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In the context of counter-offensive and minefields let's continue the review of the russian manual that offers guidelines for establishing minefields as a countermeasure against Ukrainian mechanized columns. 🧵Thread
2/ The manual recommends installing mines on roads, bridges, and off-road areas near tree lines where vehicles may move. Special attention should be given to intersections, where the installation of mixed groups of mines, obstacles, and barricades is recommended.
3/ The process is described as follows: mixed minefields are installed in the front part of the defense line at night. The mining itself is carried out covertly by groups of sappers consisting of no less than 10-15 individuals, allowing for manual placement of mines.
4/ the squad leader with his sapper squad carries 2-4 mines to the designated area and indicates the placing location. After placing the mines, the squad withdrawы back to the storage of the next batch of mines (not more than 30-50 meters away from the minefield boundary).
5/ According to the practical experience outlined in the manual, FAB-250 bombs and S-300 surface-to-air missile warheads were successfully employed as explosive charges to effectively demolish roads.
6/ Sometimes, mines were deliberately installed without camouflage, forcing the AFU to divert their route towards areas where hidden mines are positioned
7/ Russian manual advises to deploy clusters of anti-tank mines in bypass routes adjacent to obstacles such as disabled vehicles, destroyed road sections, and road-bridge structures.
8/ The manual mentions the utilization of the "Uragan" (MLRS) equipped with KPTM-3 cluster mines, as well as the "Zemledelie" remote mining systems, to effectively obstruct the movement of the AFU convoys
9/ The manual emphasizes the effectiveness of nocturnal operations carried out by small sapper groups equipped with night vision means. These groups move further from defensive lines and lay mines in various areas, including previously mine-cleared zones.
10/ The manual may not introduce groundbreaking innovations, but it highlights the enemy's capability to remotely redeploy cleared minefields or deploy them during offensive operations to impede the movement of assaulting forces. This additional factor complicates the assault
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Jul 8

I have recently obtained a valuable russian document titled "Recommendations for countering an enemy operating as tank and mechanized columns." This thread will include analysis of select section of the manual, extracting insights from its contents.
2/ The manual highlights utilization of combined-arms units and formations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to them, AFU tactics are based on NATO strategy, adapted for local conditions, and implemented by AFU commanders through memorized "NATO combat algorithms”.
3/ The discussed section is titled "Frontal Attack via 'Pierced' Corridor with Armored Vehicles."To enhance clarity, I will blend book visuals with my original graphics.

As per the manual, AFU units initiate the first stage by conducting reconnaissance with small recon groups.
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Jun 28

In light of the ongoing discussions surrounding the counter-offensive, we need to revisit the topic of mines due to its utmost importance. As I have previously emphasized, the extensive deployment of mines by Russian forces remains a significant threat to our troops.
2/ The mine problem encountered in this counter-offensive would pose a formidable challenge even for NATO or Western militaries if given the same resources. With thousands of heavily mined square kilometers, it is a complex and protracted issue that cannot be easily resolved.
3/ Providing us with more anti-mine means would improve the situation, but it doesn't solve all the challenges. Russians use various methods to lay mines, including manual, mechanized, and remote approaches, adding complexity as different types of mines require various clearance
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Jun 23

1/ There are certain aspects regarding OSINT map projects that need discussion. I want to emphasize that my intention is not to criticize, as I recognize and respect the public service you provide for free.
2/ Frequently, brigades are pinned on a map based on video, photo or press release. However, there is an issue where russian brigades are often not comprised of their organic units. It is not uncommon to see battalions from the same brigade positioned hundreds of kilometers apart
3/ Moreover, many brigades consist of a mixture of units. For instance, a VDV regiment might be reinforced by a motor-rifle battalion from another brigade, a tank company from a separate tank regiment, and a Storm-Z company from yet another brigade.
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Jun 21
1/ I would like to address instances where some of the world's largest media outlets, such as the @WSJ and @Reuters , have either plagiarized my materials or used them without providing proper credit.
🧵Thread: Image
2/ The first instance involves Reuters, which utilized information from one of my threads without making significant changes. I could easily recognize my own writing, as I had used general terms like "Camouflaged area" due to uncertainties in translation.
3/ Regarding the @WSJ , in their recent video on Wagner, a portion of their content bears striking resemblance to a video that I had before the WSJ published their investigation. I will share a segment of the video WSJ, alongside my original video, letting the public to judge:
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Jun 20
Given the persistent efforts of individuals like David Sacks to pursue a "peaceful resolution" on russia’s terms, it becomes crucial to review some pillars of Russian military strategy, thoroughly analyzed and documented by Michael Kofman in 2021.

🧵Thread: Image
2/ To gain a comprehensive understanding of the fallacy and manipulation within David Sacks' narrative, it is crucial to examine his words in the context of the ongoing Russian invasion and their military strategy, objectives and core principles.
3/ In his work, @KofmanMichael assesses russian military strategy, including core theoretical pillars like operational concepts and strategic operations. Non-military means, including warfare in the informational space, are essential components of the russian military strategy. Document source: https://ww...
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Jun 19

Wagner PMC is actively expanding its operations in the Central African Republic (CAR) and neighboring countries, beyond the scope of gold and diamond extraction. This is supported by my satellite imagery analysis and information from @alleyesonwagner project: Image
2/ In this thread, our attention will be directed towards a wood processing facility near Boda that not only industrializes the deforestation and ecosystem degradation in the area to extract rare timber but also facilitates Wagner's expansion into neighboring countries.
3/ In January 2021, control over Boda, situated west of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), was secured by both the CAR army and Wagner forces. Visual evidence in the form of obtained photos clearly depicts the presence of Wagner forces within the city. Image
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