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EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL: Newly uncovered #TwitterFiles email reveals one of the CIA agents feat. on the @NYPost cover for signing the laptop letter was also in charge of Policy enforcement at Twitter & appears to have kept their job a secret from Congress & the public until now…🧵 Image
2) When the New York Post featured the faces of “the spies who lied” on its Cover back in March 2022, one agent named Nada Bakos, immediately went covert and hid her LinkedIn profile in hopes of hiding the fact that she worked at Twitter and set her Twitter account to private. Image
3) Who is Nada Bakos? Former CIA Agent known for her work targeting terrorists post 9/11, in which she worked under Obama Appt Fmr. CIA Deputy Dir. Mike Morrell—the author of the now infamous letter signed by dozens of former IC officials calling the Biden laptop Russian disinfo.

4) When the NY Post story “SPIES WHO LIE” dropped on Saturday, March 19, 2022, Bakos didn’t waste anytime—despite it being the weekend. She emailed her fellow Intel colleagues at Twitter that morning to alert them that her picture was featured on the Cover of the NY Post.

From: Nada Bakos, Sr. Policy at Twitter
To: Protective Intelligence & 3 Others
Subject: NY Post Story

Email: “Hi All - I wanted to make you aware of the NYPost cover that I was 'featured' on related to the Oct 2020 story about Hunter Biden's emails when he was on the Board of the Ukrainian Gas company, Burisma and a letter signed by 100s of former IC officials. (Twitter also banned the NYPost for the story at the time). Given my Policy role (and currently doing enforcement) across CHA-O, I didn't want this to come as a surprise. I don't /haven't publicly acknowledged working for Twitter and locked down my Linkedin. My mentions are a mess, of course.

If you have suggestions or anything I need to do, please let me know. I have no plans to respond/make a statement or acknowledge the piece.
5) Rep. @Jim_Jordan sent Ms. Bakos multiple letters requesting answers regarding her involvement with signing the laptop letter drafted by Mike Morrell.

However, the most recent letter sent to Bakos in March 2023, showed she had not responded to the requests of Congress. Image
6) It remains unclear when Bakos started working for Twitter or when she parted ways with the company (assuming she left since she doesn’t show an X employee affiliation badge.)

Requests sent to X to confirm her employment dates were not answered in time for publication.
7) Although Ms. Bakos now has her account set to private, archives show a critical view of Trump vs. very positive view of Biden/Democrats. Which raises ethical questions of whether actions regarding the laptop or moderating content at Twitter were politically motivated.

8) Interestingly, in June 2017 Bakos wrote an OpEd in which she offered a critical view of Trump’s tweets. Now knowing Bakos had an powerful role on Policy/content moderation at Twitter makes this article more relevant knowing he was eventually suspended.
9) It’s worth noting, that Bakos’ former CIA boss, Mike Morrell, is a columnist for the Washington Post. However, after a flurry of articles criticizing Trump’s admin throughout 2020—strangely it appears he hasn’t written a new OpEd since Oct. 2020. washingtonpost.com/people/michael…

10) News of Bakos job at Twitter leads to more questions:
—Did she play a role in Twitter’s decision censor the NYPost story?
—What led to her getting a job moderating policy/content at Twitter?
—Why did she try hide her job/role at Twitter from the public? Image
11) The actions of these former CIA agents also lead inquiring minds to ask the unthinkable—Did these former CIA agents plot their own stateside coup?

Both Bakos and Morrell were both very vocal publicly about their disdain for the former president. They both disliked his policies—both foreign and domestic, his tweets and his public criticism of their agency.

Neither Bakos or Morrell have shown any sign of remorse for their unethical actions of rushing a letter through the CIA to be able to falsely discredit the infamous laptop which led to a favorable outcome for Biden and many argue it likely had a significant impacted the outcome of the election.

The American people deserve answers and the unchecked powers of the intelligence community need some oversight when it comes to their influence on moderating the speech of the American people on social media.
12) People trained to overthrow foreign governments have no place meddling, influencing or putting their thumb on the scales to sway outcomes of our elections at home.

Accountability and answers are needed. Read more here:

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Aug 18
1. The strange story about a President of a Civil Rights group who sought help from Twitter to censor the reporting of journalist @JamesOKeefeIII.
2. Disclaimer: I have never covered election stories—only stories about free speech & human rights.

This story is about Freedom of the Press & people who lobbied Twitter to censor a journalist & citizens who commented on a story that was unfavorable for their political party.
3. It’s also worth noting that @JamesOKeefeIII, the journalist at the center of this story, is currently being represented by the @ACLU for a separate instance regarding the infringement of his rights as journalist. Image
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1) Only those who hold an Anti-American extreme ideology will fail to see the humanity and injustice of his story.

His name is John. This picture of him & his younger siblings was sent to me by John’s mother when I was trying to learn about who he was, before his life changed.
2) In a time where the media champions the idea of censorship & normalizes the idea of political prisoners— counter narratives are needed more than ever.

So I’m going to try my best to explain to the best of my knowledge what happened to John and why it matters to us all.
3) The first amendment is the most important right of all—for both the right, the left and every American in between.

Here is what is says for everyone who needs a reminder:
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Jul 3
1. Meet Paola.

Her story is tragic—but the good news is, her story doesn’t have to end this way.

There is still hope.

Paola is a beautiful & talented pastry chef, who was born in Columbia.
2. In 2021, a friend introduced her to the an American who was stationed in Bogota.

They fell in love.

Whenever he had to move back to the U.S., they stayed in a long distance relationship into the following year.
3. In 2022, after a whirlwind long distance relationship, they decided she would move from Columbia to the U.S. and they would get married.

Paola had just turned 33 and she said they both wanted to have kids and start their family.
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Jun 5
Hey @TeamYouTube, this man’s one and only son (that he raised from birth as a single dad) died within 5 days of receiving his Covid Pfizer shot in 2021 of Myocarditis.

After playing a game of basketball, he collapsed and died.

He was only 16-years-old.

Myocarditis… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Hi @TeamYouTube, you’ve been actively replying to users on twitter all day. Even as recent as a few seconds ago—but you refuse to respond to this father who lost his son that you ‘permanently’ censored.

Why is that?

You can respond to defend your ads, but not your censorship? Image
Dear @TeamYouTube, thank you for replying to this bereaved father. I hope you do the right thing and overturn his suspension. Part of grief and healing is being able to share your story with others, silencing his truth is wrong. Look forward to seeing the outcome of his appeal. Image
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Jun 3
1. When Ex-Twitter Employees leave twitter, ironically, all they seem to want to talk about is Twitter.

Let’s take “Theodora Skeadas” for instance. She is not a fan of free speech and how @elonmusk runs Twitter. Image
2. After Theodora parted ways with Twitter, she was unsurprisingly picked up by Harvard—which seems to welcome a lot of rejects these days—for instance Brian Stelter was hired by Harvard soon after he was let go from CNN.) twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
3. And yesterday, Theodora shared a link to a podcast where she shares her (arguably) extremist views on how “concerning it is” that people like Ella Irwin are leaving Twitter because it will impact “marginalized political groups.” Image
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May 12
1. The AdCouncil played a BIG ROLE in the Censorship Industrial Complex. And the reportedly new twitter CEO seems to have ties to them in addition to WEF.
2. “Sources you trust” 🙄 Image
3. “Know the facts! The Ad Council is working to inform Americans on why we MUST embrace an FDA covid vaccine.”

God help us all. Image
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