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lemme see what we got.
case in point---this next bit. piece by piece, okay? on 12/10 cc5 sends the memo to all of their points of contact in the target states.....but LEAVES OUT the parts about the fake votes and fake electors. he doesn't send anything to WI b/c they already had it.
on 12/11, cc5 tells cc1 to talk to that asshole AZ lawyer we just saw. cc1 tells the lawyer that he (AZ lawyer) needs to file a writ of cert with the supreme court (a writ of cert essentially tells the court that you have reason to believe something has run afoul
of the law that warrants its review--sometimes it's a previous decision, in this case it's the actions of state agencies--i.e. affirming that biden won their state's votes). and it's a real petition that you are meant to file in GOOD FAITH. so cc1 asks AZ lawyer to file one-
AS COVER. the idea here is that if the lawyer files the writ, it LOOKS like these ppl earnestly believe that something bad has happened with the votes. so when they put their fake electors in play (fake electors who, btw, believe these votes will ONLY be used if
the courts rule in 45's favor) it won't look suspicious. it will only look like they're waiting for a ruling from the supreme court. smith's doc uses the word "pretext," which is fitting. they're using the writ as a placeholder.
and we know this, b/c these dildoes literally say so themselves.
If you find yourself WRITING the words, "it could appear treasonous..." stop. just stop. if you think it could, it fucking is. STOP. Image
by 12/12, 12/13, the fake electors are starting to be like...
they start having these conference calls and exchanging emails w/the ccs and the campaign staff, and are like, "so, y'all--we've read your memos. first of all, thank you for doing that. we all certainly appreciate the time and effort you're putting in to get our guy elected-
slight hiccup, though--cause we've been talking, right? and btw...let me know if we're all the way off base lowkey feels like the things you're proposing here are like---wow, this is awkward--no offense, but....big time super duper hardcore illegal."
and the ccs are like, "what? illegal? no. c'mon. how in the world did you get that from this illegal shit we wrote down and passed around to each and every one of you multiple times? this is so weird. tell you what--i see that you're worried, and i want to honor that.
b/c i hear you and i see you. what i'm gonna do, is take this felt tip pen, and at the very bottom of this memo, i'm gonna just scribble in 'this shit is totally fine.' k? is everybody good? does that solve the problem?"
lol....but senior campaign staff is now also like, "eh.....this IS starting to have the distinct feel of something that's gonna be written up in a rather elaborate 45 page indictment. nobody here is signing onto this. sorry, dawg."
also on 12/13, a new mexico staffer (i know you're wondering how new mexico got in it b/c i keep skipping over that part, but new mexico was an afterthought for them) told cc5 to send the fake certificates on down. so he did. then, again, as pretext--
45's camp mounted a court challenge to new mexico's election results so that it was happening while the new mexico ppl were organizing THEIR fake electors to fake vote.
on 12/14 the legit vote count happens.
on 12/14 the fake votes are cast and submitted (bear in mind, in some states, actual election official OPENED VOTING PLACES to host these fake votes being cast). there's a perfect Richard II competing crowns parallel, i'm dying to make-
but i'm holding myself back. you're welcome.
some of the fake votes get mailed in to the real officials, but only the legit ones make their way to the proper channels. but, chile---ronna goddamned romney mcdaniel, at this point, in CLEAR concert with the ILLICIT scheme-
(even though she'd been lied to in the beginning, at this point it is CLEAR she knows what's up)--sends 45's secretary an email a la "the die is cast," saying that his electors had voted with biden's electors.
okay. lolol. i know it's late. i know you're tired. we're all tired. but this next're very nearly there.
on 12/22 cc4 met with 45. cc4 works at the doj and isn't supposed to just meet with the president all willy nilly w/o doj's consent.
on 12/24 the acting ag calls cc4 and is all, "my guy--tell me you did not go to the mfing white house and have an unauthorized meeting with the gd president of these united states." cc4 is all, "so....i that....BUT it was totally unplanned....just a random,
entirely spontaneous meeting with the most powerful man in the world (*eyeroll*). nothing to see here." the acting ag is like, " NOT do that shit again." cc4 is like, "sir, i definitely won't. i see how this looks odd, and you're right. it shouldn't have happened-
i'll definitely never ever have any unauthorized contact with the president ever again." and the acting ag is like, "cool. good talk."
the next morning cc4 and the president have another phone meeting. lol.
i hate these ppl.
that afternoon, 45 calls the acting ag and is like, "you know, not related to anything and completely off the cuff, you know cc4? i like him. he's a good guy. ppl are telling me he's a good guy. i should put him in. btw, big fraud w/the election."
the acting ag and the acting deputy ag who is also on the phone are like, "for the one millionth time, sir, no fraud happened."
45 is all-
then 45 is like, and this is a DIRECT QUOTE:
on 12/28, cc4 sends the acting ag and deputy ag a draft letter and is all, "hey....sign this at the bottom." the letter has all the election lies in it and says that the DOJ has concerns about the veracity of the election votes in the target states, and that the DOJ
has implored various state legislatures to convene special sessions to decertify the legit votes and legitimize the fake votes. the acting ag and acting deputy ag ball the draft up, spit on it, throw it into the fireplace, and tell cc4 to go to the devil and to NOT
stop by the white house for yet ANOTHER unauthorized visit on his way there. on 12/31 45 calls the acting ag and acting deputy ag into the office and tells them that if they don't get on board with the fraud lie they're going to be fired.
on 1/2, cc4 goes into the fireplace hearth, reassembles the lie letter from the ashes, wipes off the spit remnants, tapes everything back together, and goes BACK to the acting ag and acting deputy acting ag and is like, "guys....for real....sign this shit."
the acting ag and acting deputy ag are like, "fomfwtbs. nobody is signing anything." cc4 is like, "bet." so cc4 goes into his office, takes the rejected letter, furrows his brow, says, "i can do this better," and then sits down at his computer, opens the original doc-
and AMENDS the letter to include even STRONGER language saying that the DOJ has PROOF of election irregularities in the targeted states.

