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Career neocon liars Jeffrey Goldberg and Anne Applebaum -- who have cheered every US war over 20 years, and thrive in corporate media not despite that but because of it -- argue Prigozhin is preferable to Putin.

The more one lies in establishment media, the more one thrives:
It's not that pro-war lies and pro-establishment conspiracies are regarded as value-neutral in corporate media. That'd be bad enough.

A willingness to lie for the establishment agenda is a pre-requisite to thriving in corporate media. Hence, it's the same liars over and over:
That above video is from @richimedhurst.

He hasn't spent his adult life cheering and lying about every US war - like Anne Applebaum and Jeffrey Goldberg - and thus won't be in the pages of the Atlantic or on CNN.

But he's nonetheless very knowledgeable and worth following.
@richimedhurst In the weeks following the Russian invasion, @AdamKinzinger got caught spreading every lie from anonymous accounts - Ghost of Kiev and beyond.

CNN then hired him, like it hired James Clapper after he got caught lying to the Senate.

Lying this way is a CNN job requirement.

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Jun 27
The Atlantic -- under neocon conspiracy theorist Jeffrey Goldberg, funded by billionaire DNC donor Laurene Jobs -- is Ground Zero for:

1) Laundering insane conspiracy theories to advance establishment liberalism;

2) Accusing establishment critics of being conspiracy theorists.
Jeffrey Goldberg has more blood on his hands than anyone in media except Bill Kristol. He helped lie the US into every war.

That the person who convinced Americans Saddam was involved in 9/11 rose to the top of establishment media indicts it more than anything I could ever say.

Forget that the Atlantic is owned by one the largest donors to Hillary and DNC: Steve Jobs' billionaire widow.

Goldberg quickly recruited every other neocon, warmongering liar to the Atlantic: David Frum, Anne Applebaum, etc. And he hired CIA conspiracy Queen Natasha Bertrand.

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Jun 25
I can't remember when I've seen as much flagrant bullshit and propaganda spread so aggressively as happened during the 18-hour "Wagner coup."

Just go read what the most popular war propagandists said was happening and would happen. To call it false is an insult to falsity.
Between the swooning and cheering for the Wagner Group to take over Russia and its nukes, and the ongoing worship of the Azov Battalion, I don't think there's been this much open cheering of actual Nazis since the Nuremberg rallies:

The self-anointed "disinformation expert" @Esqueer_ -- the favorite of the WPost and NBC, who pretend she's on the Harvard faculty -- thought the Wagner Group was marching on Moscow in order to demand recognition of same-sex marriage and gender-affirming care for trans kids.
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Jun 24
This is exactly what the western media did with Azov.

For 10 years, they were "evil an neo-Nazi battalion threatening all things decent." As of February, 2022, they became: "our heroic freedom fighters."

Facebook changed its rule banning praise for Azov soon as the war began.
One reason all leaders love wars so much is it unites the population behind them.

The Dem Party from AOC to Manchin fully supports Biden's war policy, also does the pro-war GOP wing of Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham.

The only candidates opposed are Trump, RFK and Vivek.
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Jun 22
As I was saying: @PeterHotez isn't above doing media hits. By all appearances, he's desperate to do as many as he can grab.

What he fears - and what his allies demand he not do - are interviews with a journalist who will challenge him rather than heap mindless praise on him:
As it turns out, Prof @PeterHotez MD PhD is so close - just a few minutes away by flight. It'd be great to do a sit-down interview wherever he's at.

But he's proven that all interviews are conditioned on the interviewer never asking a single hard question (NBC/CNN/TMZ).
@PeterHotez We devoted last night's @SystemUpdate_ to documenting the many false statements, contradictory claims, politicized propaganda, and genuinely alarming authoritarianism Prof Hotez has spent years spouting.

I hope he'll be interviewed by someone who asks:

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Jun 21
Renee Richards had been a very poor male tennis player, never near the top, barely a pro.

She sued the WTA after her transition in 1977 - at the age of 43 - and won the right to compete with female pro players.

She rose to the top 20 in women's tennis: in her mid-40s.
Richards - a real and brave pioneer of trans rights and visibility - herself now believes it was wrong for her to compete with women. She regrets suing.

She says she'd have destroyed all women players if she transitioned and played in her 20s.…
Both Chris Evert and Martina are among the 20th Century's greatest athletes, pioneers for women's tennis, after only to Billie Jean King.

Evert says Richards almost beat her when Evert was world #1 and Richards was 44 years old. Both oppose trans women in pro sports. Image
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Jun 20
I really hope everyone listens to RFK's Rogan interview.

He's not running on vaccines. He's running on:

1) Stopping neocons' love of Endless Wars;

2) Evils of the US Security State (CIA/NSA/FBI).

3) Regulatory capture by industry:

All things liberals claimed to care about.
That doesn't mean everything he says is right. I disagree with RFK on several things including Israel (though he said perhaps billions annually of US aid is wrong).

Here's a nuanced critique by @VPrasadMDMPH.

The establishment fear is debating him:… Image
Such a perfect example of how establishment critics are maligned by hacks:

RFK said multiple times before and with Rogan that $8 trillion was for Iraq. He clearly misspoke here. He said "$100b" for Ukraine.

Biden's major lies are all ignored. Tiny RFK mistakes are exploded. Image
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