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1 / “What is a woman?” is the WRONG question.

We all know what a woman is. It’s just a diversion tactic.

The real question is “What is trans?”

#whatisawoman #whatistrans
2 / One of the only consistent things about the term ‘trans’ is that it keeps changing and expanding, to the point where it’s now common to see it mentioned as ‘trans+’ or ‘trans*’. Normally if there’s an ‘*’ behind a word there’ll be a footnote with an explanation. Not so with
3 / ‘trans’. There are no clear, coherent, meaningful definitions and yet ‘trans’ is the basis on which other well-defined groups are expected to hand in their rights and freedoms.

At the same time we’re told that any attempts at clarifying #whatistrans are ‘transphobic’
4 / I used to think ‘trans’ referred to a person who suffers from deep psychological distress at being the sex they are (first known as ‘gender identity disorder’ then ‘gender dysphoria’ now ‘gender incongruence’… another thing that keeps changing). But that’s ‘transphobic’.
5 / I used to think ‘trans’ referred to someone taking steps to ‘transition’. But that apparently is also ‘transphobic’. ‘Non-transitioning trans people’ are just as valid as those who do ‘transition’! Yesterday I went to a gallery and while checking my online booking the guy at
6 / the desk said “I’m trans” and I asked “What does that mean?” He said “I’m non-binary. Today I’m a boy.”

He was just a bloke with long hair, an earring, and not particularly masculine. Pretty much like me.

I opened my mouth to say “Mate you’re just a bloke” but my friend
7 / quickly dragged me into the exhibition we were there to see.

But this guy shows what ‘trans’ has become: an absolute free for all with no basis. Yet somehow all of society has to be reconfigured to accommodate, or rather PRIORITISE ‘trans’. It’s all completely bonkers.
8 / “Trans is trans because trans now give us trans rights or transphobic!”

Does this really sound like a reasonable and fair basis on which to campaign for ‘rights’?

No, of course not. So they shout “Trans rights are human rights!” because that puts the focus on them being
9 / human (like… duh) and takes the focus away from the ‘trans’ bit.

We may lack clear, coherent definitions, but we do know what ‘trans’ looks like in practice.

Let’s have a look at a small selection of examples…
10 / ‘Trans’ is a straight married bloke declaring himself a lesbian and going round schools to do talks about it

‘Trans’ = lesbophobic Image
11 / ‘Trans’ is a woman who thinks she’s a gay man telling other gay man they need to learn how to “eat pussy” and that this is somehow gayer than a guy giving another guy a blow job

‘Trans’ = homophobic

12 / ‘Trans’ is men taking women’s opportunities in sports. Their chance to win, to set records, to get scholarships, careers, etc.

‘Trans’ = unfair Image
13 / ‘Trans’ is a bloke writing a deeply misogynistic book about how watching porn made him realise he was ‘trans’ and getting it lauded by Vogue as “juicily transgressive”

‘Trans’ = celebrating misogyny

Illustration by @ninapaley Image
14 / ‘Trans’ is 12-year-old girls in the States getting their breasts amputated because they think they are boys.

🚨12 years old 🚨

Yes, this is happening.

‘Trans’ = medical malpractice

15 / ‘Trans’ is men being guilty of rape and sexual assault being placed in women’s prisons and women’s rape shelters

‘Trans’ = injustice Image
16 / ‘Trans’ is a woman (@MPMacLachlan) assaulted by a man being reprimanded in court for not referring to him as ‘she / her’

Trans = coercion
17 / ‘Trans’ is a bloke who calls himself Roxy Tickle suing a female-only networking app for being female-only

‘Trans’ = destroying women’s rights
18 / ‘Trans’ is a bloke with a beard demanding to be let into the woman’s changing rooms at @ZARA because he claims he’s ‘non-binary’ and it’s ‘his right’ because he doesn’t see himself as a man

Trans = entitlement Image
19 / ‘Trans’ is capturing the world of psychology and psychiatry to push more and more (young!) people onto a life-long medical pathway

‘Trans’ = sales funnel…
20 / ‘Trans’ is threatening expulsion to those who don’t go along with it

‘Trans’ = authoritarian
21 / ‘Trans’ is the glorification of ‘the trans child’