THEN this mfer goes back to the white house for yet ANOTHER unauthorized, unsanctioned visit. in my mind he walks like this
he gets there, 45 greets him the way raul julia's gomez greets christopher lloyd's fester...........

and then 45...........

all of this is coming back to me. my mind had suppressed every bit of it.
k. so cc4 (who i'm now realizing is........jeffrey clark?) goes to the acting ag and is all, "you're fucking fired." and the acting ag (who i'm now remembering is rosen)is like, "lolol. betchu i'm not."
acting ag calls the white house and demands a meeting that night, 45 is like "fine." in the interim, 45 has a meeting with all the important military ppl. he starts p-aching to them, and they're all, "leave it alone, sir. you're gonna start a fire." and 45 is all-
"you're right. it's done. it's too late for us." EFFECTIVELY CONCEDING AN AWARENESS OF THE DEFEAT.

he leaves that meeting, goes into the meeting with the acting ag, acting deputy ag, cc4 and IMMEDIATELY starts whinging again.
acting ag is like, "look. we told you what it is. whether you accept it or not, it is what it is. but if there's one thing for sure and two things for certain, i'm not fucking fired. i know that shit. if i don't know shit else. i know i'm not fired." and 45 is all, "fineee."
this wasn't him conceding the point, mind you. the acting ag and acting deputy ag had told him that if 45 replaced him with cc4, they would take every person in the doj with them upon exit.
not to be deterred, cc4 pipes up and is all, "you know.......somebody should talk to mike pence and tell him that he should get big in the chest and just make all of this go away on january 6th." the acting ag is like, "and here you go with the horrible ideas again."
and 45 is like, "everybody shut up. nobody is talking to mike pence. the only person talking to mike pence is me."

