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1. New internal internal #TwitterFiles help explain why privileged reporter hate @elonmusk and Twitter 2.0.

Musk denied access to Twitter's formerly "trusted reporters" and allowed inside entree to more independent journalists. Image
2. During my trip to Twitter's HQ in San Francisco, I uncovered several documents that explain why reporters now hate Twitter 2.0

Musk fired their friends and cut off their privileged access. Image
3. For years, Twitter provided favoured access to "disinformation" reporters, giving them access to new products and silencing accounts.
4. Musk ended this access and brought in new reporters to go through the company's documents--something no CEO has ever done before.
5. When Twitter rolled out Birdwatch to label "misinformation" they gave NBC News Ben Collins @oneunderscore__ a demo and exclusive access.

Collins was actually part of the feature's "product development." Image
6. Collins was really loved inside Twitter, even suggesting him to moderate one of their panels. When they met w/ reporters in NYC, he admitted that Twitter helped propel his professional profile and helped him get on NPR and TV. Image
7. Musk has now unveiled "community notes" which allows more users to comment than Birdwatch. This hasn't worked out for "fact checkers" like Glenn Kessler at The Washington Post. Image
8. Reporters apparently also help Twitter by flipping them bills under consideration.

"Our DC-based tech reporters have gotten advance copies of at least five bills .... that would give more power to regulators." Image
9. Twitter dealt with bills to moderate them from suspending conservatives by ducking behind trade associations "to do the heavy lifting ... as engaging or commenting ... would give them more attention."
10. Twitter met w/ NYC reporters to "solidify key relationships, encourage intel sharing ... reinforce comm's network of trusted reporters."

(I was not invited) Image
11. One "trusted reporter" was Makena Kelly of Vox

"She'll be reporting out of a deep red state--will mis disinformation resonate?"

This implied Twitter & Makena knew the "disinformation" paradigm doesn't translate outside liberal talking circle.
12. Kelly showed no interest in Democratic Party "misinformation"

"Looking into 'Republican Party Hype House' on TikTok--tied to Turning Point USA?" Image
13. CNN glad hander Brian Stelter: "Willing to come to San Francisco, wherever to meet 1:1 with spokespeople even for introductory conversations."

CNN's Oliver Darcy: "Would love to hear pitches from us." Image
14. CNN also asked if Twitter could create a "read only mode" to protect their reporters from "harassment."

(How often to reporters ask a company they cover to modify company policies?)
15. CNN's Donie O'Sullivan: "Always interested in account enforcement such as Rep Marjorie Taylor Green."

Other Twitter Files show "disinformation" reporters obsessed with this Congresswoman.
16. Fox News producer for Dana Perino: "Is really eager to get us on the show .... Dana would be fair and not any more tough than the nicest person to question us in Congress." (I laughed when I first read this) Image
17. Fox News tech reporter Brook Singman: "I think we have a good opportunity to influence this coverage and potentially the reputations of congressional newcomers." Image
18. Many thanks to @TexasLindsay_ for helping collect and organise these #TwitterFiles. We read and read until our eyes bled. Image

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May 18
1. Twitter Provided Privileged Access to Banning Queen, Taylor Lorenz #TwitterFiles

Twitter engineer walking me through their reporting system, "Wow! She's a heavy user." Image
2. Shortly after @elonmusk bought Twitter, @TaylorLorenz got apoplectic, writing that Twitter was "opening the gates of hell" by letting banned accounts back.

(Take a wild guess what Taylor did the month prior....) Image
3. The month prior, Taylor Lorenz got this tiny account banned. Surprise!

The account detailed Lorenz as a Manhattan rich girl, who attended Swiss boarding school, and whose uncle owns Internet Archive, thus erasing her past. Image
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May 9
1. According to emails I'm releasing, Congress will correct the record on CDC Director Walensky's false statement about masks.
(Plus, I've uncovered conflicts of interest at Cochrane) Image
2. During a hearing before Congress, CDC Director Walensky made the false claim that a Cochrane review on masks had been "retracted." Social media influencer Zeynep Tufekci made an earlier false claim the review had been "corrected."

Fact check false! Image
3. Cochrane authors cannot force the NY Times to correct Tufekci's misleading claims and false statements, but Congress is correcting the CDC Director's false statement.

Here's the congressional staffer email thanking Cochrane for bringing this to the attention of Congress. Image
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Apr 27
1. Why did Twitter censor Tucker Carlson? Better yet, who helped Twitter do that? #TuckerTwitterFiles Image
2. While reading an endless sea of #TwitterFiles, one request to censor alleged "Covid misinformation" stood out: Tucker Carlson.

Tucker is now in the news after Fox announced his departure.
3. A Twitter employee emailed colleagues in June 2021 to inquire if a Tucker Carlson op-ed for @FoxNewsOpinion should be flagged for COVID-19 "misinformation." Image
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Apr 20
1) Twitter Files #FauciPharmaFiles

Last December, @elonmusk sent out his viral tweet about Fauci.

Fauci went on Fox News and said he had "no clue what [Elon] was talking about." Image
2) "A lot of people are spouting out a lot of things about me and Twitter," Fauci told @FoxNews. "I've never had a Twitter account. I don't intend on having a Twitter account, and I've had nothing to do with Twitter. So I don't know what they're talking about when they say that."
3) Fauci made similar claims, during multiple exchanges, in a 7-hour deposition, where he denied using Twitter or even knowing how to access a tweet. Image
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Apr 5
1. Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci have destroyed trust.

When Collins was being confirmed to run NIH, he had to come through my Senate office.…
2. When we met, I had already gotten 1 Institute Director fired and several academics forced from their jobs, and I had warned Elias Zerhouni that if he didn't clean up problems at the NIH, I was pivoting to focus on him.

"You tell me where to point the cannons."
3. Collins listened to me and nodded at all the right moments.

But Collins never knew I already had people in Building 1 telling me he didn't really care. He just wanted more money and for me to leave him the hell alone.
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Apr 4
1. “Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science,” Anthony Fauci said, blasting his critics during a 2021 interview about his advice on the pandemic.

So the NY Times confronted Fauci w/ an unimpeachable source: Anthony Fauci.

He still dissembled.

More on FAUCI VS.……

Fauci has long stated he has an "open mind" about the pandemic's beginning, but the New York Times pointed out that Fauci dismissed a Wuhan lab accident as a "conspiracy theory" on a podcast in early 2020.…
3. If this sounds familiar to readers of @DisInfoChron, that’s because I uncovered this podcast and reported on it back in December.

Nonetheless, it’s great to see the New York Times catching up.
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