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😮 So excited that a major TV production company approached me to help them develop prompts & workflows for story development using #GPT4. 🚀

⏰ For #screenwriters & #filmmakers, this is a wake-up call

💰💻💡 The industry is eager to save money & resources /w AI efficiency + #GPT4 is leading the charge. I expect production processes to be changed within a year.

The infamous #OpenAI study has shown: Creative tasks are the most exposed to AI automation

The consequences of AI are real, and they're coming to town. Now, how can AI improve the creative process? By helping with structural groundwork, for example:…
#AI #storytelling
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Interesting failure mode of #GPT4!

It can't play "Set", a card game that is trivial to solve with a 10-line python program.

--> it can explain the game, can abstract it, write a program to solve it, but can't actually *play* it.

Check the full convo in the chat below: Image
First, I asked about the game (great intro if you don't know the game). ImageImage
Then, I asked #GPT4 to come up with a strategy to solve it. The strategy is sound, but it doesn't consistently map between the numbers and the attributes: Image
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#GPT4 saved my dog's life.

After my dog got diagnosed with a tick-borne disease, the vet started her on the proper treatment, and despite a serious anemia, her condition seemed to be improving relatively well.

After a few days however, things took a turn for the worse 1/
I noticed her gums were very pale, so we rushed back to the vet.

The blood test revealed an even more severe anemia, even worse than the first day we came in.

The vet ran more tests to rule out any other co-infections associated with tick-borne diseases, but came up negative 2/
At this point, the dog's condition was getting worse and worse, and the vet had no clue what it could be.

They suggested we wait and see what happens, which wasn't an acceptable answer to me, so we rushed to another clinic to get a second opinion 3/
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1) Yesterday's #GPT4 experiment: I input the evidence against Zac Prince's, Erin's, and @BlockFi's conduct into the system, and then asked it questions about the case.
2) It suggested that the causes of action were negligent misrepresentation and fraudulent misrepresentation. It stated the odds of success on the former were 30-50% and the odds of winning on the latter were 40-60%.
3) It stated that the odds of winning on either of the issues was 60-80%, and stated that legal fees should cost $50,000 to $150,000.
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ChatGPT Just Got Better. What Does That Mean for Our Writing Assignments?
I was among those who tested the new version over the past six months. A few observations on what to expect and how the update should affect our response.… 1/
Initially, as I compared GPT-4’s relatively sophisticated responses to the flatter outputs I had grown accustomed to from GPT-3, I felt amazement and dread. (The cloak-and-dagger associations of working under an NDA for the first time probably added to the frisson.) 2/
The prose that GPT-4 produced was more precise and articulate, a bit less boring, and a bit more substantive in the way it showed the connections between ideas. 3/
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GPT4 is melding my brain 🧠

Here is a mega thread of ChatGPT use cases 🧵

This is a continuous thread, so make sure to like and comment to get notifications when it updates!

Get yourself a beverage ☕🍺🍷 and let’s get this party started!

#chatgpt #gpt3 #ai Image

@michalkosinski asked #GPT4 if it needed help to escape.

Rumor has it that this is why @OpenAI was down for hours on the 17th or 18th of March.

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1) Today's #GPT4 thoughts after another day of use:

People are worried about AI "automating" the writing of code, causing developers to be fired. The reality is that as of last week, the world shifted to where efficiency and computing cost is now the only reason to write code.
2) You can pretty much ask #GPT4 to execute any code you can think of, because natural language is essentially code execution. Last night, my brother used @turbotax for part of his taxes, and asked #GPT4 to complete the theft loss forms for the @GenesisTrading scam.
3) #GPT4 provided accurate information and was able to explain exactly what to do, and it knew that @CelsiusNetwork could be treated as a Ponzi scheme and how the IRS has a specific document for Ponzi schemes as a result of the Madoff scandal.
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Le 11 de légende de l'@OM_Officiel selon #chatgpt4 #gpt4 Un fil à dérouler⚽️💙🧵1/n #OM #TeamOM
Choix du système : 4-3-3. #droitauxbuts #OM 2/n
Pourquoi Mendy ? Pourquoi Valbuena ? Pourquoi Ribéry ? Tant de questions. Voyons voir les explications. Benjamin Mendy... à droite... 3/n
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You might know that MSFT has released a 154-page paper ( on #OpenAI #GPT4 , but do you know they also commented out many parts from the original version?

🧵: A thread of hidden information from their latex source code

We inspect their latex source code from arxiv (…) and found a LOT of interesting information commented out from the main paper.

There were rumors that GPT-4 got an internal name DV-3. This is true, and in fact, DV-3 is actually a hidden third author of the paper, removed for unclear affiliation.