and that was the end of the meeting.
i need to go to sleep. i'll read the rest after my am docket.
okay. pleased to see i only jankied up the thread one time to the tune of exactly 1 tweet.

let's hit the final leg of this:

Michael Richard Pence-

a man who i'm convinced thinks mayonnaise is too spicy.
okay. the first thing i want to say here, is that as i replay these events in my mind, i am alarmed to find that i literally never gave much thought to 45 telling ppl to come to dc on 1/6. i saw the tweets, and knew it was happening....but....i just....didn't think anything of it
the first thing this section goes into detail about is how 45 had not only been fanning the flames for weeks, but how he KNEW he was getting everyone riled up. so it is absolutely jarring to learn that behind all of those tweets, his ccs were literally planning on
1. creating utter confusion at time of the certification 2. using the confusion INSIDE to amp up the ppl 45 invited who were OUTSIDE 3. fashioning ALL of it into a powder keg set to detonate when Pence took the dais, so that 4. pence would be pressured into the scheme.
i also apparently missed this entirely.

not your boy stepping away from the window pane where he was *clearly* eating paint chips to *retweet* the actual illegal plan they were hatching. Image
okay, so member how all the ccs were getting republican electors together to vote on 12/14--the day when the legitimate electors were supposed to vote? and remember how they told them that they'd only use the votes cast if 45 prevailed in court (which--STILL not seeing how
this had even the patina of legality)? on the same day 45 sent out that "THIS IS HOW WE DO CRIMES" tweet, cc2 sent around yet another memo saying that the plan was for Pence to be all, "heavens to betsy! it appears we *somehow* have TWO slates of electors!"
"well, good gravy! it certainly looks like we've got us in one sam heck of a mystery pickle! seems like there's some hollerin' in...idunno....7? states that just happen to be game changers so there's no way we can say who's a for sure for real elector. best as i can see it,
the only thing we can can do is leave things as they are right now, all undisturbed-like. so one, two, yippity yoo i crown donny trump president." then he was supposed to bang the gavel and offer 45 to the world like
that was cc2's actual factual plan. that's legit what he wrote in the memo.

the problem with this (beyond the obvious)?-
cc2 had *literally* written that mike pence ABSOLUTELY had NO AUTHORITY to do ANY of these EXACT THINGS in a missive two months prior.
on the back end, 45 is harassing THE SHIT out of mike pence through a series of increasingly frantic calls.

MIND YOU, ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of this is happening during the holidays.

and mike pence is a conservative, white, evangelical.
so you KNOW that the ONLY thing this mf loves more than stripping marginalized ppl of the few rights they have and forcefully compelling women (affectionately called "Bathshebas" in Pence's home state of Gilead) to birth babies--

is Christmas.
ON CHRISTMAS DAY, 45 calls pence and is all, "good morning, mike! merry christmas!" before mike pence can get the reply greeting out of his mouth, donald trump is all, "speaking of Christmas, i'm really getting fucked on this election thing."
4 days later, 45 calls him and tells him that the DOJ is finding major infractions in those 7 target states. on NEW YEAR'S DAY, 45 calls him and looses his shit b/c pence won't get behind trump's ppl filing a lawsuit petitioning the court to affirm that pence had the
authority to reject elector votes at time of the certification ceremony. when pence tried to calmly explain to 45 that he didn't have the constitutional authority to do any such thing, 45 replied--


