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What we have been used to in Turkey for many elections in the form of bootlicking liturgy by the servile ulama class has now gone global.
And this thread by @YasirQadhi is both misguided and misleading on more levels that I can count.
First, on the Court "Ulama"s endorsement of a tyrant who has massacred, even burnt alive, so many innocent lives, who displaced 100s of thousands of Kurdish Syrians and created new IDPs and refugees in Syria, who has suspended so many rights and freedoms while allowing hijab,
+who suspended free and fair elections (as documented by all democracy monitors) and turned the regime into an electoral autocracy, who imprisoned 100s of thousands of innocent people, even strip-searching hijabis who fell on his wrong side while allowing hijabi civil servants,
+who, even within narrow standards of "Islamic interests" imprisoned many dissident Islamic scholars:
Your tyrant-bootlicking statement is nothing but a worship of naked "Muslim power" against all ethical concerns and principals of justice, selfish group interests cloaked under "benefits to Muslims."
Even within your narrow parochial standards, have those thousands massacred by Erdoğan's unprovoked offensive wars stopped being Muslim just because your Islamist-sponsor tyrant supports your activities with overt and covert supports by his regime?
Have those religious dissidents of Erdoğan who were stripped naked in Turkish prisons ceased to be Muslims or turned into "concubines?" in your fiqh just because they did not worship Erdoğan's naked power as you do?
Even if you don't care about everybody else's (but Erdoğan's religious consituency) rights and freedoms, how can you justify all these misdeeds of Erdoğan, just because he joined with Qatar to sponsor worldwide Islamism?
And why are you lying that the opposition is anti-Islam, whereas the party that represents the oldest Islamic party tradition, the Felicity Party, along with the Islamist former PM Davutoğlu and former AKP member Babacan are all part of the opposition? Don't you have shame?
As for @YasirQadhi's statement that shows total ignorance (willful or not) of the current dynamics of Turkish politics: Please, first study who's who in the government and opposition, and then comment on Turkish politics.
If you don't choose to leave our democracy to us, people of Turkey, just because your narrow "Muslim-self-interest" based cost-benefit analysis for ummah (as if this is the golden standard of good and evil), at least do not mislead general public about the opposition.
And please, drop the faux-alliance with the progressive black activists for minority rights while you are endorsing and justifing the persecution of the Kurdish minority, who are much more vilified under Erdoğan's regime than blacks as terrorists.
And please, drop the faux-alliance with progressive feminists whereas you are endorsing the misogynistic Erdoğan regime that beats up women on every March 8 and vilifies them as terrorists
Also, you'd better drop showing your "compassion" to American LGBTQ people while you are endorsing Erdoğan, whose campaign is based on polarizing the society into pro- and anti-LGBT, vilifying the former.
For years, American Muslims were drawn into the "Islamic Cold War" between Qatar-Turkey and UAE-Saudi on the former's sponsorship of global Islamist movements among other lines of division. Just because some ulama supported UAE, they were declared "tyrant bootlickers."
Just because Qaradawi and co. supported the Qatar-Turkey axis, they were promoted as "pro-freedom" (euphemism for Islamists' and only Islamists' freedom), disregarding what sort of oppressive regime they established.
Here you have the complete list of 50+ tyrant bootlickers. islam21c.com/politics/schol…
And this is so true. Turkey’s Islamists and Court Ulama lost their moral authority and went morally bankrupt, as they justified and faith-washed Erdogan’s egregious oppressive rule and obvious injustices. These bootlicker global ulama has only declared their moral bankruptcy.
The youth in Turkey is leaving Islam “in throngs” (afwajah) in the face of this moral bankruptcy.The global bootlicker ulama may have hoped to make political wins for Erdogan in Turkey by this move, but they will only accelerate collective ethical bankruptcy of Muslims worldwide.

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May 13
Will Turkey’s electorate vote on a liberal vs. non-liberal axis? No way. Still, the most anti-liberal (socialist) parties are part of the opposition. So, why should we care about an irrelevant intra-Western academic debate by MacIntyre, et al’s while analyzing our country?
This is, ironically, a form of epistemic hegemony that disregards dozens of native scholars’ self-understanding and analysis of their own country. Why should we ever care about liberal violence while we are facing Muslim-Turko-nationalism and religious populism’s violence?
Is Erdogan a post-colonial or anti-colonial figure like the decolonizing leaders during the 50s and 60s? Projecting irrelevant categories is only misleading when Turkey has more “post-imperial” characteristics than post-colonial.
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May 13
I wonder how some people came up with the idea, “Turkey’s elections are not fair but nonetheless they are free.

Turkey’s elections are neither free nor fair by any standard. Just to refresh our memories:

Erdogan jailed his rival Demirtaş through bogus charges and pressuring the heavily subdued, in no way autonomous judiciary in 2018. Demirtaş had to run for president from a jail cell. #democracy #FreeElections
Turkey’s third largest party HDP is under the threat of an obviously politically motivated closure case, again by a subdued Supreme Court under Erdogan’s pressure. Turkey’s 3rd largest party couldn’t run under its own banner and had to campaign under Greens and the Left Party.
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Jun 20, 2020
Atlantik köle ticaretinden de korkunç, tarihin belki de en hunhar köleciliğini Arap köle tüccarları işledi; köle kaynakları kesilmesin diye İslam'ın yayılmasını bile engellediler. Kaçı hadım edilip Osmanlı'nın seks saraylarında istismar ettiler."İSLAM TOPRAKLARI" dert bile etmez.
Siyah Afrikalılar yetmedi doğudan Çerkezleri, Batı'dan Balkanlı çocuklu kadınlı aileleri kaçırıp köleleştirdiler. Muhterem bilinen nice Osmanlı eliti, paşası kız erkek köle tecavüzcüsü veya tüccarı olarak kayıtlarda geçer ama kolektif hafızada özenle bastırılmıştır.
ABD'de çocuklar çoğu derslerinde kölecilik tarihinin karanlığını okur, utanması olan utandırılır. Biz göçmenler bile ABD devletini tarihini anlatıp onları ırkçılıklarıyla yüzleştiririz. Türkiye'de bunu bırakın kölelik ne zaman oldu bitti, kim nasıl kaldırıldı bahsi bile geçmez.
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