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The DESCENT of Heritage Foundation To Become Russian Propaganda

Founded in the Reagan era, Heritage Foundation has been a major voice for his foreign policy and defense principles. This continued in the Ukraine war, until it changed dramatically./1
“Timidity, fear, & hesitancy incentivize aggression and worsen the consequences of war……half measures and tepid, delayed assistance lengthen the duration of conflict, increase the amount of destruction, add to suffering, & make war harder to end.” HF website, March 15, 2023./2 Image
Heritage Foundation, website, February 14, 2023:/3 Image
Heritge VP, spring of 2023:/4
"In the months leading up to the vote on the Ukraine aid bill, Heritage’s policy experts argued in favor of an aggressive American role in the conflict, including huge amounts of aid." NYT, May 27, 2023./5
"Russia’s second invasion of Ukraine on Feb 24, 2022, has exposed the naivete of those on both sides of the Atlantic who believed Putin’s Russia would be a benign neighbor as long as the West provides the proper assurances and appeasement offerings."
Kochis & Spoehr, 6/23/22/6
Spoehr quit Heritage after being blindsided by their "America Last" op ed which was not screened w/i the Foundation's relevant staff./6A
Heritage Foundation, Ted Bromund and Daniel Kochis, July 7, 2023:/7 Image
At the same time Heritage was echoing the traditonal Reagan-type approach to the invasion of Ukraine, it was getting in bed with Viktor Orban's think-tank in Budapest:/8
This is a part of Orban's strategy to extend his "soft power" into American conservative organizations and politicians. Did Heritage did $ from Orban?/9
Orban has opposed sanctions on Russia, called NATO members who provide mil aid "war-mongers," and now irges for a ceasefire to protect Russian occupation from the Ukr counter-offensive./10
The heart of Putin's strategy to stop the huge losses caused by his miscalculation to invade is to weaken or stop US military aid to Ukraine./11
@Heritage repeats Russian: "Jessica Anderson, the executive director of Heritage’s lobbying operation, released a searing statement — its headline blaring “Ukraine Aid Package Puts America Last” — that framed the measure as reckless and ill-considered." NYT, May 27, 2023./12
Now @Heritage is running misleading ads on Ukraine aid (using a seven year authorization to imply it is the annual amount) and outright lying about the degress of oversight./13
This makes an argument to stop aid, appealing to isolationist Republicans, and echoing the Russian talking points. It is a continuation of the makes "America Last" theme. A complete flip in @Heritage 's position./14
The slimy response by Victoria Coates: She tries to obsfucate. (1) repeats "lack of oversight" which is a lie. (2) Describes the process as "throwing money" ignoring that all mil aid is coordinated via Ramstein process w/i NATO/Ukr. (3) contradicts virtually every /15
previous @Heritage position on their website (quoted above), supporting the weapons deliveries at the time./16
(4)Another totally misleading claim is her cting Keane as supporting "the lack of a strategy." . Keane is saying the oppposite: the US should allow Ukraine to decide the strategy. They know better what they can do and what they face & UKR is doing fine./17
(5) Coates implies that there has not been a direct up or down vote on Ukraine aid: that is a lie. The NDAA vote was on the Gaetz amendment ot cut aid and it failed dramatically. If the only objection is a separate vote, why all of the hype from Heritage? /18
@Hertiage has fed a false narative about oversight for months. It is picked by by some Republicans, who IMO must know it is a LIE. Their urging a "Supernumerary" IG is a scam./19
Describing Biden's Ukraine strategy as a failure is also wrong: (1) it is not Biden's strategy, but Ukraine's (2) the NATO "strategy has been to provide weapons as requested and needed, (3) this has not failed but is on the verge of major success./20
By making these inconsistent & erroneous charges, @Heritage has fuelled Russian propaganda. misled voters & conned some GOP officials into supporting the enemy. Why their hype? Who does it help? Why abandon their objective to inform and replace it with the mess shown on TVP? /21
Every effort is made to encourage more mil aid from our allies. Germany has accelerated help. Italy has as well. France is lagging. But can we make our natl security posture dependent on FR actions? Should we let Russia win because we object to French efforts? This is absurd!!/22
Why can't Heritage clearly state: support for mil aid to Ukr to win their country back; support for CONTINUED audits/tracking; support for more NATO allied help; future separate Congressional votes; a clear natonal debate over why this is wise and important?/23
Who are they helping by all of this obsfucation, lying and misrepresentation? Why?/24