on january *3rd*, 45 called pence and AGAIN pushed him to consider rejecting elector votes at the certification hearing b/c the constitution gave him the authority to. pence was like, "sir. it doesn't. and i know you know it doesn't. since a federal court told you so YESTERDAY."
LATER on january 3rd, cc2 circulates a NEW memo with a NEW plan--this time, the strategy is for pence to send the dualing elector slates back to their respective legislatures...then the LEGISLATURES would decide which sets to send back to washington.
tell you what--one thing you CAN'T say about 45's white house is that there was a dearth of ideas. these mfs were running an ideas FACTORY. the moment one idea got shot down another idea was up on deck. where TF was all this ingenuity when a literal plague was ravaging the land?
on january 4th, 45 calls a meeting with cc2, pence, pence's CoS, and pence's lawyer to try to convince him AGAIN to reject biden's votes and send them back to the states. 45 conveniently lost don mcgahn's invite in the mail. since he and all the WH lawyers had spent weeks telling
him he couldn't do the very thing he was proposing. now, in case you're wondering how we know all of the details of these calls and meetings....look no further........than michael "does this water have pepper in it?" pence......who took. notes. Image
pence looks at cc2 and is all, "SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. BFFR. Do you SERIOUSLY think I'm allowed to send votes back to the states?" and cc2 is all, "idunno. no one's ever done it." and pence looks at 45 is like, "YOUR BOY can't even tell me that i'm allowed to
to do this." and 45 just shrugs and is like, "so, what? i like the first plan better anyway."

just in case you're not keeping up, the "first plan" was for pence to get on the podium and just unilaterally roy hibbert block any biden votes.
at this same meeting, one of 45's senior advisors finally breaks down and warns cc2 that their actions are gonna cause ppl to riot in the streets.

cc2 just shrugs and is all, "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, bitch. yolo." Image
on JANUARY 5th, alllllllllllll of these ppl convene again. cc2 has changed course again and is now with the president in thinking that the best course of action is for pence to just strong arm any and every biden vote--

you gotta know pence was absolutely horrified that
allllllllll of these ppl were completely serious about him altering the course of history, stealing a gd election, and instigating an actual insurrection in the streets. they were saying ALL of this to him with the EXPECTATION that he was going to go along with it.
and what is killing ME right now, is that EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of these ppl knew EXACTLY what would happen. we're all sitting in our homes on 1/5 thinking that 4 years of a cormac mccarthy-esque (wherever the Afterlife has found you, please know that i love you)
dystopian nightmarescape is FINALLY coming to an end--and allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of these ppl are on pennsylvania avenue disaster prepping for the hell they KNEW was upon us. they didn't think AT ALL that this would just be a matter of simple protests. AT ALL.
it's absolutely appalling.
and after MONTHS and MONTHS of NOs.......from federal courts across the COUNTRY, from election officials, from his OWN acting AG, from his own senior advisors, from his own WH lawyers, from MICHAEL FUCKING PENCE, the CENTERPIECE OF THIS PLAN--
donald trump fires up twitter on january 5th, and tells america to come to DC on 1/6.......b/c mike pence has the authority to reject electors.

if you're wondering what this reminds you of, it's that time 8 year old me stood in the in the kitchen of my parents' home and asked my southern, Black mama if katie esposito could spend the night....while katie esposito stood right beside me.

only with bloodshed and treason.
at 5:05 45 sends another incendiary tweet telling america that the "election victory was stolen" and that "our country has had enough and won't take it anymore."

at 5:43, he again tells these same ppl to come to DC the next day.
that same day, pence AGAIN was like, "WTAF?" and 45 was like, "you gonna help me break these laws or nah?" and pence was all, "FAM................NAH." then 45 was like, "suit yourself. but i AM gonna have to tell all these ppl gathering that you refused to help. bet they won't
be happy."
on 1/5, as crowds started to gather and scream and chant, everyone in the white house could HEAR them. the president and everyone in the OVAL could hear them. 45 casually remarked that they were gonna be angry the next day.
after ALL of that, on the EVENING of 1/5, 45 told his campaign to draft a statement and it did. then the president approved the copy. the statement? "the VP and i are in total agreement that the VP has the power to act."

this rotten sonofabitch.
on the MORNING of 1/6 45 is STILLLLLLLLLL DEMANDING that mike pence follow through with this scheme. pence refuses to let up.

