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New peer-reviewed study just published shows increased mortality related to neonatal vaccine doses.

The more doses, the higher the infant mortality.

This information MUST be spelled out clearly to parents.

@stkirsch @RetsefL @joshg99 https://t.co/gVSWjOEmQ9 https://t.co/DmjE65xGWxcureus.com/articles/16442…
"When developed nations require two versus zero neonatal vaccine doses, or many versus fewer infant vaccine doses, our study suggests there may be unintended consequences that increase all-cause mortality"

This is damning.
Dose-dependent relationship between infant and under-5 mortality and mandated vaccine doses. Dose-dependent relationships are strong indicators of causation, but not definitive.
This paper is a re-run of an earlier analysis that the same group did 12 years ago.

It isn't a mistake or a random finding.

There will be confounders which need investigating, but what we have seen is that the pharma companies will now mobilise to bury this data. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
In fact I'm going to make a prediction that the pharma-invested @gorskon or @microbiomdigest (involved with the massive #poogate uBiome corruption scandal) via @retractionwatch will be mobilised within the next month to try to get this paper taken down.

So watch what happens.
@gorskon @MicrobiomDigest @RetractionWatch It is not acceptable to obsessively stab neonates with drugs for which there are no randomised controlled trials showing all-cause mortality benefits.

And massive safety signals for mortality and disability that have been suppressed.
@gorskon @MicrobiomDigest @RetractionWatch One month ago I set this challenge to the vaccine zealots (those who are addicted to vaccines and want to mandate vaccines at any cost on others).

They failed.
It was a simple question.
Just one trial. There isn't one.
@RobertKennedyJr @stkirsch
@gorskon @MicrobiomDigest @RetractionWatch @RobertKennedyJr @stkirsch Diphtheria was basically eradicated 30 years ago with hygiene and antibiotics.

Yet we are still pushing diphtheria vaccines in neonates, children and adults. With no pharmacovigilance.

@gorskon @MicrobiomDigest @RetractionWatch @RobertKennedyJr @stkirsch And then there is the Hepatitis B vaccine. A vaccine that is actually effective at preventing the thing that it is supposed to prevent.

With NO controlled trial showing an improvement in all-cause mortality, after 40 years of use.

@gorskon @MicrobiomDigest @RetractionWatch @RobertKennedyJr @stkirsch The HepB vaccine is useful for healthcare workers and others at risk of contracting HepB - a blood borne and sexually transmissible virus.

So why the hell are we giving it to babies?

This is the list of people at risk of HepB:

https://t.co/qmykyaqVj0 https://t.co/4DkNIkrgGinhs.uk/conditions/vac…
@gorskon @MicrobiomDigest @RetractionWatch @RobertKennedyJr @stkirsch The UK resisted giving this to babies but capitulated in 2017.

Outside of mothers with HepB (detectable with screening) and known high risk groups there is no good reason for giving newborn babies this vaccine without longterm ACM data.

@gorskon @MicrobiomDigest @RetractionWatch @RobertKennedyJr @stkirsch In fact, the insidious assumption must be that the Hepatitis B vaccine needs to be given to neonates to protect it from paedophiles and IV drug users.

Here is @DrPaulOffit defending "Uncle Bob"

@gorskon @MicrobiomDigest @RetractionWatch @RobertKennedyJr @stkirsch @DrPaulOffit So here's a suggestion if you're being pressured to give your newborn baby or infant a Hepatitis B vaccine and you are not a paedophile, or IV drug user and your Hepatitis B antenatal screening was negative.

Ask them how your baby will possibly contract Hepatitis B.
@gorskon @MicrobiomDigest @RetractionWatch @RobertKennedyJr @stkirsch @DrPaulOffit And keep your baby far away from @DrPaulOffit's "Uncle Bob"

I call for an immediate and mandatory provision of the following statement for ALL neonatal vaccination advice:

"There are no long term randomised controlled trials showing that this vaccine will result in a better life expectancy or lower chance of disability for your child.… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Update: It's worth noting where @DrPaulOffit gets his scary "before the vaccines there were 18,000 kids getting HepB" statistic.

A modelling paper from 2001.

In fact, most of the reduction in HepB came from targeted vaccination, perinatal treatment and awareness.