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Aug 26
How the Heritage Foundation became a pro-Russian force.

You may have seen their TV ad that supports cutting off US aid to Ukraine, a major objective of Putin and the only possible way Russia can even get a "draw" out of the war. So let's start with how phony the ad is./1
The aid starts the full 7 yr authorization figure for Ukraine to create a big number that is makes absurd comparisons to Hawaii initital FEMA aid. The annual number is small & declining each yr. It is mostly spent in US, creating jobs to replace & update the donated eqpt./2
Heritage shifted to a claim that the aid is not accounted for. A blatant lie which plays on low information voters' fears and bias. Totally crap and Heritage must know it!/3
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Colonel Douglas MacGregor: spreading lies on social media for people too lazy or biased to check.
He appears everywhere especially since his Tucker Carlson appearance. Everyone should know some facts before they get too excited about what he says./1
His casualty numbers come straight from the Kremlin. They have been debunked by all NATO intelligence services. If his numbers were accurate, Ukrainians would not be so dedicated to continue fighting./2 Image
Here is the major effort by third-parties to verify losses on both sides ion the war. It is quite different that MacGregor's Kremlin nonsense./3
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Russia is Losing Badly Part 2
Once again let's look at reliable information that Ukraine is winning. Russian losses have now significantly affected their combat effectiveness. Without an artillery advantge, depleted low-morale units are trying to plug holes in the line.
Russia's defense of Crimea will come down the last important campaign. One critical part will be decided by whether Russia's air defense will hold up. That looks unlikely, since Ukraoine just took out the most modern Russian system, the S400:/1
In another recent clip, Ukraine took out what may be a Panstir air defense system. The operator quickly runs for it when an anti-radiaition missile locks on. Turning off the radar after the lock-on does not stop the missile. /2
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This thread will set out all of the indications that the Russians are now losing badly. This is not based on opinions, but tangible evidence that can be verified from open sources./1
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Heavy Russian tank losses have been reported and verified by third-parties. These figures can be verified by the Russians being forced to bring in older and far less effective tanks. First it was T62s (designed in the 1950s)./2
Then they had to bring in T54s and T55s (designed in the late 1940s). These can even be taken out with the Bradley 25mm Bushmaster:/3
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What Some Republicans Get Wrong on Ukraine
The list of things that fringe Republicans believe on Ukraine that are totally wrong. Some are so convinced of their opinion that they often refuse to listen to any facts at all./1
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That NATO provoked the Russian invasion: the Kremlin line which makes ZERO sense. Putin gambled that NATO would not respond and counted on Germany and France to keep NATO out of the war. Just as they had blocked Ukraine getting into NATO. FACTS:/2
The Kremlin line often unfortunately taken up by people without any effort to check the fact: that the US staged a coup in Ukraine in 2014, There was no coup, only a vote by Parliament to remove the President and hold a new election./3
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Aug 17
@DeSantisPrez @DeSantisWarRoom @RonDeSantis

Time to clarify Governor DeSamntis views on Ukraine war. We want to support you, but do not want to abandon Ukraine to Russia. This thread lays out the facts compared to your comments to date:/1
This matters to 71 percent of Republicans that support aid to Ukraine. The cutesy answers that do not address the real facts are not enough./2
The "territorial dispute" line was a mistake and I hope it was retracted fully. There is no dispute on UKR borders./3 Image
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