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SHTF Lessons from Rhodesia

The 70s Rhodesian Bush War was a revolution led by Black guerillas against the white majority gov & population.… Image
It sucked to live on a rural farm. Many were far from settlements or cities and extremely isolated. This is important to note because living far away from everyone isn't always the solution. Isolated rural properties need large numbers of defenders.
The goal of these attacks was to terrorize white farmers off the land and to prevent Africans from cooperating with the government. I believe that attackers in America’s troubled times ahead will want to capture and possess isolated properties that can sustain them.
Farms were sniped at. Coordinated attacks with supporting fire from mortars and RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) were common. Fires were often deliberately set to draw farmers out. Black employees as well as the farmers themselves were shot or kidnapped.
Particularly vulnerable farms received military assistance from small “sticks” of soldiers who rotated through guard duty at night. Others employed former or off-duty soldiers as body guards. Militias were formed under government auspices to act as guards. Image
Farms had an Agric-Alert radio system that linked the farms and authorities. They included panic alarms & would automatically identify the farm x-mitting. Informational broadcasts would be made if terrorists were operating in an area. Multiple antennas were used for redundancy. Image
Weapons had to be carried at all times; “Always go to bed with your weapon” was the practice. Attacks usually came at night. Curfews from shortly before dusk to dawn were instituted. Evening attacks were preferred b/c the terrorists could escape into the darkness.
Building layouts were adjusted so that they were closer together and more defensible. Arrangements were such that one building could offer interlocking fire to the others. Protected or hidden walkways and entrances allowed movement behind cover.
Friendly visits required house sitters and staying overnight to avoid night time travel. On the road when ambushes were expected, rifles were routinely pointed out the window during the journey. Vehicles typically traveled in convoys for protection against attack.
To learn more, check out the article linked above or pickup a copy of my book Rural Home Defense. Image

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May 2
Could China invade the United States "Red Dawn" style? Pt 1 Follow up to:

Short answer: no way. Don't worry about the Chinese conquering the US. Anyone who believes that is delusional. Now BUYING US politicians is a whole other story, but I digress. Image
D-Day was a major muscle movement. It was the most complex and largest seaborne invasion in world history that took months to plan. 156k soldiers were landed. The invasion of France took over 2 million in the north and 500k in the South. Japan woulda been larger at 1.8 mil people Image
China's vaunted "200 million man army" ain't all that. More like 900k active troops and they leave much to be desired. We had 100-170k troops in Iraq and look at what an s-show that turned out to be AND not every single Iraqi hated our guts.…
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May 2…

Drone Lessons From Ukraine
Drone attacks come with little to no warning. Frequently the Russians never knew what hit them. Ignorant, undisciplined troops or civilians will likely react in the same manner, careless to the threat from above and indifferent to its dangers.
Situational awareness is the key to staying alive. “Up” has to be considered a threat direction. Soldiers must get into the habit of constantly looking up and scanning the sky. Russians move without the slightest hint of awareness that they are being observed.
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May 1
The Truth About a Chinese Nuclear Attack on the USA

...only China really knows, and everything you probably know about nuclear war is wrong. Image
China has fewer nukes than the US, approximately 300ish when the last best estimates were done before COVID. By 2030, it's estimated that they'll have around 1000 or more. This means China can't match the US arsenal of about 1200 deployed weapons (yet).
China also doesn't believe in 1st strikes b/c they know they don't have enough nukes. They also aren't crazy/suicidal. They won't use EMP/dirty bombs in the US b/c we would fire off a full nuclear retaliatory response. Same goes for tactical nukes; any nukes = full nuclear war.
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Apr 29
Pt. 4 (the last one), what will a war with China be like for the average American?

In short, it's the end of the dollar and the American economy. We as a nation will be impoverished like the UK after WWII. Britons in the 1950s were WAY poorer than Americans of a similar class. Image
Gas will probably be rationed. Why? 1, refineries will probably be struck by China to harm our economy and war effort. 2, China will probably apply pressure to foreign nations to cut off our oil supply. 3, this serves the fossil-fuel hating left's purposes.
In WWII, gas rationing wasn't necessary; we had plenty of oil. The problem was rubber, which came mainly from Japanese held territory. Tires had to be conserved and it was easier for the feds to limit driving via gas limits (and lower the speed limit) or else we'd drive on rims.
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Apr 28
Part 3, what wartime and martial law in CONUS is like for civilians.

In short, you thought COVID was bad and the Patriot Act draconian? We're going full bootstomp. Image
On the practical side, airports will probably be closed 9/11 style for at least the first day out west. Then flights and travel will be restricted, certainly internationally. Cancel your Hawaiian vacation.
Second, martial law in the US means the military can engage in police duties & subject civilians to court martials. This can only happen in places where the courts are non-functional b/c of war or insurrection. The Guard will be federalized so they won't have state police powers.
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Apr 28
Some observations on Antifa tr--ns by Dive Medic

This about the drag queen counter-protest that they violently broke up the other day. Get serious about this stuff because these individuals are serious and dangerous.
Go read his full post ⬇️…
"They are mentally unstable, delusional, and ready to commit suicide. Any person willing to take their own life is willing to take yours without a second thought. Let’s not give them the opportunity. These people are getting more and more dangerous as time goes on." Image
"They are mentally unstable, delusional, and ready to commit suicide. Any person willing to take their own life is willing to take yours without a second thought. Let’s not give them the opportunity. These people are getting more and more dangerous as time goes on."
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