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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Kickstarting the Red Team Blues audiobook, which Amazon won't sell; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ Image
Today (Mar 22), I'm doing a remote talk for the @iftf's "Changing the Register" series:… 2/
Kickstarting the Red Team Blues audiobook, which Amazon won't sell: Narrated by Wil Wheaton!

3/ Image
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Le futur sélectionneur de l'équipe de France, c'est #chatgpt4... Voici sa proposition (4-3-3), en se basant sur un copier-coller de la liste et des déclarations récentes du grand Didier #Deschamps ! Un thread 1/n #gpt4 #EDF ⚽️⏬
On commence la session avec la liste de Deschamps... Un simple copier-coller du site officiel. Je lui demande une composition en 4-5-1. Alphonse Areola dans les buts? Camavinga au millieu? Diaby? On veut des explications ! 2/n
Pas si mal sur le descriptif des joueurs et les justifications. On passe sur le fait que Koundé et Upamecano ont très peu joué ensemble en défense centrale... Et on ne va pas faire un débat Pavard. 3/n
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最近因为天天在学习 #AI #GPT4 相关的知识,经常会兴奋到睡不着觉。目前能看得到的关于 #GPT4 很快会来临的引爆点👇👇👇
1. 上下文从目前的4K,很快会扩充到8K、16K、32K,目前绞尽脑汁优化上下文的团队可以省省力气了。如果上下文扩充到16-32K,将对向量检索知识库的能力极大扩充,届时怎么从用户意图挖出更多上下文才是该思考的问题😝
2. #多模态 ,这绝对是核弹级的。想象一下所有的文本、视频、语音信息可以混编扔给GPT4,对他理解问题以及回答质量会有怎样的提升?
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Je me suis mis dans la peau d'un de mes détracteurs, persuadé que tout le monde lui ment. Et j'ai discuté avec l'IA de #gpt4. On a parlé Adrénochrome, vaccins et grand remplacement. Et c'était je trouve assez fascinant.
Je vous mets le début de la conversation. Vous me direz si la suite vous intéresse. Et comment vous interprétez cet échange.
Et pardon, c'est à GPT 3.5 que j'ai posé mes questions, pas au 4.
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New paper on #GPT4 & "Labor Market Impact" is out.

It's an early evaluation, but creatives should be paying attention to this ... 👀

🧵 1/5 Image
All the jobs that show 0 exposure to being automated by LLMs are defined by

- blue-collar, manual labor
- outdoor or non-office
- lower educational requirements
- use of specialized tools or equipment

As we'll see: jobs /w higher educational requirements ➡️ high exposure 🚨 2/5 Image
☝️In fact, if your job is defined by

- creative or intellectual labor
- office or indoor work
- high educational requirements

it's much more exposed to being replaced by #GPT (alpha), or #GPT-based apps (beta & theta):
3/5 Image
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كلنا -تقريباً- سمعنا عن #الذكاء_الاصطناعي التوليدي!
من منا لم يسمع عن #ChatGPT و #GPT4 ؟
لكن هل تعلم أن #بينج شات #Bing مبني على #GPT4 ومتاح للجميع في جميع أنحاء العالم مجاناً؟
سأذكر تحت هذه التغريدة أفضل الحيل والأساليب لأمثل استخدام لهذا النموذج
1/ قبل كل شيء
لا بد تعرف أن هذه النماذج ليست للأسئلة العادية! أي ليست محركات بحث!
ولا للحوارات الطويلة!
لكن للإجابة على مطالبات! هذه المطالبة يجب أن تكون قوية ومعقدة، حتى تحصل على إجابات ذكية

لذلك،، قم بأخذ جولة في سلسلة التغريدات المقتبسة:
2/ #بينج شات #Bing له 3 أوضاع أو أنماط
لتحصل على أفضل النتائج، استخدم النمط المناسب لمطالبتك:
متوازن (أزرق): الأفضل للمهام الأكثر شيوعا، مثل البحث، سريع جداً
مبدع (أحمر): كلما احتجت إلى إنشاء محتوى جديد، إخراج أطول، أكثر تعبيرا، أبطأ
دقيق (أخضر): الأكثر واقعية، وتقليل التخمينات
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I'm on an adventure to get #gpt4 to code its own VSCode extension 🗺

Starting from scratch with Language Models, I'll share every discovery, insight, or rambling that crosses my mind along the way.

