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What if there was a way to:
• Mitigate climate change
• Create more life
• Grow the economy
• And make money along the way?

Let's call it *Seaflooding* Image
The Mediterranean used to be a dry, salty, inhospitable hellhole before the Zanclean Megaflood

Thanks to that flood, we have a wonderful sea. Life, trade, and the economy have thrived on its shores for thousands of years

What if we replicated that?
We know what would happen:

Fill a dead depression with seawater
With more moisture, rains follow
Desert flowers blossom
As water accumulates, early on it turns pink ImageImageImageImage
Then it turns blue and green
Plants appear
Animals appear
An economy follows

Where can we do this? ImageImageImageImage
There are many hellholes on Earth that look exactly like the Med when it was dry:
• Below sea level
• So high pressure
• Very hot
• Very dry
• They concentrate salts brought by rivers that die in these hellholes

You probably think of one already: the Dead Sea Image
It's 200-600m below sea level and there's not much there: some salt harvesting, a bit of tourism... It's mostly a desert Image
You could bring water from the sea and flood it. This would mean:
• Electricity generation, given the huge depression
• Which could be used for desalination. Fresh water. Irrigation. More life.
• The area would get more moisture, with more plants & animals
• More tourism Image
So why don't we do it? Well, we want to!

Jordan had the Red-Dead Water Conveyance project, bringing water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea.

But they shelved it just a few years ago.
It's on the border with Israel, but Israel didn't show much interest.
Why? Image
Because Israel had its own plan! The Med-Dead Canal would benefit from a shorter distance for the pipelines, along with a lower mountain range to go through

But Jordan is wary of more dependence on Israel
And this would have to go through the West Bank
➡️Nothing gets done Image
What if there was a similar hellhole that doesn't depend on any other country? There is! Let's just travel a few hundreds of km to neighboring Egypt and its Qattara Depression Image
The Qattara Depression sits in the middle of nothing, in the Sahara.
Sand, salt, and sorrow. ImageImage
The Egyptian gov had the idea of seaflooding it
This would have the additional benefits of:
No international discussions
A much bigger surface
In a much more desertic & desolate region
It would reduce ocean levels by 3mm
And 6% of global warming-induced sea level increases ImageImage
Not only that, but it would dramatically reduce Egypt's food scarcity—and hence political instability

Ecological impact studies have been carried out, finding no real downside. There are few local animals, they can be displaced, and + animals would come

Egypt should do it! Image
I've gone into much more detail in this week's article
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Where else can we do this? There's a bunch of places below sea level. One of them is a no-brainer to me, and it's in the US

I'll discuss it—and some others—in this week's premium article Image
I see a lot of ppl think this is a good idea. So share it!

The more ppl know, the more they'll share. Soon, it will be common knowledge and governments will take action.

So RT the top tweet if you want to push the idea:

• • •

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The AI debate focuses on risk, but what about its potential?

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Let's take an example: Food is scarce. Why? Where does food come from? Image
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• Raw materials, like fertilizer
• Machinery, like tractors or threshers
• Energy, like the Sun or oil for the tractor
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Because of holes in the mountains and competition with the UK: Image
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But these regions need to connect to the sea
The connection to the south is New Orleans, but that's far away

The problem is the Appalachians. It's a huge barrier across the continent.

We're in the early 1800s. The newborn US is full of vitality. It wants to bypass these mountains. How should they do it?
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The Texas Triangle , between Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, contains 75% of Texans.

What's special about that triangle? Image
A map of night lights shows that ppl are concentrated in its tips and edge:
• One of its tips is the massive Houston
• Another tip is an uncommon type of city: the couple Dallas–Fort Worth
• Then there's a line of cities between Dallas and San Antonio w/ Austin, Waco...
Why? Image
What can the satellite tell us?

If you look carefully, you can see a green and grey line running from San Antonio to Dallas. What is it? Image
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