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I can’t answer this question for Bill Maher but YOU CAN

A thread.
If you have a Facebook account go to the “Events” section, and search for “Stop the Violence” events in your area

If you aren’t on FB, you can do it on @eventbrite too.

Now, do the same for “Black Lives Matter” or “police brutality”

Shocking isn’t it?
It doesn’t matter where you live, I can almost GUARANTEE YOU that the effort to stop what white people call “Black on Black crime” outweighs the efforts to stop police brutality.

But we aren’t done yet.
When people say “Black Lives Matter,” they aren’t talking about an organization, they are talking about an idea, a principle. But even if they were talking about the organization and they HATE IT, they still don’t have to worry.
See, most of the people people people reading this don’t have a Black Lives Matter chapter in their city. There are about 40 official chapters nationwide

Compare that to the organizations trying to stop violence in their community.

On the other hand, If you take the Divine 9
(White people might have to Google it) you have 4 million college-educated Black people who are dues paying members of community service organizations, youth ou organizations that spend millions of dollars and tens of millions on exactly what Maher is talking about
And that doesn’t include the other civic, fraternal, & social organizations that Black people donate their time and money to.

In fact, Black Americans give MORE of their wealth and income to charity and community groups than other groups ImageImage
But it’s not just organizations and money. Black people volunteer MORE OFTEN, while Hispanic people volunteer more hours Image
To be fair, Black people do talk about police brutality & racism.But why aren’t Black people as concerned about gun violence in their own communities as they are about police brutality?

Well here’s the thing:

Bill Maher doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. ImageImage
You should also wonder if I know what the fuck I’m talking about. Most polls have very few Black participants, so they have to heavily weigh their results.

To get a REAL idea, you’d need an experience pollster who just polled Black people?

But who? ImageImage
To be fair, there’s a reason why this narrative persists . There’s an explanation why Bill Maher doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. There’s a good reason dumb white people have 1,383,474 variations of the same “butwhatabout” question:

They’re white
See, if you told white people that the Ques in NC & SC fund, volunteer, staff and organize a camp for black boys, they’d say

“What’s a que?”

They probably wouldn’t know enough to move out of the way when Atomic Dog was playing ImageImage
They probably have never heard of Upward Bound or Grades Up Guns Down or the thousands of local Black-led community organizations.

They probably have no idea that every HBCU basically becomes a summer camp every summer.

I HATE hearing the “Black people need to…” narrative…
Not because I don’t think Black people don’t need to do things, but because I hear it SO MUCH.

I hear it at every Black church, barbershop, cookout, all-white party, Thanksgiving dinner and community meeting.

They’re ALWAYS talking about it.
But when Black people are doing something, I NEVER SEE Bill Maher there. Fox News never shows up at the “Stop the Violence” March. Ain’t no Lutheran church pastors or police unions or GOP donors trying to help

So the next time Bill Maher or Tucker Carlson or Candace Owens asks a variation of this uniformed, counterfeit question, ask them how they know what Black people are doing

We are actually doing something. But we also KNOW THINGS
We know crime is a socioeconomic phenomenon.

We know that if we made of the list of things that cause Black on Black crime, before we get to “what Black people need to do….” We’d have to address:

Underfunded schools
Unequal education
School discipline
Financial discrimination
Food insecurity
Unfair hiring practices
White people wearing dreadlocks (my personal issue)

And THEN we’d get to WHAT the people who WHITE PEOPLE NEED TO DO. They have the wealth, power & privilege but THEY DON’T DO SHIT.
Now, I’m not asking them to do much.

I’m asking them to stop
blocking progress by obstructing THE SHIT BLACK PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO DO on common-sense gun laws & criminal justice reform & policing & equal education & voting rights
Because here’s a revelation:

We can dislike crime AND ask police to stop shooting us in the face.

We can hold ourselves accountable AND speak out about racism

And if you only hear the objections about racism and cops and inequality, it’s because WE ARE NOT TALKING TO YOU
If you were actually IN a black community, you’d realize that you don’t know what TF black people talk about or do.

If you are disproportionately represented in 98% of the Fortune 500, every state legislatures, the judiciary, presidency, governors & the Avengers…
Why are YOU playing the victim by bringing up the one thing that you don’t know shit about?

So here’s what you can do:

I’m this thread, Drop a name of a Black-led community organization that people can help.

Mine is my family’s community org

And if you don’t want to help any of these, it’s still cool.

Theres something else that people like Bill Maher can also do to help

Shut the fuck up

• • •

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Apr 18
This is actually a good question.

When I first heard this, I felt the same way, until I learned what the "classical education model" actually means.

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Because I was homeschooled for the first part of my education, I'm really just learning how schools teach things. When I heard the phrase "classical education," I knew what it meant

My mom was big on the classics. I've written many times how she loved the Socratic Method: Image
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The Critical Race Theory version of the Easter Story

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When the children of Israel escaped slavery, according to their history books, God gave Moses a book of laws, including a process to make amends for their sins.

For instance, if you know something is wrong and you don't speak up, or do something about it, you are a sinner. Image
Luckily, there was a cure for that.

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Kelly Clarkson seems the kind of person who’d stand in line behind you at Starbucks and she’d hear your order & say “OMG, that’s my exact order!” and start up a long conversation about her brand new puppy and you’d just tell her you were mailing some stuff for your aunt Earline…
Then you’d run into her 4 years later after you missed your flight and she says “OMG I’m heading there now!” & offer you a ride on her private jet and she’d ask how Aunt Earline is doing & introduce you to the crew as “her good friend Mike” and then you’d never see her again
And then one day you’re at your Aunt Earline’s house watching TV and you tell your aunt Earline “I think I know that lady” and your aunt says: “Nigga, stop lying, you don’t know no goddamned Kelly Clarkson” and you watch for a few more minutes and you say:
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Apr 3
Once upon a time, a dynasty ruled an empire.

For generations, the emperor’s leadership went unchallenged because everyone knew the emperor was the wisest strongest warrior in the empire.

How did they know?

The emperor’s clothes.
The didn’t have to pass an emperor SAT test. There was no single elimination emperor tournament. But the emperor ONLY wore purple.

The original emperor had a fleet of ships that harvested sea snails that produce purple dye. But the snails went extinct.
This basically made purple clothe rare & expensive. You had to INHERIT purple or either have enough to buy it

But in empire schools, the history textbooks only had pictures of people wearing purple. To get a good job or attend a formal event, you had to wear a a dash of purple.
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Mar 17
Have I ever told you how I got my driver's license?

I've written about this before but I've never told it here.

A thread.
Because of her vision, my mom didn't drive. I graduated from HS early, and when I left for college, I didn't know how to drive.

When I pledged Omega Psi Phi (IYKYK) the bruhs drove me

I was accepted to grad school but, to pay for it, I applied for this experimental program.
Applicants had to create a curriculum for a class & course of study. My class was called "Race as an Economic Construct." I was the only Black applicant & the program director was a Black woman. She suggested I take an obscure class that might help me get selected.

But how?
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Mar 15
As someone trained in the field of macroeconomics, I think I can explain what happened with Silicon Valley Bank.

A thread
Johnny has a small farm where he grows food to feed his family.

He stores his harvest in a refrigerated storehouse run by Secured Vegetable Barns, Inc. Not only does this protect his crops, but for every bushel he stores at SVB, they actually add one individual vegetable.
It’s not a big incentive, but, whenever he needs to eat, Johnny can go to SVB & withdraw some of the food he grew.

SVB doesn’t charge farmers for storing their crops. They make money a BUNCH of different ways.

They trade vegetables
They sell seeds…
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