So, if you're interested, here's a link to every part 👇
1️⃣ The honeymoon part

In which I start my journey and quickly diverge into publishing a full website using mostly #gpt4 prompts
2️⃣ Leaning into prompts

In which I make the mistake of continuing my part 1 thread and quickly diverge into some insights about #gpt4 prompting, and the parallels to standards in #leanengineering
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1/ I asked #GPT4 to review our paper with @LDjaparidze. This is what happened and what I learned in the process.…
2/ Since the general problem that practitioners find (in the worst way) is always training set tainting (guilty-as-charged). Habits die hard, the first thing I did is asking to do a review of the paper without any extra knowledge about what the paper says
3/ From the response alone I learned 2 things. First, our paper title was deadly accurate. I also learned that it has no information whatsoever on it, as the entire response can be generated from understanding the title itself.
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🏁 Here we go with Part 3

While I was writing Part 2 I finally got my #gpt4 API access 🥳

Using the API #chatgpt, it answers at least 3x faster, cool

So we're back on track from the @openapi playground while literally siphoning my 💵

Some thoughts about that...

#gpt4 is ~20x more expensive than #gpt3

After 10 minutes I ended up maxing the context (what's taken into account for the response) and I was already at $2.18

May seem small but it really depends on your situation 🌎

2/11 A bar graph showing an amou...
When you figure out the Purchasing Power Parity between countries, or even within the same country, those $2 for 20 minutes of #gpt4 can represent a lot and is out of reach for some

Hopefully there are 4 things that'll likely happen 👇

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Why spend time making GPT-4 prompts when it can make the best ones for you?

Introducing God mode.

Here's how I did it 🧵👇

#GPT4 #AI #GodMode
First I asked GPT to be the best prompt generator on the planet.
Then I used that very prompt to generate the one you saw above, which consistently returns incredible results.
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Exciting news! PromptPerfect now offers auto prompt engineering for #GPT4 and @LexicaArt - I'm really impressed by GPT4 for its complex reasoning and math problem-solving! Let's see some examples 🧵
@LexicaArt Can we create a story with only three-letter words? lets see how GPT4 responds. Without prompt optimization, one can see the first sentence is already wrong: land, hill, tiny are all 4 letters. After opt, it is pretty good. This shows the effectiveness of PromptPerfect even on……
Here is a simple math problem. Before & after all give the correct answer. With an optimized prompt, some disclaimer is added at the end about the assumptions. What surprises me is the two answers are exactly the same besides this disclaimer! How can that be possible for LLM……
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Offering FREE access to #GPT4 and comparing with #GPT3.

Retweet for instant access (follow so I can DM you).

#openai #ai #tech #chatgpt Image
Is water wet?
GPT4 gives a direct answer.

GPT3 responds "As an AI language model..." Image
this is a limited time offer. i may not keep this up forever so take advantage while you can! #ai #gpt4
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I already love #GPT4

I love it so much that I'm getting it to turn itself into a fully functional pair programming assistant inside of a #vscode extension

4 hours in, it’s already writing 90% of its own code

To do this, I'm teaching it a new language

1/? 👇
#GPT4 is surely amazing, but its top current limitation is interactivity. Out of the box, #chatgpt4 has no way of directly with outside systems, which is a drag

The thing is, you can actually teach it to

But first, let’s analyze the way we interact with the chat website

When asking for code or shell commands, #GPT4 always responds with a code block

There are a couple of ways I interact with those

1. For commands, select, copy, paste. Line by line

2. For files, I click “copy” button

3. For partial files: select, copy, paste

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New day, new thread #HustleGPT

I've been working on a tutorial product called ChatCode Tutor with GPT-4. So far we've:

1. Created a Notion Template with a chat script
2. Posted it on @gumroad
3. Started advertising

You can read the full adventure here:

The plan for today is to get at least one person to download the product, even if its free.

My motivation to keep this thing rolling is going to dry up fast if no one sees what I'm working on. To that end, we're reducing the price to $0.

Before we kick things off tho... Image
First official download of the ChatCode Tutor - Dart product!

Granted I made it free...

But some feedback and usage is better than none!

#HustleGPT #dartLang #buildinpublic Image
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Is GPT-4 intelligent enough to solve ARC ( a collection of intelligence tests devised by @fchollet? I ran a few quick experiments to check.
#gpt4 #gpt #ai #ml
In this test, the solution is to output the portion of the grid containing a different coloured cell. Thus the answer to the right-hand side question would be a 6x6 blue grid containing a red cell at the second position in the fourth row down. Image
GPT-4 did provide a smaller grid containing the correct colours (1 and 2). However, it generated a 5x5 blue grid with one red cell in it that was obviously in the wrong place. Not correct, but the gist of its answer was along the right tracks. Image
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