I spent 10% of my life contributing to the development of the #VisionPro while I worked at Apple as a Neurotechnology Prototyping Researcher in the Technology Development Group. It’s the longest I’ve ever worked on a single effort. I’m proud and relieved that it’s finally… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Image
I'm going to have to mute this now, but I'm hearing from several people that they are Very Mad™ and I want to make sure they are validated.

For all complaints and criticism, please call my complaint hotline at :


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Mar 31
Quick analysis and insights of The Algorithm provided by @TwitterEng

UserMass .scala
- if you follow over 500, and your following to follower ratio is above .6 , you'll get punished and seen less. So if you follow 800 people and have 1000 followers, unfollow 200 people
@TwitterEng HomeTweetTypePredicates .scala
- There's a whole section that tags tweets by Elon, "Power users" , Democrats and Republicans differently. This is used by the ClientEventsBuilder and other parts of the rec algorithm

These biases suck
I’ve been digging around more in the repo , looking for what impacts quality scores of users and why some people get follow recommendations, it’s tough to fully pull apart because there’s queries to graph databases and neural networks I don’t have access to. I’m sure more will… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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Dec 22, 2022
Imagine an AI model that's 3x larger and more powerful than GPT3 aka ChatGPT

Google already built that in April, called PaLM, on their own TPU hardware competing with NVIDIA. People think ChatGPT will replace Google but they basically invented transformers in '17 (the T in GPT)
Google's been using a transformer model called BERT billions of times a day for years, it powers their search, email, and probably lots more, but it's invisible to users

Google Assistant will suddenly outperform ChatGPT one day when Google flips the switch for a system like PaLM
PaLM stands for "Pathways Language Model." Google Pathyways is an ML system that can scale a model across tens of thousands of their proprietary TPU chips. Eventually they'll have a massive multimodal model across vision, sound, and language all at once
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Dec 21, 2022
If you're in the market for sculpture about the singularity and the apocalypse, I re-listed work from my 2020 solo show in NYC, Future Tense


These are digital provenance of physical artworks, my gallerist can ship the art to you, or keep it in storage ImageImage
A003 (Third Nature) one of four CNC aluminum ikebana vases that are hard anodized. Ikebana is a way of bringing the spirits of nature into your home, that's both symbolic and spiritual. Here a third nature, technology as organism, is in a triad with humanity and nature. ImageImageImageImage
This is the full set of the ‘Third Nature’ series of machined aluminum vases ImageImageImageImage
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May 15, 2022
If many planets support life, where are the aliens? Their theory: civilizations grow and either burnout due to population + energy demand, or they de-growth to sustainability

This research is 🔥 Im going to summarize it, other interrelated teleological narratives, and my art
1/ ImageImage
I'll get back to this paper, but Ray Kurzweil has written at length about the exponential growth of civilization and computing, predicting by 2045 a $1000 computer will be as powerful as every human brain on the planet combined, an event he calls the Technological Singularity
2/ ImageImage
Kurzweil's singularity is a literal deus ex machina (god from the machine) it would suddenly resolve all our problems. A 'hard takeoff' of artificial general intelligence would occur, birthing super intelligent consciousness spreading through the universe at the speed of light
3/ ImageImage
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Aug 26, 2021
Working in tech and avoiding companies that directly work with the military, and contribute to the industrial military complex, is difficult and sad.

If you’re making software for the DoD to train soldiers, you’re contributing to war and the loss of life, shooting sim or not
Microsoft is making military versions of it’s Hololens,
The makers of the Reverb G2, HP, routinely take military contacts for military data centers
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Jun 8, 2021
My first smart contract artwork is live:

'Ideas of Mountains'

A collection of 210 generative conceptual artworks. Each depicts a unique generative 3D landscape, with AI generated phrases,


available on @opensea opensea.io/collection/ide…
(ERC721, IPFS) Image
@opensea The phrases on the images were created using OpenAI’s GPT3 neural network which makes new writing based on provided examples. My past artwork series ‘NFT Concepts’ were input to GPT3, which then generated thousands of phrases based on my ideas.
sterlingcrispin.com/ideas_of_mount… Image
I carefully sifted through the generated text for poetic truths and bizarre financial propositions. Because GPT3 was trained on the internet, in a way, I'm using AI to hold up a mirror to society and this current collision of technology, art, and finance

sterlingcrispin.com/ideas_of_mount… Image
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