Watch this to see how propaganda works. TRAs relentlessly repeat lies about KJK, put them on her Wiki page then lock it. Then these lies are used to subvert democracy. This isn’t tomfoolery. This is what real rise of authoritarianism looks like 👇
Media helps to bolster this lie. MSM dorsn’t show the actual women protesting. None of them interview the women. Anyone who dares support women is monstered as a “Nazi”. When they are interviewed by a R wing journalist, this is used as “evidence” of their “association with Nazis”
Scoundrels who are doing this use terms “consorting with the actual Nazis”, evoking the spectre of witch hunts. The woman who refuses to drown in their sea of lies is denounced as a “proven witch”. This is not just Australia. This is happening all over the West, including the UK.
Meanwhile, the man who is trying to expel a female politician from the Liberal Party purely based on Wiki lies about Posie, has this as one of the Wiki edits about himself:
This is an excellent summary of what is happening:

• • •

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Mar 21
For speaking up for a woman who had lies about her told for years, and recently these lies dangerously escalated, I’m now being lied about. So for avoidance of doubt, let me denounce these lies (that’s what we’re meant to do, right?) 🧵
1. I do not support gay conversion therapy nor have friends who run GCT centres.
2. Having spoken to several gay Christian men in the past I was told they appreciated being able to speak to therapists of their own faith about the distress they felt about their sexual orientation
Anyone who wants to know my most detailed thoughts on this topic can buy my book ‘Born in the Right Body: Gender identity ideology from a medical and feminist perspective’ by Isidora Sanger in all international Amazon marketplaces and various book stores (link is in my bio)
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Mar 21
Monstering of Kellie-Jay Keen didn't appear out of thin air. Certain socialist feminists - alongside with toxic TRAs - have been promoting and fabricating "alt right" lies about her since 2018. Actions have consequences. What's happening now is their doing. They're the baddies 1
The lies are fabricated via poison pen blogs (which are then shared and repeated ad infinitum by socfems, TRAs and their socks), and by doctoring information on unacountable online sources such as Wikipedia. ImageImageImageImage
Kellie-Jay's Wiki is full of lies and locked so that nobody other than these lying men can edit it. That Wiki entry has been used by Australian male politicians to expel a female MP from a Liberal party, purely because she attended a #LetWomenSpeakMelbourne
Read 8 tweets
Mar 19
Seeing the horrific propaganda in Melbourne, against women who fight the just fight for single-sex spaces and child safeguarding, brings back bad memories. As a Serb from Croatia, I have witnessed this kind of propaganda first-hand as a student in Melbourne in 1990s. 1.
This is something I very rarely talk about, mainly because the effects of that propaganda are still effective, and I risk being abused every time I speak about it. Regardless, I found it in me to speak about it briefly in my as yet unpublished memoir 'Sexism in Medicine' 2.
In this memoir, I track my life experience as a daughter from a medical family, a female refugee and a medical student in Australia and later, as a doctor in the UK. IO explore my personal experience with misogyny, and witnessing it affect colleagues and patients. 3.
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Mar 6
Women asking orgs and individuals whether they support #RepealTheGRA isn't a purity test (like some people engaged in purity spirals for years now claim). It's a good faith question so that we can:
1. Start the conversation
2. Decide who to support with our money and resources
There are many myths around repealling the GRA that are generated by people who don't want it repealed, including that "repealling would mean leaving EHCR". This is untrue. There are 46 countries in EHCR and not all of them have GRA-type laws.
GRA2004 is obsolete now. It was brought in when same-sex marriage was illegal, to allow "transsexuals" to marry same sex partners. Same sex marriage is now legal. Equality Act 2010 protects people who underwent, or plan to undergo gender reassignment, from discrimination.
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Feb 1
Some years ago I noticed a disconcerting trend among some clinicians I worked with on the gender ideology issue. They seemed obsessed with "building golden bridges" and giving colleagues an "out" instead of doing everything in their power to stop the medical scandal asap.
The issue with this is 1. that attitude will lead to unhealthy compromises, such as saying that unethical experimentation "might be appropriate for some children" and 2. it'll delay safety for patients until all those who participated in a medical scandal can "safely evacuate".
I've had vigorous discussions with these clinicians for several years, all the while publicly representing the view that stopping the medical and social scandal that has endangered women and children is of utmost priority. I was labelled an "extremist" whom they "agreed with"
Read 8 tweets
Jan 31
I've been thinking how much detransitioners remind me of young men and women who were drafted into a war. They didn't have much say in it in a society that used and manipulated them. Now they have trauma, injuries, disabilities and scars. They need all our support.
To expand, I'm thinking in particular about my friend Alan. When the war broke out, the entire island community rallied around him and a few other boys, glorifying the war and their contribution to it. The adults celebrated, facilitated and sent them to the battlefield.
The boys likewise bought into the whole propaganda and narrative. They believed they are doing the right thing - the only thing that they can do for themselves and everyone. The problems, stresses all of it seemed to have one solution - fighting the enemy and becoming victorious.
Read 9 tweets

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