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Holy, and I cannot stress this enough, sh*t
I can't be the only one who did not have 'Donald Trump lunges at Secret Service guy's throat in attempt to lead violent sedition at the Capitol' on their bingo card? #January6thHearings
"I wiped the ketchup off the wall"
- (I Don't want to be in the Room Where It Happened)
What. Did I. Just Hear?
Is this actually happening in real life? - wut? - what?
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A bunch of rich guys in power refuse to admit guilt and it’s coming down on the shoulders of one 25 year old aide to do the right thing. We know exactly what the mob will do to her after today. This is horrifying America.
While I have no love for the men Cassidy Hutchinson worked for, she doesn't deserve this. At least she is coming into this on her terms.

Trump didn't give Shaye Moss that option. He threw her to MAGA mob harassment by calling her out by name. For doing her job. He lied. #Jan6th
Capitol police officer Caroline Edwards was injured by the mob twice on #January6th. Because he lied.
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Jetzt beginnt die gestern überraschend einberufene Sitzung des #January6thCommittee. Aussagen wird Cassidy Hutchinson, ehemalige Mitarbeiterin von Trumps Stabschef Mark Meadows. #Kapitol Image
Hutchinson werde unter anderem etwas zu Trumps Verhalten am #January6th sagen, kündigt Vize-Vorsitzende Liz Cheney an. Wird spannend, dafür spricht auch die Dringlichkeit der Sitzung.# #January6thCommitteeHearings
Die Dinge könnten am 6. Januar "wirklich, wirklich schlimm" werden, soll ##Meadows ihr vorab gesagt haben. Rudy #Giuliani sei dagegen aufgeregt gewesen: Der Präsident werde "powerful" aussehen. #January6thCommitteeHearings
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Federal agents last week seized the cell phone of John Eastman, a lawyer who pushed false claims that mass voter fraud tainted the 2020 election & urged Trump & other Republicans to block Biden from becoming president.

- @DevlinBarrett
“Eastman’s lawyer, Charles Burnham, filed papers in federal court in New Mexico Mon asking a judge to order the cell phone returned to Eastman. It was seized pursuant to a search order when he left a restaurant last Wednesday —
“a day in which fed agents around the country delivered subpoenas, executed search warrants, & interviewed witnesses in a significant expansion of the criminal probes surrounding #Jan6.
That same day, fed agents conducted a search at the northern Virginia home of Jeffrey Clark,
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Let’s play connect the dots. I’ll say it again #FreeDumbConvoy is about establishing a RW insurgency. It’s not a coincidence that many #January6 insurrectionists have both participated in & promoted #CoupTruxKlan & the disinformation assault on #PMJT. #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli
Enter players like Tom Marazzo. His connections to radicalized current & former law enforcement & military can be seen most readily through “vets 4 freedom” & its allied group “camp eagle”. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation
Marazzo also ran as a candidate for Derek Sloan’s neo-fascist “Ontario Party”, which enlisted the services of malignant insurrectionist, Roger Stone. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #January6thCommiteeHearings #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation #CoupTruxKlan
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The #January6thCommitteeHearings have taught us that the violence on #January6th was intentional & planned. So we in 🇨🇦 must ask ourselves what the intentions are of #FreeDumbConvoy for July 1st?

As Ive said many times during #CoupTruxKlan, it was both an op & a grift. #cdnpoli
Just as #GOP members of Congress helped plan the #January6th coup plot, so too are #Conservatives in 🇨🇦 in on the #FreeDumbConvoy plot. #NevrePoilievre & #MurphyBrownshirt are 2 obvious examples, but there are others. #cdnpoli
There are cross-border disinformation/propaganda networks poised to spin lies about #FreeDumbConvoy just as these networks did last time. #TrueNorthCentre #PostMedia #JCCF #Rebel #PostMillennial #FoxNews #OANN #NewsMax. This piece of the story is critical to pay attention to…
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A 🧵on a vastly underreported element of the #January6th coup attempt involving #Alito. Last week, evidence emerged that #GinniThomas advocated for Mark Meadows bring Sidney Powell into a more prominent role in the preparations for the coup.

