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The Dodgers and Blue Jays both gave in to pressure from woke activists.

This happens is woke activists have sophisticated tactics for pressuring people into giving them what they want.

So, I'm going to explain EXACTLY how their tactics work so you can fight back

let's go🧵

Using the activist handbook "beautiful trouble," as our guide I'll show you how none of the protests, marches, or social media campaigns are spontaneous, but are in fact well planned actions created by activists in order to extract concessions from whoever they target. Image
The first step is called "power-mapping."
Power mapping is: "A tool to not only identify who holds that power, but, crucially, who holds influence over that person, and, therefore, who to target with your direct actions"

This is how the woke "survey the battlefield." ImageImageImage
Power mappingis how the woke determine who has the power to give them what they want,**and how they can be vulnerable to pressure.** Remember, the woke want to take power, and to do that they need to know WHO to take it from and how. Power mapping tells them who has power.
Look at the diagram on power-mapping from Beautiful Trouble. Note that it includes their friends, their church, their family....everyone. The woke are looking for any angle they can find to put pressure on the person they are targeting. Image
Once they map the power dynamics: who has the power, and the pressure points of those people, they have to figure out who to target. Sometimes the target has no direct weaknesses, so they have to go after them indirectly.

That means the woke: "Choose your target wisely" Image
You must "Choose your target wisely" because, In their words: "You might not have enough power to push your primary target at first, but your actions may help you identify a secondary target...that can be pressured to leverage their influence on the primary target."
If done correctly, the can determine smaller more vulnerable targets that can be pressured and leveraged to go after much bigger targets. Like a domino effect where a small domino knock over progressively larger dominoes. (Pic 1) Image
See how that works? They map the power dynamics, figure out who has power, figure out where that persons pressure points are (in both their professional and *PRIVATE* life), and who they can pressure in order to build leverage and momentum to go after the main target.
To Quote Beautiful Trouble: "You might not have enough power to push your primary target at first, but your actions may help you identify a secondary target — an individual or group that can be pressured to leverage their influence on the primary target"

Just like dominos ImageImage
Once they pick a target they analyze the "spectrum of allies."

The idea behind the spectrum of allies is that society isn't divided into those who are for you or against you, society a spectrum of various opinions on all sides, and the woke want to know who stands where. Image
The woke determine the social blocs in play (the people/groups involved) and put them into 5 categories:
active allies-who fight with them
passive allies-who agree but don't act
passive opposition-who disagree but don't act
active opposition -who actively fight them Image
The goal is to shift each group over one notch on the spectrum (IE:They want passive opposition to become neutral, Neutrals to become passive allies, and passive allies to become active allies). If each group moves over one notch, that shifts the entire spectrum. Image
The Dodgers were Passive allies (allowing a prode night but not hostility to Catholics) and were shifted into being Active Allies.

Blues Jays pitcher Anthony Bass was outspoken Activie opposition who was shifted one notch into passive opposition and must be quiet.

See that?
As beautiful Trouble says: "Movements seldom win by overpowering the opposition; they win by shifting support out from under it"

The woke realize that people might not totally agree with them, but if everyone moves one notch toward them they shift society in their direction Image
So, once the woke have done all that, they act.

The first strategy is to put their target in a "decision dilemma." This is where they pick and action that forces the target to react, but leaves them with no good options. The target is put in an impossible situation ImageImage
For example, The Dodgers could either stand firm in their decision and get a ton of backlash from LGBT groups and the media, or they could give in and offend all the Catholics.

They are forced to pick a side, and have no easy way out.

That's a Decision Dillema.
The same is true with blockcades. If the police arrest you, you get to look like a martyr, if they don't you now control the road...police have no good options.

Decision Dillema's are paired with another strategy:
"The Real Action if your Target's Reaction."
The goal is for the target to react to the woke pressure tactics, but to react in a way the woke can take advantage of.

It's like luring the target into a woke trap. ImageImage
So, what the woke will do if force you into a situation where not matter how hard you try to please them, they'll just say it isn't good enough. and then demand more. IF you don't give in you get called a bigot, if you do give in, they just ask for more and demand more.
Any reaction you give creates more publicity, draws more attention to the fight, and creates more bad publicity for you.

See how that works?

the whole POINT is to leave you with only bad options in hopes that you'll just cave completely.
Once all of this is going on, and the woke have done an action (protest, boycott, demands, etc) they now have to win the fight in the media. They have tactics for this as well.

First "Seize the Means of Communication" Image
So how do you do that? Well, Beautiful Trouble does not say exactly, but they do tell us one way that you might do that, and it is "Do the Media's Work For Them."

Basically, give the journalists the story you want them to write, and let THEM print it so it looks authentic. ImageImage
This is how woke activist talking points come out of the mouths of so many journalists.

Further, they want to make sure that they tape their own events, publicize their own events, and try to wage a sort of narrative warfare that allows them to control the narrative....
Again, none of this is organic or spontaneous....all of it is planned.

Part of the Narrative control is to "Play to the Audience That isn't There"

The idea here is simple, the largest audience isn't the people at a given event, it's people on social media and on cable news ImageImage
To Quote Beautiful Trouble again: "In a media-saturated world, the audience you care about is rarely the one witnessing your action, but rather the one you’ll reach through mass media and social media. Design your action with them in mind."

What this means in practice... Image
Is that the woke try to make it so that they always look like the victim, even when they are the ones picking the fight and trying to shut other people up.

By understanding how optics work, the woke are able to control how their actions are viewed by those watching.
Finally, there are two more ideas we need to understand before we finish. "Use Your Radical Fringe to Shift the Overton WIndow."

This is one of the more common, and dishonest, tactics the woke engage in. ImageImage
The idea is that there are two ways to win in politics.

The long, hard way is to continue making your actual case persistently and persuasively until your position becomes accepted. The easy say to to amplify the voices of those a few notches more radical than you...
order to make yourself look more moderate...

This is why the left will amplify the voices of the most radical members of their group. It is so that less crazy people look sane by comparison. This is a way of making themselves appear closer to the center then they are. but... Image
they haven't moved to the center, they just held up the most radical person they could find to make themselves look less crazy.

Do you see how all of that works?

Are you getting the picture yet?
Everything the left does, all of their succesful actions, all of their victories in the culture, all of that is a result of carefully planned out analysis of the social groups in play, who has power, how the media can be used, how to shift society and the overton window...
And how to move society in their direction.

So long as conservatives refuse to engage with this, and refuse to understand how these tactics work, they will continue to get hammered.

You *MUST* understand woke tactics in order to beat them. This thread is a good start.


• • •

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And I don't mean Kendi and Diangelo. I mean Marcuse, Adorno, Derrida, Deleuze, etc.

The midern woke ediface sits atop an academic foundation...
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State what you want clearly Joshua.

Don't attack everyone else, demand answers, endlessly criticize...and then refuse to say what you want as a way to avoid criticism.

State what you want clearly so everyone is clear about the extent of the regulation of sexual behaviour.
I want clarity. I don't want to wonder if you are using anti-wokeness, and the anti-woke monement generally as a trojan horse for sodomy laws amd other restrictions.

Also, amyone playing sleight of hand with queer theory on the one hand, and homosexuality on the other...
I want clarity, not this sort of wink and nod "I'm just asking questions" in an attempt to get a conclusion.
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