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Dear @ijazkhan @iamthedrifter @Razarumi What a great show on FM @BBhuttoZardari 's visit to Goa. WHY did my friend Ayesha, indeed any of you, not say that Pak-India relations were on a 'healing path' when the gentleman Indian PM VajpayeeJi and his gentleman FM Jaswant Singh 2/
2/ visited Lahore by bus and the vile #Mushy scuttled the coming together of the two countries? That they were also from the BJP, and had the authority of the Hard Right Janata Party? And that the adolescent #Mushy mounted the Kargil misadventure JUST then?! AND that the 3/
3/ Second time @NawazSharifMNS tried to mend fences with India when the HARD RIGHT BJP PM Narendra Modi visited Lahore at NS's invite NS was termed a traitor and thrown out of office by a Conspiracy hatched between #Bajwa/#Faiz/#SaqibNisar which today sees our country in the 4/
4/ state it is in today. Always remember that the US $ was at Rs. 108.00 when the #Dolt @ImranKhanPTI was #RIGGED into power, robbing the PMLN of a clear 2/3 victory (listening, Your Excellency @YusufMoeed ), and forklifting the #Dolt into power to destroy Pakistan's economy 5/
5/ and social mores by instilling abuse into two generations of young, unlettered, unread Pakistani Youth...God help us if even @nayadaurpk will not say this LOUDLY!!!!
6/ Indeed, there was an earlier 'healing path' when PM Rajiv Gandhi stopped over in Islamabad on his way back to Delhi from Moscow in 1989, and Bibi Benazir Shaheed had a dinner for him. They talked Siachen where young Pakistani and Indian soldiers die horrific deaths every 7/
7/ day and where the human footprint alongside its accompanying trash, calls of nature and other debris is upsetting the delicate ecosystem of the glacier and polluting the waters that flow from it during the summers. It was only a one night stay, and late at night the PM 8/
8/ called me and told me to go to Vai Ell (the Late great artist and cartoonist which my friend @meranaam will attest to) and collect a cartoon she had asked him to do. Sure enough Vai Ell had it ready, and after procuring a ribbon from the shops, I rolled it up and took it 9/
9/ with me to the airport. After the two PMs had said their goodbyes, I stepped forward and presented the album and the rolled up cartoon to PM Gandhi. 'Open it Kamran', said Bibi with a beaming smile. I did so. The cartoon showed a Mullah and a Hindu Priest in the foreground 10/
10/ the two PM's in the middle ground, and high mountains in the back ground. One is saying to the other, 'Come, let us leave the rest behind, and climb the mountain'. Moved me to tears then and there. Again torpedoed by the horror Mr. GIK and the odious Aslam Beg, and of 11/
11/ course the hardliners in India. So, there you have it my friends, there were some great occasions for the two countries to move to a more civilised relationship, ALL of them (there is no better word) 'TORPEDOED' by the Deep State which milks the country for its own good 12/
12/ by squeezing our jugular 'VAIN' (spellings courtesy @peaceforchange !🙄😂🤦‍♂️! Presently King Emperor of Balochistan) and threatening us with an Indian invasion!! So, there! Cc @jrshami
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May 6
This is #Thumbelina aka #Thumbzada aka #GutterRat who took his comatose father, the gentleman Dr. Ghulam Mohyuddin Pirzada's thumbprints on property transfer papers, was caught on CCTV, and arrested in Abu Dhabi in August 2015 until he was sprung by his ISI handlers! Do NOT 2/
2/ waste time on this low-life. P.S. Another anecdote: When Secretary Hillary Clinton visited Pakistan in 2009 and was holding a press conf. this chap stood up and repeated the GHQ line that the Kerry-Lugar bill granting Pakistan $5 Billion was an 'assault on Pakistan's 3/
3/ sovereignty' as did 2 or 3 other ISI-paid journos. (GHQ made all this noise through its assets because the KL Bill laid out clearly that the aide would be stopped if the Army meddled in politics🙃). Hillary Clinton said, 'Alright gentlemen, don't accept it'! That shut them up!