This is important because... 1/
On January 6, Powell filed what is called an “emergency application” to the Supreme Court on behalf of Texas Republican and Trump ally Louie Gohmert and a number of far-right state politicians. The emergency application argued that Pence was violating the constitution...

2/ invoking the “dispute-resolution process” in the Electoral Count Act, which states that if there are challenges to electoral slates, the vice president has the constitutional authority to resolve the dispute by determining which slate is correct.

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1/ Before Trump and the capitol rioters went ahead with the deadly coup attempt on #January6th, a seditious plan to use the govt to seize voting machines under authority granted by September 12 Executive Order #EO13848 took shape.

2/ That plan depended on an intelligence report due Dec 18th which was delayed. If the intel report arrived on time and said there was foreign interference, it would have created a (not quite)legal basis for re-running elections in select areas.

3/ Neither the military, homeland security, or DOJ could have legally seized voting machines and re-run elections. First suggested: using "constitutional sheriffs" under "posse comitatus" with fed support, but then decided, better to use USAID.

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With typical liberal cravenness, Justice Sonia Sotomayor has leapt to the defense of #ClarenceThomas, whose wife Ginni was deeply involved in Trump's #January6th conspiracy to overthrow the election and establish a personal dictatorship. 1/…
She heaped praise upon Thomas, citing trivial incidents of his acts of personal kindness, as if remembering the names of employees at the Court and sending Sotomayor flowers when her father died outweigh his countless votes for executions and his efforts to outlaw abortions. 2/
Sotomayor's defense of Thomas is not only cowardly. It is also absolutely inappropriate. The involvement of Thomas' wife in a conspiracy to overthrow the government - about which the Justice was obviously aware - raises the most serious questions about his own involvement. 3/
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L'audizione della commissione su #January6th di oggi è notevole. Si evince che con Pence in pericolo serio (dentro il Congresso invaso dalla folla armata) Trump, che conosce la situazione, twitta "mi ha tradito" (virgolette mie, non testuale)./1
L'ex giudice conservatore (figura autorevole e rispettata del mondo conservatore) e consulente di Pence dice "se Pence avesse bloccato le elezioni mi sarei messo di traverso anche col corpo per impedirlo". Il ruolo del VP è certificare, non ha potere avendo interessi nel voto/2
"Donald Trump e i suoi alleati e sostenitori sono un pericolo chiaro e presente per la democrazia americana", ha dichiarato Luttig. "Non per ciò che è accaduto il 6 gennaio. È perché ancora oggi l'ex presidente e i suoi alleati promettono che alle elezioni presidenziali del '24/3
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BREAKING: Trump lawyer John Eastman told Trump on January 4th that their attack on America was illegal. #January6thHearings
Trump's coup attempt would have thrown America into "a revolution within a Constitutional crisis." Judge J. Michael Luttig #January6thHearings #TrumpCoupAttempt
BREAKING: John Eastman told Pence lawyer Greg Jacob that he knew the Vice President has no authority to overturn the Electoral College vote. #TrumpCoupAttempt #January6thCommitteeHearings #LockThemUp
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May come as a surprise to some. DOJ has criminal investigation into this part of #January6th: false alternate slate of electors.

Topic to be aired at today's #January6thHearings.

Here's my Timeline of Trump and his associates' connections to the scheme.…
2. In May, federal prosecutors sent grand jury subpoenas to potential witnesses seeking their communications with “any member, employee or agent of Donald J. Trump” as well as their communications with the Trump campaign.

@kpolantz report👇…
3. On June 7, 2022, in a civil case, a federal district court judge described the alternate electors scheme as “a critical objective” of the criminal conspiracy in which President Donald Trump and lawyer John Eastman more likely than not engaged.…
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NEW: Brian Flowers, a Mississippi Republicans hoping to unseat January 6th Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, claims the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on January 6 are “American patriots” who are being “held as political prisoners.” #January6th…
“They were there to defend the Republican and the democratic system. The media called these patriots ‘insurrectionists,’” Brian Flowers’ site says. “In reality, it was the Democratic Party who conducted an insurrection.”