we know what happens next: Image
later that morning, one of 45's cronies contacted a senator (this is that flaw of evolution, ron johnson), and asked him to hand deliver an envelope to the vp. what was in the envelope? fraudlent elector certificates from wisconsin and michigan.

the crony gets the envelope to johnson's staff, and johnson's staff contacts a member of the vp's staff and is like, "we've got the rest of the elector certificates for you." pence's staffers were like "absolutely tf not."
45 tells cc1 and cc2 to get out in public and tell everybody that it's all up to pence and that pence has the authority to change all of this and stop the steal and that if pence does the right thing all will be well and that we should all tell pence what we want to see happen.
then 45 goes BACK to pence and pushes him to obstruct the votes YET AGAIN.

I CANNOT believe that mike pence didn't punch this mfer dead in the mouth at any point in this entire thing.
pence says no. so the president goes out and does this: Image
45 tells everyone that the pa legislature wants the votes back so they can "recertify" the "correct" ones. he tells everyone that this can only happen if pence agrees to send the votes back.

in response, the crowd starts chanting, "send them back!"
he WHIPS these people into a gd FRENZY, and then tells them to march on the capitol: Image
mike pence is in full on panic mode, so he issues a statement articulating what the role of the vp actually is.
but it doesn't matter, b/c the crowd is already on the move, headed towards the capitol.
45 had told them he would meet them, but he went back to the WH, and started
watching everything unfold on the television in the dining room next to the oval. when the rioters breach the capitol, everyone tells 45 he needs to do something. he tells everyone "no." then he says, "they're rioting because the election was stolen."
at 2:24 pm, 45 tweets this, effectively calling pence the p-word. Image
at 2:25 the secret service had to rush pence off to a secure location.
amid cries of "hang mike pence!" "mike pence is a traitor!" "bring us mike pence" that 45 could HEAR FOR HIMSELF b/c he was WATCHING IT ON TV........AND BECAUSE ALL OF HIS ADVISORS WERE TELLING HIM TO DO SOMETHING.........

45 REFUSED to direct them to stand down MULTIPLE TIMES.
at some point someone convinces him to give that half-assed statement that he gave...........but then he followed it up with more incendiary tweets. l won't go through those b/c i'm sure this part we remember clear as day.
what i DIDN'T know........was while ALLLLLLLLLLLL of this was happening..........and by "alllllllllllllllll of this" i mean while rioters were storming the capitol and congresspeople were being evacuated and hiding under desks and making what they thought would be
their final phone calls to loved ones--
donald trump and his co-conspirators were calling united states senators.........
and asking them to delay the certification process.........
on account of all the madness we were all witnessing at the capitol.
madness every. single. one. of. them. had a DIRECT hand in orchestrating.
as God is my judge, jail is not enough.
for years, my father and i have gone back and forth trying to suss out what the DOJ could actually prove re: 1/6. YEARS. both of us were so unsure about its ability to draw any real connection between what we SAW 45 do, and what ppl were saying he actually PLANNED.
but he planned PLENTY.
and it doesn't appear that he took time to cover his tracks AT. ALL.
i don't know what's going to happen with all of this, as i abandoned the public reading of tea leaves long ago.
but this is one of the most damning indictments i've ever seen.
and i say that with ZERO hyperbole and tempered passion.

it's one of the most damning indictments i've ever seen.

and i read them for a fucking living.
anyway, that's the end of the doc.
i don't really have anything light-hearted to say b/c this is categorically awful. it is shameful and shocking and awful.
i'd forgotten how angry this man makes me.
thanks for sticking around.

i'm sure there will be no shortage of ppl lining up to canonize mike pence. *don't.* he defended 45 only days later. and CONTINUES to not utter a word against him.

he's a whole bitch for not knocking a SINGLE desk or table a MINIMUM.

• • •

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sixty pages, huh?
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