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The IDF is, among other things, an organization where the less religious daughters of Israel are encouraged to damage their bodies and souls irreparably.

Ezer Weizman mentions in his memoirs that he and his fellow IDF officers used female soldiers as a harem, which continues.
As anyone who's served in a mixed gender environment can attest, promiscuity becomes the norm and those who don't partake are made to feel deficient.

Sometimes it goes beyond that; recently it emerged that Israeli Prison Service intelligence officers were using the female IDF...
... soldiers assigned to their prisons as whores for Arab terrorist prisoners to incentivize them to cooperate.

The spiritual and mental damage a young woman incurs by engaging in promiscuity lasts her whole life and hurts her, her husband and children.
Aside from that, for propaganda and social engineering purposes the IDF lies that women can be combat soldiers. They can not, mentally and physically. Even the watered down combat training provided by the IDF results in crippling lifelong foot, leg, knee, back damage.
The reproductive systems of these girls is sometimes also damaged, with effects like uterine prolapse.

In short, the IDF wrecks Jewish girls for propaganda purposes and then shows them off to the goyim, like softcore pornographers.
How does this all affect national security readiness?

It devalues the service of actual combat soldiers, destroys unit cohesion, ensures that senior officers are subject to career destruction through allegations of sexual impropriety made decades after the fact.
Overall, it violates the Torah commandment of the purity of a military camp.

Just very squalid and sordid behavior.

For what?

Thirst trap pictures of uniformed thots posing with rifles?

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May 25
The linked exchange is the critical difference between Xtianity and Judaism in a nutshell.

Troon claims Judaism accepts troonery.
Squid ink, Wikipedia
"Halachic source?"
Troon is immediately forced to admit no such source exists and sources exist forbidding troonery.
...and in the process immediately admit shim doesn't believe in Judaism (by denying the written Torah.)

Thus saving everyone tons of time and nerves.

Because why?

Because we all know what the idea of halacha is and what a halachic source is and isn't. Even our opponents know.
Whereas with Xtianity, there is no such clear line, unless you're part of some very fringe group which has drawn the line for itself arbitrarily and hasn't yet bothered redrawing it.

Even if you have a Catholic church, you constantly have Luthers and so on popping up.
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May 25
When I read Sayid Qutb's works, it was striking that on one hand he understood the moral failure of Muslim society, but OTOH compensated by creating this virtual dream of the ideal Muslim society, where the morals of the sahaba would overcome those of jahilia.
The fact that those sahaba began to treat each other and their subjects with wickedness and cruelty before they even ran out of kuffar to slaughter and rob didn't really make an impression on him. Kind of like reading Communists-"a true Islamic society hasn't been tried."
The actual conclusion, which is that swinging between cruel tyranny and crueler anarchy is the natural condition of Arab national existence, and that this is made worse by a faith whose earthly aspirations are to kill, enslave, despoil and rape and whose heaven is a brothel...
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May 22
@Delicious_Tacos You are fucked up because you were never meant to live like this.

The lack of a mate is just one dimension of the many where you are alienated from your natural state.

Even if you get a "gf" it won't solve your problems.

You need autonomy and community. You have simulacra.
@Delicious_Tacos The normal human state is to have organic social and economical structure. Family, community, a living which does not involve shuffling papers or being a blue collar corpslave. On top of it all, enabling it all, true religion. A family fits in there naturally.
@Delicious_Tacos You can find/build all of this if it's what you're looking for and you're not willing to compromise. Most people don't look for it because they've been taught it's not available or it's bad, and anesthetize themselves through various substitutes.
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May 21
The entire point of the Law is that one can find himself outside it. With that in mind, watch your narrow ass, my man.

This is antithetical to modern American thought-muh rights!

But in reality rights are only granted to those who inhabit a common system of coordinates.
Without loading up on political theory like Hobbes, we can cut to the post-WW2 period, the collapse of the remaining international order into modernism. Past Schmidt, to Les Crapauds fighting their last colonial war in Algeria. What say war criminals Trinquier and Aussaresses?
They say, courts, the police, prisons-these are all things of peacetime and can handle peacetime levels of transgression and violence. But a partisan war is ALL criminality. No legal system in the world can function according to peacetime rules in a partisan war.
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May 21
Terrifying ruffians in this footage aside, the back story of Harish is: it's an Israeli hellscape slave quarters anthive which was marketed as a city for coexistence, mostly for religious Zionists and seculars, some Haredim. The original deal was no public Shabbat violation.
So after everyone had taken out their mortgage for 2 million shekel on their 12K shekel monthly salary, and moved into their concrete cuckbox 3 bedroom apartment, the seculars were like, sorry, we are going to be publicly violating Shabbat, actually-suck it, penguins!
Of course, the Religious Zionoid rabbis immediately cucked: the importance of unity, can't be alienating Jews (unless they're unmasked or unvaxxed-wait, that was last year, n/m.) You just have to suck it, penguin, it's what HaShem wants!
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