Hello from the Kentucky Senate! It is Day 27 of the 30-day legislative session.

We're expecting a Senate vote on House Bill 470, the omnibus anti-trans bill, at some point today.

Stay tuned. #KYGA23
Senate Bill 47, the medical cannabis bill, just got a second reading. That could be passed out of the Senate tomorrow. #KYGA23
House Bill 319, the teacher shortage bill, just got a first reading in the Senate. #KYGA23
HB 470 ... might not be on the orders of the day in the Senate.

That is if my hearing of the rules committee meeting is to be trusted.
HB 470 is NOT currently on the orders for today.

They can add it later in the day.
Meanwhile, the House Education Committee just called a special meeting upon adjournment today.

No agenda yet but it will include SB 93.
SB 150, the pronouns bill and most limited "parents' rights" arena bill, is assigned to that committee but idk on the future there because it got added to HB 470
A bit of a freak out on the Senate floor just now after a computer error caused the screens to display HB 302 - final passage on an elections bill - when they're supposed to be voting on HB 30 - something less controversial.
"I apologize but I don't apologize for freaking out," Sen. Adrienne Southworth says after pointing out the problem and then realizing she was correct.
And yes, the computer error also turned HB 302 to HB 30 - the bathroom ban bill that is dead - but they actually needed SB 30 - the bill they were supposed to be voting on all along.

live laugh love
Sen. Damon Thayer, with some sideeye to a selection of his colleagues, says this whole voting thing would go a lot faster if everyone sat in their seats and paid attention.

A trio of Rs behind him remained steadfast in their dedication to standing in a giggly huddle.
Said giggly huddle has dissolved, while at least one individual member remains standing nowhere near their desk.
Here are the orders of the day Image
Sen. Whitney Westfield shares his own personal estimate of the most visited websites in Kentucky:

- @heraldleader
- @courierjournal
- @KySportsRadio

could be true idk
Westerfield's bill, Senate Bill 15 about data privacy, passes with a handful of Rs voting no.

House Bill 302, the elections bill from the freak out earlier, got passed over. #KYGA23
HB 191, which would change how vacancies on Louisville's Metro Council are filled, is up for a vote. #KYGA23
HB 153, which prohibits the enforcement of federal gun rules, is up for a vote in the Senate. #Kyga23
And HB 153 passes 27-9. Carroll, Givens, McDaniel all Rs join Dems in voting no. #KYGA23
Senate done with orders of the day for now. They're about to head into caucus meetings.
.@joesonka is in the House, watching the vote on SB 7 about unions and political contributions.
Ah, after JCTA-endorsed board candidates beat the "liberty" challengers, nonetheless.

Fyi the Senate remains in recess.
Senators are trickling back in now
We are officially back. Stay tuned to see if HB 470 gets added to the orders of the day pt ii #KYGA23
Meanwhile I have NKU in the Final Four in my bracket that I just made whilst sitting here on the Senate floor.
there is a sidebar of GOP leadership + Sen. Danny Carroll, the author of a big HB 470 amendment, rn
🚨 HB 470 has NOT been added to the Kentucky Senate's Orders of the Day (night).

Unless the Senate wants to have a looooong night w/ a third brush of the orders tonight, HB 470 will need to get a vote tomorrow in order to pass before the veto period.
This is realllly not good for HB 470 supporters. Voting tomorrow does NOT give the two chambers reach a compromise if the House doesn't agree with the Senate's changes.
Senate would need to pass the bill and the House would need to agree to their changes (or meet in conference cmte to come to compromise) by 11:59 p.m. Thurs to be able to override a likely Beshear veto on this.

TLDR if they don't agree by then, HB 470 is dead.
Meanwhile, @joesonka says SB 5 is up on the House floor.

This is the parents complaints bill w/ a slate of "parents' rights"/drag queen amendments from Rep. Josh Calloway. #KYGA23
OK Senate is recessing for more caucus meetings.
Rep. Josh Calloway speaking now on SB 5.

Parents "They're begging us. They just want to be parents."
Calloway suggests/accuses people in schools of being activists determined to sexualize children. Calls the bill a step in the direction of protecting kids.
Calloway is asking to suspend the rules to bring floor amendment six to a vote.

He needed 51 votes - and gets ... 33. Someone points out HFA 6 is not on the board.
This means he can't bring that one to the floor.

