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1./ What's the darkest secret of the trans lobby? It's one it's tried to hide for decades. There's a clue in this documentary on the BBC, called 'Casa Susanna'.
It's a sexual fetish of men who get off by imagining themselves as women.
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2./ In my latest substack I explore autogynephilia (or AGP) revealing that the fetish was the driving motive of the first trans organisation of which Casa Susanna, a transvestite holiday resort in the Catskills, was an important affilliate.
3./ A regular guest was the man who invented the word transgender and whom Susan Stryker the trans historian says was a "crucial figure in the early transgender movement", Virginia Prince (Arnold Lowman) who built that first trans organisation, Full Personality Expression. Image
4./ Prince loathed homosexuals, arguing in the future transvestitism would be considered normal, but people would never accept homosexuality. Here's Harvey Fierstein who met Prince saying this at a promotional event for Casa Susanna. He'd written an earlier play about the resort.
5./ Virginia embodied the delusionary quality of the trans narrative. He believed trans people had dual personalities and with enough determination a man could create a real, three dimensional female personality that was actually psychically separate from the male personality. Image
6./ This dissociative attitude meant that Virginia (Arnold) who insisted he was heterosexual and banned homosexuals from FPE could argue his "female" personality was a heterosexual woman and that was why "she" slept with heterosexual men. Fierstein again, at the end of the clip.
7./ At the heart of Casa Susanna was sexual fetishism. Autogynephilia and this 'sissy fetish' where men like to be humiliated, dressed as women, are closely linked. It was a feature of Virginia Prince's magazine Transvestia for which the owner of Casa wrote a regular column. Image
8./ The trans lobby was horrified when a book was published in 2003 that revealed the extent of trans autogynephilia to the public. A vicious campaign against the author @profjmb was launched, his family was targetted and petitions demanded his sacking. Image
9./ That champion of academic freedom Stephen Whittle participated in the bullying. Of course she did. The trans lobby's claims are couched in terms of social justice. That sympathy would evaporate if the public thought up to half of transwomen were driven by a sexual fetish.
10./ Autogynephilia isn't just the fetish that dare not speak its name. It's the fetish the trans lobby dare not let us discuss. That's why it isn't mentioned in the BBC's documentary.
Read the unvarnished truth in my substack.
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Apr 17
1./ Why do "Trans Rights" attract so many dodgy politicians? Might it be because this supposedly important social justice cause is based on lies - that you can change sex or be born in the wrong body - and liars saw themselves reflected in that?
It's not just in Scotland
1/10 Image
2./ In my latest substack I explore the latest news from those two other great pioneers of extreme trans rights and Gender Self-ID, Malta and Argentina, whose leaders increasingly resemble the leadership of the SNP under $turgeon and Murrell. 👇
3./ The leader who introduced the first Self-ID law in the world was Argentina's Cristina Kirchner. 10 years later in December 2022 she was sentenced to 6 years in jail for embezzling $1Bn. A self-proclaimed progressive she was a huge fan of Hugo Chavez.…
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Apr 16
1./ What motivates Stephen Whittle to call for a violent "welcome" for @ThePosieParker? Is it self-loathing? In an interview in 2008 she talked of her despair as a young woman as she imagined herself as "an old lesbian wearing a tweed skirt". 👇
2./ Elsewhere she talks about how her father badly beat her mother for the crime of not wearing a skirt, and wearing slacks. Later in the 2008 interview she admits imagining herself as a woman having sex ...."appalled me".
3./ Her life was changed when she read an article at her GP's in 'Women's Realm' (kid you not) about a female to male transsexual. She returned home and "collapsed with some strange ear problem and was flat on my back in bed for eight weeks". Psychosomosis can be very powerful.
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Apr 13
1./ A Gender Ghoul Comes Clean
Susie Green has admitted that, as Mermaids CEO, she advised parents to contact Gender GP, the dodgy outfit that's accused of breaking the law to supply kids with hormones. One of its owners was struck off.
1 of/10
2./ Mike Webberley lost his license for giving puberty blockers to a 9 year old, and breaking rules on 6 other patients. He prescribed testosterone to a girl who had complex mental health issues. She killed herself by jumping in front of a train.…
3./ In 2021 a journalist from the @Telegraph posing as a 15 year old girl was prescribed testosterone by the Webberleys' clinic after one skype session with a doctor who neither asked for her parents' permission nor probed her claim she was "male".…
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Apr 7
1./ Why do some gay men love shutting down women? Every time a woman like @pauline4glasgow speaks out in defence of her rights a gay witchfinder strikes a stampy foot pose. The latest straw for brains is Duncan Hothershall. Let me tell you about this Velvet Rage.
1 of/ 20 Image
2./ Hothersall complained that a grown woman criticised Nike for paying a male to market its women's sports bra. Another woman had the gall to retweet someone who'd apparently smeared Peter Tatchell about paedophilia. Surely not, P,P,P, P...eter Tatchell? Who he you ask? Image
3./ He's the LGBTQ+ activist who wrote a letter to the Guardian defending paedophilia. His letter said, "not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive, and harmful". He later claimed the Guardian had edited his letter. For some unaccountable reason he's never sued them. Image
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Apr 4
1./ The shame of woke celebrities.
Daniel Radcliffe says he wants to help gender non-conforming youth. He's actually contributing to a mental health crisis. Here he talks to young people, most of whom are on hormones. Hormones you say? How apt.👉

1 of /17
2./ Half of the kids say they were lesbian or gay before then being convinced they were trans and being medicalised. This is being celebrated in a film by a charity @trevorproject which had to fire its CEO a few months ago for being linked to Big Pharma.…
3./ Amit Paley helped the Sacklers push opioids. He later recruited Sam Brinton to front a conversion therapy campaign that turned out to be full of lies. Brinton made up a contradictory, cock and bull story about being tortured that has now fallen apart.…
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Apr 4
1./ How the entitlement of some gay men is trashing all our reputations. At the weekend, Deni Todorovic said it was dangerous for "them" to use a male toilet. But if it's dangerous for Deni to be with men in a toilet, how much more dangerous is it.... for women?👇
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2./ Deni - with moustache and penis- wants to escape the violence of a minority of men by being let into women's spaces. But this means NO man -however violent- could be kept out, because who could possibly decide which moustache and penis was "genuinely" non-binary or trans?🤷
3./ The fact Deni says a security guard might think he was having sex in a male cubicle is the final idiocy. Is he saying women's spaces must be opened to men because men's toilets are sex intolerant? The last thing women want is Deni's sort of sexual liberation in their spaces.
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