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So it turns out, GPT-4 knows enough about Pokemon Emerald that you can ask it to pretend to be a text-based interface for it and it just... works? A thread. (Shoutout to @Bulbapedia for being my fact-checking source for this!) #gpt4 #ChatGPT
Starts up the game without a problem, pretty accurate so far, skipping the moving van and clock setting scene which honestly isn't the most riveting thing in this game anyway
Battle is rudimentary but works! Could probably ask it to show HP values rather than just percentages
It had skipped the opportunity to name Mudkip which I thought was a TRAVESTY. A quick question helped fix that
It correctly identified that Mudkip does not learn Water Gun until level 10 in Gen 3
Unfortunately, it also knows where Pikachu can and cannot be found
So Route 103 is directly north of Oldale, Route 102 is to the west and leads to Petalburg, so this was just factually wrong (it also makes no mention of the path west being blocked for now)
But! You can now skip the experience grind! Amazing!
It knows that your rival always has the pokemon with a type advantage over you, which is good, but bringing up the type advantage made it trick itself into thinking Treecko has a grass type move at level 5 (which it does not) and cheating. A quick correction fixed that up.
It knows Route 110 is inaccessible, but is incorrect about the reason why, and provides an incorrect path for getting there. Surf allows one to get to Route 110 from here, but you can also proceed through the game until you get to Slateport and then just walk over
It can skip through the wild pokemon encounters for you and also decided to catch a Ralts for me? I'm glad because I always catch one here and it's normally tedious due to its 4% spawn rate. This was much easier. Also cool how it knows about the two Oran berries here.
It also knows that we can't fight gym leaders out of order, that he's my dad, and that he's the fifth gym leader, not bad
It forgot to not skip the trainer battles for some reason, and it seems very eager to provide spoilers for things you are about to discover
It knows the names of the two trainers in Petalburg Woods, but not the exact details of their parties. Lyle has 4 level 3 Wurmples and James has 2 level 6 Nincadas. James also normally comes after the battle with the Team Aqua Grunt iirc.
It missed that Nincada was weak to Water Gun, and completely forgot about Team Aqua. When corrected about Nincada, it re-did that turn, but forgot to add back the health it took from Kip.
Prompting it about Team Aqua fixes the missing Grunt issue quickly, this grunt does have the correct party. GPT also gives the correct reward for saving the researcher!
These trainers' parties are both correct! However, it once again skipped their battles :/
It seems to skip duplicate pokemon in parties, Roxanne should have two level 12 Geodudes
It also included the accuracy mechanic out of the blue. (Rock Tomb has a 95% chance to hit and GPT saw fit to miss)
At this point, I'd rather just see what GPT hallucinates rather than correct it into adding back all the slow parts of the game, so no more rescuing Peeko and I guess Rustboro City Harbor is now a thing?
Using the power of anime protagonist energy to beat the RNG. It's neat how GPT recognizes that Abra's teleport makes it a pain to catch.
It forgot to evolve my pokemon during some grinding, but it can undo that and fix it. Same goes for updating movesets in weird ways.
Executing my go-to gym strategy of "spam super-effective move until victory" never fails
Any% speedrun here we go! I don't know how I got a Blaziken but works for me!
gg ez (wrong champion, should be Wallace, but close enough, Steven was the champion in Sapphire and Ruby)
I'm out of thread, but GPT can also simulate a completely original Pokemon game (obligatory Midjourney image of Arborunt, going off of a description provided by GPT). Hoping Nintendo doesn't send a cease and desist over this 😬

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