In the biggest picture, something truly revolutionary and disruptive is happening in the world, and particularly the West. All the tumult we're experiencing is downstream from that.

The Marketplace of Ideas is finally being born.

A Second Enlightenment is upon us.
Many people believe the Marketplace of Ideas was born centuries ago, in the Enlightenment. This is not so. A Magisterium of Ideas gave way to an Aristocracy of Ideas in the process we call "the Enlightenment." That aristocracy has ripened now and gone bad. It's corrupt and dying.
I did an influential podcast about this issue a year and a half ago, articulating that what we're seeing from the Managerial Elite, who are the Information Aristocrats, is a Reaction to this Second Enlightenment. They want to maintain the aristocracy.…
During the Enlightenment, there were three political Reactions and two idea Reactions, not just one of each, as is commonly thought. These are all different and reflected in our present moment.
Politically, the literal aristocracy reacted to maintain itself; the Religious Reaction screamed to go back to a more Magisterial order; and the Romantic Reaction pushed for what would become Communism a century later.

In ideas, there was a Religious and a Romantic Reaction.
The Aristocracy of Ideas, composed of scholars, journalists, and experts, who are credentialed to tell us what's true, is corrupt and ending. The present aristocrats want to maintain their status quo. The Left is right about them but misplaces their wrath.
The Left, being Marxist, misplaces the Aristocracy of Ideas in the "oppressor groups," defined by class, race, sex, gender, sexuality, national origins, etc. They fail to understand the Managerial Elite as a result and are the Information Jacobins of our time.
They don't want a Marketplace of Ideas to emerge. They want a new Aristocracy of Ideas under their control, based on sensuous, Romantic ideals. This is what the Romantic/Communist Reaction to the Enlightenment wanted too, as history repeatedly proved.
In some sense, the Romantic Reaction of today got the jump on the story. They started saying 50+ years ago that the knowing system is corrupt and that there's no true Marketplace of Ideas. They have been dismantling the system and replacing it with their own ever since.
The Managerial Elite recognizes that their time is up, however, and they have weaponized the Romantic Reaction (Woke) to maintain an Aristocracy of Ideas that they'll end up on top of. They're using that Reaction to their benefit, hence State-Corporate Wokeness, which is cynical.
The Religious Reaction of our time is now springing into play, insisting that the whole system that enabled the present Aristocracy of Ideas to flourish needs replacing root and branch with a new, more stable Magisterium of Ideas based on their faiths, which they see as rock.
The Woke vs Classical Liberalism vs National Conservatism is the expression of this fight, all of which oppose the Managerial Elite now, but the Marketplace of Ideas can only emerge if Classical Liberalism prevails and is updated to deal with 21st century technology.
The update to Classical Liberalism is only a *practical* update, though, dealing with the exigencies of new communications technologies: data privacy, digitized property protection, etc. The principles must survive into this new era. Neither Reaction allows this to happen.

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May 24
There are strategic responses and retarded ones. Y'all gonna take the retarded path. I'm encouraging you now.
The correct way to deal with a provocation is to expose and denounce it, not to rise to it. If they'd read that part about turning the other cheek, they might understand this. They do not.
Adding this for convenience for all those who haven't read it before! Image
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May 23
Of course they do. Do you not understand what's going on yet?
Pride this year is going to be all insults to religion and offensive crap from corporations generally associated with conservative buyers.
Since you can't figure out why, I'm just going to watch.
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May 21
Look how the ESG masters are getting Americans to hate every established American brand one by one.

They're running an extortion racket on our corporations. We need to free American prosperity from these demons, but they've got us attacking our own foundations instead.
We have all the evidence we need thanks to the Bud Light situation to see the real problem and make a case against it.
Our leaders should be seeking ways to identify corporations that want out of the mob racket and crafting exit ramps with protections so we can start to bust the cartel. Some of our corporations are willing participants. Some are bought off. Most are victims of a criminal racket.
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May 21
"Christian Nationalism" is a trap. The narrative is already widespread, as is another tying it to bigotry and neo-Confederacy. It was characterized as such to the US House Select J6 Committee. We can all see what's coming. ImageImageImageImage
I wonder what's going to happen!

They have the narrative arc. They just need to fit events into it. Because heehaw Christian Reactionaries took the bait, often with a lot of cash, they're about to become the proof in this Communist mass-line campaign's pudding. ImageImage
This stuff is as predictable as it could possibly be, as has been noted for a long time.…
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May 21
Arguably the biggest story nobody is talking about and that we should all be focusing on. ESG and its proxy metrics like the Corporate Equality Index need to be exposed as a criminal racketeering operation. Another great video on how it works.
We need a perspective shift here. The Bud Light boycott has succeeded, enot in the way many conservatives think. Sure, go boycott other companies, all of them eventually, lol. The success is that it has laid the cartel logic of ESG completely bare at a key moment.
Some of our corporations are excited and willing participants in the racket because they've been promised a monopoly status on the other side of the global economic transition (see UN SDGs) ESG is enabling, but most are victims of a criminal racket. This racket needs busting.
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May 20
"Pride" officially kicks off in 12 days. Here's a preview of a political warfare attack that's coming. Pride versus homophobic Christian Nationalism will be a big theme.

This unconventional warfare narrative ICBM has already been launched, so you should start preparing now.
Both sides of the dialectic here are fully operationally prepared. The Left will attack Christian Nationalism by name and rightly link it to homophobia and "anti-LGBTQ hate." That group is excitedly proud of those features and will eagerly prove them right. Image
Massive polarization that moves centrists, normies, and moderates Left and activates Leftists while splitting the coalitions on the Right and activating Reaction will follow like clockwork. Tensions will mount to trigger a Charlottesville 2.0 in the battle environment.
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