(That is not what happened.)…
Rep. Thompson: “I’m from a part of the country where people justified the actions of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, and lynching. I’m reminded of that dark history as I hear voices today try to justify the actions of the insurrectionists on Jan. 6, 2021.”… An AP photo showing Rep Bennie Thompson sitting calmly in th
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COMING SOON: Former acting AG Jeffrey Rosen testifies alongside two other former DOJ officials, Rich Donoghue and Steve Engel, on information uncovered in this Committee's October 2021 investigative report.

Here's what you need to know before the upcoming #January6thHearings ⬇️
Last year, this Committee interviewed Rosen, Donoghue, and former US Attorney BJay Pak as a part of our tandem #January6th investigation. Their testimony makes clear that DOJ repeatedly told Trump that the stolen election claims he was peddling were false.…
The information the #January6thCommitteeHearings will focus on includes key points uncovered in the Senate Judiciary Cmte interviews.

Full transcript of our interview with Rosen:…

Full transcript of our interview with…
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The "no guns on #January6th" line keeps cropping up.

It's flat wrong.
There were plenty of guns on #January6th

"I'm the one in the video with the gun right here"

-John Emanuel Banuelos speaking to the police.

Story: @ryanjreilly… Image
And who can forget Lonnie Coffman, who brought a small arsenal to DC?

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The #January6thCommitteeHearings are not about the past

They’re about the present-and the future

Because the coup never ended

In fact, it’s still going on today

Donald Trump knew in November of 2020 that he lost

Bill Barr and others told him

But instead of accepting defeat, Trump denied it, claiming he won


Then, with the help of Rudy Giuliani, Michael Flynn, Sydney Powell and John Eastman, amongst others, they hatched their plan
We all know what happened next

Trump tweeted at his supporters

Republicans parroted the Big Lie

Steve Bannon & Fox did PR

Roger Stone got the Oath Keepers

Ginni Thomas & Lindsey Graham pushed states to overturn their valid elections

And-finally-the coup

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After night one of the televised #January6thCommitteeHearings, the reality of what happened on that day has been brought into sharper, more terrifying focus.

We already knew what happened. But there were some new reveals. 🧵
We saw clips of Bill Barr saying Trump’s election fraud claims were “bullshit,” Ivanka Trump saying she was influenced by Barr because he’s always so trustworthy, and Jared saying all he really cared about was getting as many of his criminal associates pardoned as possible. (2/x)
Even for those who already knew Trump was a frantic psychopath, it was shocking to hear Liz Cheney say: "Aware of the rioters’ chants to ‘hang Mike Pence,’ the president responded with this sentiment: ‘Maybe our supporters have the right idea.’ Mike Pence ‘deserves it.’" (3/x)
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This hasn’t aged well.

The double standard and unmitigated hypocrisy beggars belief.

No buildings were 🔥 burned.
No policemen 👮🏻‍♂️ were killed.
No looting occurred.

Police opened the doors ffs!😲

Remember, America…

The same people blathering on about #Insurrection are the same ones who tried for FOUR years to convince you that #RussianCollusion was real and #BLM & #Antifa were ‘peacefully’ protesting in 2020.

Lest we forget…

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Here’s Roger Stone’s draft memo to Trump on who he should pardon, including Gaetz, Biggs, Gohmert, Jordan, Brooks, Gosar, Cruz, and Hawley. It wouldn’t surprise me if these are some of the Republicans who are revealed in the next hearing. #Jan6thHearings Image
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🧵 Hard to re-live #January6th. Going through old texts for the first time since that day. Outreach in those few hours from my staff, family, constituents and even former opponents carried me through. 👇
Self made barricade
Self made gas mask
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CBS calls it the “Capitol Assault Hearings.”

NBC calls it “the January 6th hearings.”

ABC calls it the “Attack on the Capitol.”

These banners at the bottom of the screen make a difference in how people perceive the information. #January6th
It took 9 minutes for the hearing to show something other than a politician delivering a teleprompter speech.

That’s too long.

I have 10 students watching with me… And they aren’t watching anymore. They’re more interested in talking to each other than watching the screen.
“It’s too long,” said one of my students.

After 15 minutes, it’s just one politician speaking into the camera.

Literally no one is watching – the TV is on, but no one is watching.
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may all mobsters be revealed
“foreign enemies” involved in Jan 6: we’ll get to you

why we gotta kick of interviews with habitual liar and fraud Billy Barr #January6thCommitteeHearings
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