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A reminder that stalking and harassment threats are not a new tactic from Pharma.

Up until they admitted in 2007 that their drug caused deaths (estimated at 38,000 people) Merck were stalking doctors and reporting any that spoke out.

#VioxxGate #DoxxGate
The full timeline of the Vioxx scandal at NPR.

38,000 people died.
This was the prototype for @shotsheard, the pharma harassment network that is just about to be exposed.

38,000 people died as a result of these tactics.

These tactics are still ongoing.

The story of the harassment of @myletrinh123 should be a wake up call to every citizen of every country that has a medical board responsive to the influence of Pharma corporations.

Remember that Pharma has unlimited funds. They will come after every doctor who dares to make them look bad.

The result is that doctors know they are threatened if they speak out.

So they maintain silence and the public gets to take the #vioxx.

So when Australia has the highest excess death rate in the Western world, after adopting every single WHO-Pharma strategy to fight "COVID"...

Don't expect any doctor or scientist to say anything.
If they do they will be removed.
And because the regulators don't answer to anyone the public just have to continue to take the #Vioxx.

This is literally where we are in the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, NZ and most of the US.

And don't think they are going to stop at "Vaccine disinformation".

Why should it be any different for Oxycontin?

Every one of these scandals has faced the same problem.

Until doctors and scientists are protected from targeted networks of harassment and threat this will continue.

Depending on what happens in the high court legal case with @myletrinh123 perhaps we will find out through discovery...
Whether the reports that around 60 anonymous complaints were filed against doctors in Australia in 2021 questioning the COVID strategy.

By the same person using anonymous constructs of the name "Louise Graham".
There were over 100 doctors in Australia threatened by the regulator at that time

Yet "Louise Graham" is also the name of Pfizer ANZ's chief procurement officer.

So was somebody writing these complaints in her name?

@MRobertsQLD @SenatorRennick

The EXCESS death rate in Australia is currently running at over 20,000 people per year (despite the ABS altering the baseline), for a population of 26m.

And nobody is allowed to investigate.
And nobody is allowed to say anything.

Just take your Vioxx.

Finally a little historical twist in the #Vioxx story.
The supervising author on the JAMA paper that officially raised the alarm in 2001...
Was @EricTopol.
How ironic.



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Sep 11
It's time to get familiar with the Pharma "Lobbying" organisation who were funding #ShotsHeard, the mafia-like group that coordinates attacks against doctors and nurses who step out of line on drug propaganda.

This is "BIO"
Here is the archive.

BIO is run by Michelle McMurry-Heath, who is described as an MD PhD...

But Dr McMurry-Heath does not have a single first-author paper in her name.

So that would put her in the #CardboardPhD category .

@BrokenTruthTV @Fynnderella1pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=mcmurry-…
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Sep 9
I'm hearing that a file containing 1157 members of the @shotsheard social media group has been leaked online.

"Shots heard" is the pharma-backed troll organisation that coordinates attacks on people that raise concerns about vaccines.

Let's see how this story develops.
One of the lesser known co-founders of the #shotsheard group, Beth Hoffman from the "behavioural sciences" dept at Pittsburgh.

Not mentioned in the declarations.

By the time of this publication the group had been established for a while.

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Sep 6
Poisoned cheese 🧀🧀🧀

This interview is complete junk. It is intended to go viral on dissident forums so that those forums can be discredited.

But there is always an underlying story that the people behind this are trying to bury using this discrediting tactic

Mini thread...
1p36 deletion is a congenital chromosomal abnormality so it can't be induced by these drugs or external high frequency radiation.

But we know that the mRNA vaccines were falsely sold as "not genetic therapy" which was untrue and is being challenged in court in Australia..
Not only are the mRNA therapies by definition genetic therapies but they also are proven independently to contain undeclared plasmid (lab DNA) contamination at therapeutic levels.

This is the #plasmidgate scandal.
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Sep 2

Can you see it?
Can you see what the @UKHSA did?

@ClareCraigPath @ichudov @profnfenton @DrAseemMalhotra @Johnincarlisle

@UKHSA @ClareCraigPath @ichudov @profnfenton @DrAseemMalhotra @Johnincarlisle And just before you think that there is a time lag to the data, here are the week 9 figures. They remained constant (within 1%) all through 2022 and early 2023, irrespective of how far back the data was reported from.

Until June 2023, when 2022 data all increased by 14% https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-vaccine-weekly-surveillance-reports
@UKHSA @ClareCraigPath @ichudov @profnfenton @DrAseemMalhotra @Johnincarlisle Again, for the smarmy trolls. Please pay more attention. There are two data sets for births - UKHSA and HES.

The UKHSA pulled a bait and switch in June 2023, which is why the numbers suddenly changed, but it's purely to hide the drop.

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Sep 1
Hot cheese🧀🧀

A massive breaking story relating to @lonnibesancon who was removed from his post at Monash University for publicly denigrating Didier Raoult with offensive sexualised comments.

Not only a member of the #muttoncrew but an affiliate of @microbiomdigest.
Here is the translated article from 2021.
In essence, multiple French #muttoncrew members acted as political activists in order to undermine Raoult who merely published data on #3tablets protocols that could have saved thousands of lives

Their aim was to undermine and discredit Raoult and stop people giving #Hydroxychloroquine and #Azithromycin to prevent COVID pneumonia.

Besancon and Bik's actions likely resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths due to the #3tablets scandal of non-treatment

(see alt text) The translations for these phrases: "Son CV que tu suces si bien" "His CV that you suck* so well"  "les 4 crétins dont tu suces les boules" "the 4 morons whose balls you're sucking*"  In French the verb sucer in this context means "to give fellatio"
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Sep 1
There is an implication to this MHRA FOI that is beyond what is written in the thread.

The MHRA were reading our posts and therefore knew the safety concerns that we had raised in the public interest.

Yet they did nothing.
Many people died.

@mattletiss7 @pjhlaw
@mattletiss7 @pjhlaw Example 25/6/23

@MHRAgovuk knew there was no additional efficacy to a second dose - even on the unsubstantiated and unverified data presented to them - yet approved it without long term safety data.

@mattletiss7 @pjhlaw @MHRAgovuk Example 20/5/23

@MHRAgovuk knew that they had not conducted pharmacovigilance in pregnancy despite allowing the genetic vaccines to be rolled out to pregnant women.

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