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A newly released Harris-Harvard poll conclusively demonstrates how radically out of touch is liberal corporate media with the views of Americans.

It's not just that corporate media rejects Americans' views. They don't permit those views to be heard.…
To start:

Majorities of Americans say it's *false* that Trump colluded with Russia. The the Steele Dossier is also "false."

In other words, they view the story the US media aggressively centered for 3 years as a hoax and a fraud, yet NBC and CNN won't even air this view. Image
Americans also believe that the materials on the Hunter Biden laptop are real, and are not and never were "Russian disinformation."

So again, Americans view the claim that the US corporate media and CIA spread for weeks before the 2020 election - to help Biden win - as a fraud. Image
Majorties of Americans also believe:

* Hunter Biden engaged in criminal influence peddling using his father's name.

* The FBI is not investigating these crimes.

* Joe Biden participated in Hunter's illegal influence peddling and profiteering schemes. ImageImage
*Large majorities* of Americans say they are not surprised to learn the FBI abused it power in the 2016 Trum/Russia probe to help Biden.

*Large majorities* also say they are deeply worried about the US Security State's manipulation of US politics, and sweeping reform is needed. ImageImage
Large majorities of Americans have serious doubts about Biden's mental fitness to be President, and believe he is too old.

Unsurprisingly, then, Trump leads Biden by 7 points for 2024, and Kamala Harris by 11 points.

Can the media be more out-of-touch? ImageImage
The 3 political figures who are viewed most favorably by Americans are Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis (Berne is next).

Musk has by far the highest favorability gap (+14). AOC's is -13, Mitch McConnell -24.

Tim Scott and Vivek are +7. Image
Only 40% of Dem voters say they intend to vote for Biden *in the Dem primary."

For whatever reason, the poll excluded the challenger near 20%: RFK, Jr.

But even many Dems say Biden lacks mental fitness and they don't want to vote for him. Image
What's so striking here isn't that the corporate media relentlessly advocates views and ideologies that majorities of Americans - often large majorities - reject.

It's that the views held by majorities are all but banned on NBC, CNN, NYT and WPost. Thus, this is not a mystery: ImageImage

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Tonight on @SystemUpdate_, live at 7pm ET:

Why do the US and EU's key propaganda arms fund Bellingcat? And why is Bellingcat so vocally protected by NBC and CNN?

Plus: Biden kills more innocents with drones, and the media again lies for him:…
After Elon Musk accurately said Bellingcat exists to spread "psy ops" for the US and EU Security State, multiple NBC and CNN personalities rose to their defense.

Neither network disclosed they are official partners of Bellingcat, nor disclosed Bellingcat's funding sources: ImageImage
MSBNC's @chrislhayes - one of Biden's most devoted TV loyalists - purported to refute these claims by inviting a Bellingcat operative on: so 2 people, as usual, in full agreement.

Never once did he mention this partnership or Bellingcat's US/EU funding.

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Tonight on @SystemUpdate_, live at 7pm ET: We'll examine the RFK, Jr's candidacy and his vaccine skepticism, looking at his interview with @krystalball.

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We'll also dissect the new law signed by Montana's GOP Gov. Greg Gianforte, which bans the use of TikTok -- even by adult Montanas -- in that state.

The lesson of 9/11 was that all new powers demanded in the name of a foreign threat require critical scrutiny. We'll provide that.
As for RFK and vaccines: how politicians get called "crazy," or are deemed off-limits, was one I first noticed in 2012, when Obama sought re-election and Ron Paul was a GOP candidate.

Establishment views - even when utterly deranged - are never deemed "crazy." #SystemUpdateLive Image
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May 17
That @bellingcat is funded by the US Govt's CIA-adjacent arms (the National Endowment for Democracy) and EU government agencies is well-documented (including in its own financial forms).

Of course its biggest fans are those whose views fully align with US Govt foreign policy.
Few things are more revealing than the fact that the outfit funded by the CIA's propaganda arms and EU government agencies (and Soros) is not only considered a "news outlet" by Western "journalists," but the one they most revere.

It's full alignment, an all-but explicit axis. ImageImageImage
Oh, wow - judging by replies, @bellingcat propagandists have convinced their followers that it's "Russian propaganda" to believe their funder, NED, is an arm of the US Govt and CIA. Propaganda is enabled by historical ignorance.

From the well-known Kremlin outlet @propublica: Image
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May 17
This is exactly what has been happening for years. Governments tell Big Tech: censor who we hate or you'll be banned from our country. And they comply.

Brazil has been doing this for months. But this NYT tech reporter doesn't know or care because the targets were conservatives.
The NYT even published two separate articles about this: how one Brazilian judge has become the super-censor. He forced multiple Big Tech companies to censor leading right-wing candidates before the election, and censor the top vote-getter in Congress.…
In January -- after this power was supposed to expire -- we obtained a secret censorship order from this judge. It ordered Twitter, FB, Google and others to censor right-wing Congress members, with massive penalties for failure to obey. They all obeyed.…
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May 17
Two weeks ago, we learned it was CIA itself -- not just 51 "former intelligence officials" -- which engineered the lie that the Biden laptop was "Russian disinformation."

This means we know for sure the US Security State directly manipulated 2 consecutive national elections.
There was indeed illegal and corrupt interference in the 2016 and 2020 elections.

But it didn't come from Trump/Russia collusion. It came from the US Security State.

And it's so telling that the self-anointed "defenders of democracy" cheer rather than condemn this despotism.
And the willingness of the media to flagrantly re-write history in the most Orwellian way possible is stunning.

For decades, John Durham was heralded as one of the nation's most apolitical federal prosecutors. See NYT, 2009. Now, he's a right-wing hack:… Image
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May 17
To understand why most of corporate media has deservedly lost all public trust, look at how they are minimizing the Durham Report.

For decades in DC, John Durham was heralded as one of the US's most apolitical, trustworthy federal prosecutors. NYT, 2009:… Image
Just read the report for yourself. There is no denying how devastating it is.

It makes clear that the "scandal" that strangled our politics for years was a fraud, concocted by FBI's abuse of power for political ends. Only @jaketapper acknowledges it:

We know for sure the US Security State directly and deliberately interfered in and manipulated 2 consecutive national elections: 2016 with Russiagate, and 2020 with the Biden laptop "Russian disinformation" fraud.

Few things are more anti-democratic.…
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