The pharma… https://t.co/FN9gWOAxUltwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@DrPaulOffit By comparison, neonatal HIV infection rate dropped from 428/m in 1991 to 13/m in 2015.

That is a 97% drop with no vaccine at the same time that HepB infection rates dropped.

Offit might as well claim that the HepB vaccine prevented HIV. It's a lie.


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Jul 28
NEW Stinky Cheese 🧀🧀🧀

It looks like the @ActuariesInst - who covered up the Australian Excess deaths scandal - are now implicated in a HUGE conflict of interest involving @karencutter4 and @aaroncutter2

$7bn in 6 months?
Where did that money come from?
#CutterGate https://t.co/WGjHdNMgwGtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…

@ActuariesInst @KarenCutter4 @AaronCutter2 The bias of @karencutter4 is off the scale.

She worships @vikilovesfacs - ignoring the miscarriage and births disasters - and derides @SenatorRennick

This is activism. It is not the professional standard expected of an actuary.


@ActuariesInst @KarenCutter4 @AaronCutter2 @VikiLovesFACS @SenatorRennick The Cuttters KNEW about the excess deaths last year.
The Cutter report was published this year, whitewashing any concerns about the COVID mRNA vaccines that are KNOWN to have caused deaths. https://t.co/xL5Cii1Pp8twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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People keep asking me what the SV40 cancer gene enhancer in the Pfizer COVID "vaccine" actually does.

Hope this helps.
#plasmidgate #SV40
@chrismartenson @DrJBhattacharya @stkirsch @Kevin_McKernan @Clucky92864053 @Parsifaler @JesslovesMJK @profnfenton
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Jul 22

In the @COVIDSelect document released last week there were embedded images containing previously unreleased emails.

One of them blows this whole thing open, and it's from #BatBumEddie Holmes.

"Pressure from on high".
@COVIDSelect It's not possible that Eddie Holmes (affiliated with EcoHealth, Fudan university and the CCP) could have anybody "on high" outside of this group.

They were literally the high priests of virology.
Fauci, Rambaut, Andersen, Bedford, Farrar.

There were no higher authorities. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@COVIDSelect The only "on high" that there could have been were:

Donald Trump
Xi Jinping
Boris Johnson
Scott Morrison


Peter Daszak, who was - according to @AGHuff - the virological ambassador of the CIA.

Somebody who REALLY matters.

So who the hell was it? twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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Jul 20

The hospital at the centre of the iatrogenic murder scandal of @evlaica's husband is @RCHTWeCare

The twitter handle is inappropriate.

If you are a nurse at #Treliske hospital who wants to get your story out anonymously, my DMs are open.

🧵 Image
As presented, this story from @JacquiDeevoy1 represents an iatrogenic (doctor-caused) death no different from those resulting from Harold Shipman's serial murder campaign.

All Stuart needed was #3tablets antibiotics for a chest infection.

Instead... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Sh…
...according to his wife's testimony he was physically restrained, catheterised and forcibly injected with high dose opiates and #midazolam without consent.

This would constitute an illegal act of assault leading to an unlawful death.
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Jul 17
BOOM! 💥💥💥💥

More #Qantasgate revelations this time involving the government grant buddies Raina MacIntyre ($2.4m) and Kristine Macartney ($65m) apparently pressuring the Chief Medical Officer to procure mRNA vaccines.

Why the redactions?

And if Allen Cheng KNEW that it… https://t.co/b6bxDzLtkPtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…

More on Raina Macintyre's government grants and links to @biosafetynow which I reported to be a shell organisation pushing COVID vaccine mandates under cover of "viral research safety"

@BiosafetyNow And, as always, the link to the FOI document.

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Jul 16
Bad cheese 🧀🧀
This article was published in the @australian in 2021 by "Katrina Grace Kelly".

It is endorsing the hate site run by the disgusting hate account @sorryantivaxxer that mocks the deceased.

But there is something odd about it..
The author is Katrina Kelly who has a muckrack account (which records verified articles from journalists) under her previous name.

Yet many of the articles no longer exist.
Meanwhile Katrina Kelly is featured as the central subject of this article from the @smh (who also hate people they call "antivaxxers") discussing "adoption reversal".

Kelly (journalist) said that Collier (journalist) was a fraud.
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