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Apr 28
So, the 'State' of Pakistan and its Jihadis had nothing to do with Afghanistan's 'destruction'? Remember the mindless 'Strategic Depth' policy? Not too long ago the brilliant strategist Faiz Hameed was IN Kabul on the VERY day that the Taliban took over intoning ALL will be well!
2/ A telling anecdote: The respected Rustam Shah Mohmand Saib, former Chief Secretary KPK and Interior Secretary and I were in Kabul attending a peace conference arranged by the DPG of Dr. @RadhaKumar_ . A representative of the Northern Alliance came down hard on Pakistan for 3/
3/ meddling in Afghan affairs. During the break I asked him if the Pakhtun Afghans living in areas contiguous to Pakistan were as hostile towards us. 'Kamran, they hate us more than the Northerners, because all our dirty games are played in THEIR backyard'!!
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Apr 5
Likewise his daughter, Benazir Bibi Shaheed who read a book a week. She was a speed reader and would read a 3-page note and write copious replies/instructions in 5 mins in her beautiful writing. Miss her every day with tears. Pigs, her assassins, who had her shot in the head 2/
2/ Must mention this: Bibi had flown to Karachi to give birth to Bakhtawar. Just two days after Bakhtawar's birth a file from my office, was one among many other files that were sent to her by the PM's Secretariat in Islamabad. That file landed on my desk just two days 3/
3/ later. THAT was Benazir, the truly 'Benazir'! God, how I miss her!! Must add this too. Nasim Zehra and I were recording a TV Show 'Here comes the PM' in Karachi when the horrible news of her assassination by the pigs came. The Show was suspended and she and I were at 4/
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Apr 3
@MaryamShKhan Here is my story about Ahmad Raza Kasuri. I was in FC College in 1971 and was part of the debating team. This chap was a longtime🤦‍♂️ student (i.e., used to fail every other year) at GC, so was considerably older than us 15/16-year olds. We were told by my older 2/
2/ cousin and mentor that when Kasuri (Also known as the 'Duke of Kasur', an honorific he lapped up like the fool he was) entered the Debating Hall, at least five of us should offer him cigarettes. The 'Duke' dressed in a three-piece suit, would look at each packet and then 3/
3/ select a cigarette with us laughing away inside. Then five matches/lighters would be offered him and he would choose one and light up! Absolute idiot of the First Water! Many years later I was OSD to the Chief Minister, Punjab, Nawab Sadiq Hussain Qureshi and accompanied 4/
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Sep 29, 2022
@Razarumi @murtazasolangi @AiliaZehra @nayadaurpk Dear Friends, Saw your Live show after many moons today. Made many comments but none showed on the screen. Does someone backstage select which should be shown and which not? Small matter. Raza I absolutely disagree with your 2/
2/ advice to government to NOT prosecute Imran. He MUST be prosecuted for clear crimes: ToshaKhana; using KP and Punjab Govt. helicopters; criminally imprisoning @RanaSanaullahPK in which the Afridi chap 'Allah ko Jaan deni hai' and the ANF DG who sniggered when asked if there 3/
3/ was any proof are also criminals who should also be prosecuted. IK also needs to answer his using 'Sar say Paon tak choomoon ga' 'Justice' Javed Iqbal to jail, harass and torture Imran's political opponents. As I said in one of my posts today on your show 'What is good for 4/
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Aug 31, 2022
'So then', as many of my articles would open in the days when even your great organ respected writers enough to pay them something, what exactly have I been saying for 3 years now? The dolt ain't going nowhere; the 10-year Presidential System is STILL on track; the PMLN is 2/
2/ being USED to stabilise the economy because the dolt presides over a party of prime idiots like price-gouger @Asad_Umar and that lump of lard #ShaukatTareen. So tighten seatbelts while the 9000 ton Gorilla pushes the country over the cliff just as soon as there are funds to 3/
3/ the Million strong military. Cc @nayadaurpk @Razarumi @murtazasolangi P.S. Mud in my mouth...
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