‘Trans’ = indoctrination Image
22 / ‘Trans’ is WPATH saying ‘eunuch gender’ is now a thing (having taking ‘advice’ from an online castration-fetish group! 🚨)

‘Trans’ = surgical celebration of fetishes…
23 / ‘Trans’ is gender quacks like Sidhbh Gallagher then marketing ‘eunuchgender’ surgeries on TikTok

Trans = money maker
Just a tiny selection. So far ‘trans’ = lesbophobic / homophobic / unfair / celebrating misogyny / medical malpractice / injustice / coercion / destroying women’s rights / entitlement / sales funnel / authoritarian / indoctrination / surgical celebration of fetishes / money maker
25 / I’m sure there’s plenty missing, but these are the things that are all tied up in ‘trans’.

This is what you support when you chant “Trans rights are human rights!”

This is why we have to keep asking #WhatIsTrans and bring all this to the fore.

Not #WhatIsAWoman
26 / It’s so easy to be misled by the slogans and the desire to be kind and then not see what’s actually going on - I know, I’ve been there.

I used to think ‘trans’ was all about poor distressed people who just needed love and support.

27 / It’s a rude awakening when you start seeing what really happening in the name of ‘trans’.

I think this sums it up quite well.

#WhatIsTrans Image
28 / and the only way to end it is to call it out, to push back, to say “No!”

If you want to support me in doing so, please consider supporting me via Patreon or PayPal 🙏😉


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1 / I find this line really chilling…

“Prof. Stock, who previously faced criticism for questioning the prominence of gender identity over biological sex…”

As if 1️⃣ it’s somehow established fact that ‘gender identity’ is a thing, and…
2 / 2️⃣ that this should naturally override the reality of sex (no need to say ‘biological’ sex @EJWardNews as there is only one type of sex…) and 3️⃣ that even daring to question this is somehow valid reason for criticism. Like… how very dare she!

The way @EJWardNews so
3 / casually inserts that line in an article where he calls the new policy “a bold stance against transphobia”, the college a “trailblazer” and says its leader is taking “a decisive step” shows not just how much the college has been captured by genderwoo, but also parts of the
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Jun 1
1 / A few days ago I got a call from someone from Amnesty. "You've supported us in the past so I wondered if I could interest you in playing a monthly lottery game we've started doing" or something like that. He was a man who struck me as perhaps in his 40s, very calm, and so
2 / I thought I'd hear him out, especially after he said the call was being recorded. "Are you OK with that?' he asked. I wanted to say "Hell yeah!" but just said "That's fine." So he starts doing the spiel, and eventually he asks if I'd be interested. I said it sounded like a
3 / good idea but that I could, to my regret, no longer support Amnesty. He was a bit surprised, and asked why. So then I explained that as a gay man I could not support an organisation that, like Stonewall, was working hard to set the rights of women and gay people back. That
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May 30
1 / “I don’t think a transwoman is a woman, I’m sorry I just don’t think that’s true.” - Kathleen Stock

Plain and simple.

Never think it is the ‘unsayable’; it is the very thing that needs to be said to stop the toxic climate of fear & intimidation spun by the gender brigade.
2 / Just like the woman on Question Time.

Willoughby: “What you said there effectively is that transwomen are men”

Woman: “In my opinion they still are men.”

Again, she just said it, plain and simple.
3 / And just like the service station attendant at 1:44 in this clip who was asked “What do you assume [I am] looking at me?” by a man in a wig / dress.

Attendant: “I assume that you are a man.”

Plain, simple, but most importantly: honest.
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May 28
Things kicking off at #letwomenspeak but police taking decisive action 👏
2 / 3 TRAs led away by police. One big burly bloke, 2 masked / hooded women from what I could see
3 / TRAs doing the usual
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May 26
1 / Can you believe people are still peddling this “Puberty blockers are as safe as can be!” BS? Either unbelievably ignorant or deeply irresponsible

#genderwoo Image
2 / Some quotes and info from the Tavistock itself and the NHS… ImageImageImageImage
3 / Internationally medical opinion is changing and urging caution, restricting or stopping the use of the ‘blockers’ due to the lack of evidence and horror stories coming to light - Finland, France, Sweden, Norway, even the FDA in the USA has slapped more warnings on them
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