released from state oversight in late 2020.…
Not me just yesterday thinking, “wow the legislature has been silent on the JCPS front feels like I haven’t seen Marty Pollio in AGES”

Silly girl!!!!…
Read 5 tweets

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