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These comments from Roger Stone at the Pastors for Trump/ReAwaken event at Trump's Doral resort this week are very important. For those who don't speak "Independent Charismatic," allow me to translate. Stone is claiming a prophetic destiny based on a prophecy from Kim Clement. 1/
Kim Clement passed away in 2016 (here's a tribute from the Christian music artist Carman…), but before that, he was the *original* Trump prophet. He was a South African Charismatic prophet, with a real dramatic flair - synth music, rambling, etc. 2/
Clement was part of Cindy Jacobs' Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, a core New Apostolic Reformation institution that C. Peter Wagner superintended.… He rubbed shoulders with & was close to Lance Wallnau, Dutch Sheets, Lou Engle – the whole crowd. 3/
The most famous prophecy Clement gave was at Bethel Church in Redding in 2007, where he said "Trump shall become a trumpet."… Once Trump started doing well in the 2016 primary, this was unceasingly invoked as a foretelling of Trump's prophetic destiny. 4/
In fact, according to Lance Wallnau, Clement's prophecies bolstered his own interest in Trump. The 2 of them were slated to meet with Trump at Trump Tower on Sept 14, 2015, but Clement suffered a stroke that day (a step toward his death a year later).… 5/
When I intrvwed Bill Johnson, he invoked Clement's prophecies about Trump as part of his rationale for why he was so diehard about Trump in 2020. These prophecies were so early (& Clement so respected) that they're seen as ironclad, irrefutable evidence of Trump's anointing. 6/
So now we hear Roger Stone similarly trying to connect himself to a Clement prophecy (this one about a single "stone" killing a giant…) as a means of gaining influence & legitimizing his authority in Independent Charismatic circles. 7/
This is not a new spiel with Roger Stone, who's been on the Charismatic circuit for at least a year (ElijahList, Eric Metaxas' show, etc.) claiming to be a born-again, repentant commentator.… As with all things Stone, his sincerity is... dubious. 8/
This is worth paying attn to for several reasons: First, Roger Stone is as savvy (& devious) a political trickster as they come, & he clearly knows which way the wind is blowing in Republican politics. He's targeting the Independent Charismatics, cuz that's where the juice is. 9/
Second, this shows the further Charismaticization of right-wing Christian politics. The fact that Stone would invoke Kim Clement (a household name in Charismatic circles but virtually unknown outside them) signals that the audience is also well-versed in Charismatic lore. 10/
Third, when you link this to the other atmospherics & rhetoric of the ReAwaken tour about "physical battle" against the evil & demons of the Democratic Party , you can begin to see the early-on, groundswell rationalization for the next #January6th. 11/
If/when we see another campaign of semi-organized Christian political violence in the US, I wager it'll originate in these radicalized, Charismatic, epistemically closed arenas like the ReAwaken America tour. Leaders like Michael Flynn & Stone flock to these same spaces. 12/
So go ahead & scoff, if you must, at the kooky sounding prophecies & prophets & hucksters & shofars, but please don't take your eye off the grave threat to democracy that is festering in the ReAwaken America tour. 13/

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I was happy to be interviewed, & I think @7im did a very fair job of writing about the complex case of Derrick Peterson, a former sheriff deputy & candidate for Portland's school board who was commissioned as an apostle by Ché Ahn in 2020.… 1/
Ché Ahn also listed Peterson as an advisory board member at 1Race4Life, an anti-abortion/racial-reconciliation org that he founded in 2020 after George Floyd's murder.…. 2/
Last week Oregon Live ran a story where Peterson downplayed his 2020 apostolic commissioning & said he "is not affiliated" with 1Race4Life.…. Since then he was removed from Ahn's site & the 1Race4Life site has gone dark. What is going on here? 3/
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Those who follow intellectual/coalitional developments on the Religious Right should pay close attn to this strange essay by feminist Naomi Wolf… in which she endorses the worldview & teaching of Messianic rabbi/pastor Jonathan Cahn. Let me explain... 1/
If Jonathan Cahn isn’t on your radar, he should be. He is a leading “thinker” in the Independent Charismatic space, writing bestseller books interpolating Hebrew Bible narratives & prophecy into elaborate readings of contemporary American politics…. 2/
In 2015, Charisma Magazine named Cahn one of the “40 Christian Leaders Who Radically Changed Our World.”… Other named luminaries included Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, (both key #NewApostolicReformation leaders), Pat Robertson, & Billy Graham. 3/
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This piece (in @ConversationEDU) asks whether churches like #Hillsong are unexpectedly shrinking in Australia. It suggests this based on a 2021 census that found “Pentecostal” identfication declined slightly (2%) from 2016 to 2021. I have questions... 1/…
1st a caveat that I’m not an expert in Australian #Pentecostalism or on #Hillsong, & I’d welcome comments/thoughts from experts/insiders there. So on to my questioning: Is Hillsong “Pentecostal”? Colloquially, sure, it’s Pentecostal-Charismatic & emerged out of Pentecostalism. 2/
In 2018, Hillsong announced that it was forming it’s own “denomination” in Australia… and officially separating from the Australian Christian Churches (the Australian branch of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship), a global Pentecostal denomination. 3/
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This is such an important analytical question abt the #AsburyRevival /#asburyrevival2023: Why are both left-leaning & right-wing Evangelicals eager to endorse it? I’ve been puzzling over it & have a few thoughts (@BradleyOnishi & @StraightWhiteJC can speak for themselves). 1/
Truthfully, I was invited to write a 1000-word OpEd on the #AsburyRevival that I mothballed on Friday, bc I realized I don’t have a “take” yet on it. Or, rather, I have endless *takes* but no thesis. The events at AsburyU the past 2 wks have been an Evangelical Rorschach test. 2/
When I was still Evangelical, I inhabited left-leaning Evang spaces (InterVarsity & Fuller Seminary…) & also many right-wing env’ts. We have to remember that left-leaning Evangs are still Evangelicals, & *revival* has a mesmerizing quality for Evangs. 3/
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Feb 14
Evangelical twitter is atwit about the #AsburyRevival. Per @drleahpayne, this Methodist school has a history of such outbreaks. I thought I'd offer some history on how the #NewApostolicReformation reacted to something similar 15 yrs ago at Lakeland, FL. 1/
What I tried to capture in my Charismatic Revival Fury series (…) is that the #NewApostolicReformation & Charismatic folks in general are magnetized to the idea of revival, the extraordinary inbreaking of divine-power manifestations in the mundane world. 2/
One semi-recent such magnetic event occurred, in April 2008, in Lakeland, FL. Pastor Stephen Strader of Ignited Church invited Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley to lead a 1-week revival.… But the 1 wk extended to 4 mos of nightly mtngs led by Bentley. 3/
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Feb 12
.#SeanFeucht Watch: Charisma reposted/amplified Sean Feucht's substack post re: the Satanic Grammys:… This is the 3rd /4th time they've given him a byline, signaling that Charisma sees Feucht as a central messager for Charismatic-Pentecostal folks today. 1/
Note Feucht's stark spir. warfare rhetoric: "The weapons God has given us to fight with are spiritual weapons...[T]hey have divine power to demolish strongholds." I showed in Charismatic Revival Fury (Ep. 4) how this vocab of spir. warfare is core to right-wing politics today. 2/
This comes on the heals of #Feucht getting access to lead Christian worship in the US Capitol rotunda last week: . In an intrvw w/ Shawn Bolz , he says the "regime change" from Pelosi to McCarthy cleared the way for him to do this. 3/
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