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i reside in va, ride in va, most likely when I die, I'm gon' die in va.
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Dec 6, 2023 13 tweets 3 min read
Ppl ask me if I like my job all of the time.

Literally 2-3x a day, someone from some walk of my life asks.

I always give these lengthy explanations and close with "No," but that might be a lie.

(My boss has been saying it's a lie for approx 7 mos, but I'm only seeing it now). It's a difficult question to answer b/c I'm very good at my job (for the most part). And it's hard to separate the validation I get b/c I'm good at something from *liking* the something itself.

But I think it's absolutely true that I feel lucky that I get to do this job.
Nov 3, 2023 30 tweets 6 min read
So, all and all, not too bad. 2 successes, one fail (arguably the most important one as far as my pride is concerned, but I'll rally).


Let me tell you about my morning. 1. I woke up 3 times last night b/c I was nervous about today.
2. I was supposed to take my niece to school, but when I got in, last night (I was at the office until....9?), her mom said *she* was taking her.
Which was fine. I was just gonna use the time to prep in the am.
Oct 18, 2023 37 tweets 5 min read
So I had a client who was ridiculous and volatile...

...who had never explored the possibility that I, too, might be ridiculous and volatile. Image And that was his first mistake.
Sep 7, 2023 40 tweets 8 min read
jim jordan sent a what? LOL.
okay. i was pretty preoccupied the last couple weeks.
i did NOT know this happened.…
Aug 15, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
don't even think about it. it's 11: 20 pm and i'm still working for the job that funds my profligate lifestyle.

don't even think about it. and i have memos and motions due all week. don't even think about it.
Aug 1, 2023 100 tweets 18 min read
lemme see what we got. case in point---this next bit. piece by piece, okay? on 12/10 cc5 sends the memo to all of their points of contact in the target states.....but LEAVES OUT the parts about the fake votes and fake electors. he doesn't send anything to WI b/c they already had it.
Jul 27, 2023 48 tweets 9 min read
A SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT?!!?!! the timing is *horrific*.

i have had the longest 48 hours ever and i really, really, *really* need to draft this motion to dismiss AND a sentencing memo to be filed on monday.


sixty pages, huh?
Jul 12, 2023 12 tweets 2 min read

Let me see....

if I have this.

Let me see if I've got this right.… Clarence Thomas's aide, Rajan Vasisht, had..........a venmo account.

A venmo account that was--inexplicably--public.
Jun 30, 2023 17 tweets 3 min read
It's very early, and I have a very long morning ahead, and I am gearing up to abandon this app for a good 4-5 days...
But let me say this- Periodically, I sit and think about getting older (a lot, actually, these days). And I find myself, more and more, examining how I view things now versus how I saw things when I was younger. All of us whose ideologies incline left tend to think that we have it right (ha!)-
Jun 30, 2023 17 tweets 3 min read
last night, before bed, i finally got up to speed on the colleen ballinger mess. i've largely ignored it b/c i do NOT get that miranda sings character, and that part of YT wasn't fashioned for me? so i side-stepped the drama. i just knew ppl were making allegations. b/c it was pretty late, i'd hit the pen in an effort to go to sleep (and be high) i kept scrolling and scrolling trying to find whatever apology video everyone was talking about.

on GOD, i scrolled past the actual video for 10 mins before i realized.
Jun 9, 2023 43 tweets 7 min read
I LITERALLY stopped working on my memo so I could read this indictment.

I am on page 24 and JESUS LUPITA NYONG'O CHRIST.

HOW this man still has the capacity to shock me after everything that's happened, i'll never know.

but I am sitting here *STUNNED*. I'll be honest--
b/c i really DO lean into naivete sometimes. it's difficult for me to assume the worst from ppl, even when they have done all of the worst things.

so this wholllllle time, i've been thinking, "wonder why he didn't give back those docs. he's probably lost them."
Jun 9, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
I'm so tired of not understanding what's happening anywhere. Covid. Ex presidents being indicted every damned where. The air outside is poison. And now this. If the apocalypse is here, can somebody just say it?… And didn't a movie just get shut down b/c he was sexually harassing everybody? Wasn't that just 4 minutes ago?
Jun 8, 2023 5 tweets 1 min read
WHY DID COLLEGE HILL NOT AIR THE FOOTAGE!?!??!?!!? THAT'S what I want to do with my life. I want to be an adjunct at wherever College Hill Celebrity Edition is filming.

I'll teach literally anything.


Jun 7, 2023 5 tweets 1 min read
whoever first had the idea to create a service that formats, checks, paginates, creates a TOC, verifies cites and then DOES the citations for appellate work is a god among men and should be revered for the magical, wondrous being they are. also, what a delightfully nerdy and industrious enterprise.

b/c ppl HATE the logistics of appellate filings. you just want to write the damned brief. nobody GAF about font size and margins and what should be italicized.

does this exist for ppl who write theses?
Jun 28, 2022 20 tweets 3 min read

ARE YOU WATCHING THIS HEARING?!?!? When they told 45 he couldn't go to the Capitol, 45 tried to reach for the steering wheel of the car HIMSELF, and then got in a PHYSICAL ALTERCATION with staff.