He is now criticizing the media for using "don't say gay" and says "parents have the say" is what we should be using.
Calloway says they have the votes on the floor to pass as strong of parents rights bill as they want.
And for some reason, he says, it gets blocked time and time again.
Some "nut" filed an ethics complaint about him because he is on the board of a private school and pushed for a school choice amendment, he says.
Oh wow Calloway is going - he says he is risking everything he has right now by speaking
Calloway is a preacher and you can tell that rn. He has been trying to call another floor amendment - this one similar to HB 173 - but it took a while to get there
Meanwhile the Senate is filing back in
OMG Speaker Osborne just ruled the HB 173 floor amendment is out of order because it goes "way beyond the scope" of SB 5
He's now trying to call the drag show amendment

I don't see how they're gonna allow this
OMG they refuse to suspend the rules to hear the drag show amendment.

Drag show bill, once again, is dead
Sen. Danny Carroll's floor amendment and one from Sen. Julie Raque Adams are the only amendments left standing on HB 470.
Carroll’s Amendment barely passes 19-17 Image
um a squad of literal firefighters just came into the senate

stivers says they're here to investigate a "smell"
Sen. Gex Williams made a motion to lay HB 470 on the clerk's desk
Motion passes - Mays Bledsoe adds a late no.

This is a “delaying tactic” per Joe Gerth Image
OK Thayer says this concludes the orders of the day
Senate is starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow .
Some more floor amendments to HB 470
Senate is adjourning
What’s the future on 470?

Stivers: “I don’t know”
He thinks confusion over what exactly all of these amendments mean played a role in pausing the bill

• • •

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Mar 16
Hello from Frankfort! It is Day 28 of #KYGA23.

We have about 15 hours until the veto period.

All eyes are on the Senate, which tried to and failed to debate and vote on HB 470 last night.

HB 551, the sports betting bill, just got a second reading in the Senate. This means it could get a full Senate vote March 29 or 30. #KYGA23
The Senate is going to do introductions and concurrence of bills, then break for committee meetings.

HB 470 can't come up until after those meetings. #KYGA23
Read 109 tweets
Mar 15
👀 Rep. Josh Calloway filed a floor amendment today to add the anti-drag language to Senate Bill 5.

SB 5 is supposed to be voted on tonight. Amendments are supposed to be filed at least a day in advance. #KYGA23
The House can vote to ignore "the 24-hour rule" and hear the amendment anyway.

They often do NOT do that ... for Dems. But for Republicans ...
Calloway signed and dated each of his amendments (I think he has five on SB 5 alone).

This amendment is dated "3-5-2023."
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Mar 14
Kentucky’s Senate finishes its business without a vote on HB 470.
LOL Sen. Damon Thayer just said they might have more orders of the day later today lol nice
Spoke with Calloway a bit earlier - he declined to share details about his floor amendments today and said the situation is "fluid."
Read 6 tweets
Mar 14
Another lil twist in Kentucky's fight to figure out what it wants to do on the anti-trans/"parents' rights" front.

HB 173 didn't even get a committee assignment, signaling limited appetite for it as is.
And given how some Senate Rs think HB 470 goes too far, hard to see how HB 173-as-a-floor-amendment is successful / torpedoes the entire thing before the veto period.
As I explain here, getting the House and Senate - and all of the factions within - to agree by 11:59 p.m. Thursday could spell doom for not just HB 470, but *all* "parents' rights" and anti-trans legislation in KY.

Read 4 tweets
Mar 14
Seeing a lot of confusion in the mentions about this.

The surprise last-second push to audit @JCPSKY will not happen because a House committee refused to vote on it.

This means the potential JCPS audit will not happen.

Again, audit NOT happening.

I'm going to walk through this as simply as I can.

Senate Bill 156 is a bill. It is a bill dealing with a state reading research center.

It passed out of a Senate committee and the Senate earlier in the session. #KYGA23
This means its next step in the legislative process is passing out of a House committee.

It was assigned to the House Education Committee. That committee passed the bill yesterday morning.

That meant its next step would have been a House vote. BUT
Read 10 tweets
Mar 14
Good morning from Frankfort! It is Day 26 of #KYGA23 and what a day it will be!

Starting my day in the House Education Committee where lawmakers will vote on a sudden bill to audit @JCPSKY.


The crowd for JCPS is hoppin’. Three of the roughly 11 folks here are with JCPS.
SB 156 is up now.

Rep. Tina Bojanowski, a JCPS teacher, says she was really excited about the bill initially because it dealt with reading - but now she isn't thrilled.
Read 61 tweets

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