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Joe Biden is crying and screaming, terrified that he is going to be thrown under the bus, and replaced.

This, according to certain reliable sources inside the top echelons of the DNC and the CIA.
2) These sources whisper that the DNC and CIA have already decided to throw Joe Biden under the bus: "Joe is not useful to us anymore, he has become a liability"

It is now just a matter of time, they say.
3) The big issue is Kamala.
The DNC and the CIA
DO NOT want Kamala becoming President.

It would be a disaster for them.
4) But it seems they have found the solution:
They have ordered Kamala to resign from the VP position, and move to the Senate, to replace the corpse named Dianne Feinstein.

Kamala signed a secret agreement with PerkinsCoie, before being chosen as VP
5) According to this secret contract, which Kamala signed before being picked as VP in the Biden ticket, Kamala agreed that she will obey ANY order given to her by the DNC or by PerkinsCoie.

So, she has to do whatever they order.
6) With Kamala moved out of the way, the VP position is freed.

The DNC and PerkinsCoie can choose whatever person they want - with the approval of the CIA - and place it as VP.

Joe Biden can do nothing but accept the decision from above.
7) according to these sources, the person chosen to replace Kamala as VP is Gavin Newsom.
8) so this is what will happen:
Kamala will resign from VP, and replace FrankenFeinstein in the Senate.

Then: Gavin Newsom will be nominated and enthroned as VP.
9) After Newsom is installed,
Joe Biden will be thrown under the bus:

either he will "die of Covid"
or "he fell from his bicycle"
or whatever.

one way or another, he will be forced to resign.
10) This is why Joe Biden is crying and screaming,
why he is terrified.

He knows his days are counted, and that the decision to throw him under the bus has already been taken by "The Powerful Ones".

aka: DNC, PerkinsCoie, CIA.
11) What "The Powerful Ones" want to avoid is a replay of the Nixon scandal,
but 1000 Times worse.

This is why they want Joe Biden to resign and then die before the Impeachment.
12) for Joe Biden to resign and then die is the only way to let them save at least a minimum of his "reputation"
13) "The Powerful Ones" knew this was going to happen since April 2019, when they picked him.

But the Big issue became the VP:
14) and now they found the solution:
Kamala forced to move to the Senate,
Gavin Newsom enthroned as VP.

Joe Biden dies,
Newsom becomes President.
15) so it will be Gavin Newsom who will run against Trump in 2024.

And he will run as the incumbent President.

(God save us all!)
16) The 2024 Elections will be rigged again (BIGLY!)
and Newsom will remain President of the USA until Jan. 20, 2033.

(God save us all!)

It will be a Tyranny like you have never seen.
or even imagined.
17) The decision to pick Gavin Newsom as VP (and then as P) was made a few days before the CIA ordered Sean Hannity to do an interview with Gavin Newsom on Fox News.

Sean Hannity is a CIA and FBI asset.
(in case you don't know...)
18) Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox, helped the CIA and MI6 in ther Coup d'Etat in Australia, in 1975.

Murdoch himself is a CIA/MI6/Mossad asset - since then.

This is why Fox called Arizona for Biden, on Nov. 4, 2020
19) Murdoch does whatever the CIA tells him to do.

(like firing Tucker Carlson, for example...)

isn't it true, @TuckerCarlson ?
@TuckerCarlson 20) "The Powerful Ones" cannot let Joe Biden just resign and go.
They need him DEAD.

And Joe Biden knows it.

Only with Joe Biden dead the scandal of the monumental corruption can be covered-up, silenced and forgotten.
@TuckerCarlson 21) "The Powerful Ones" cannot let Joe Biden just resign and go.
They need him DEAD.

Joe Biden knows it.
And this is why he is terrified.
This is why he cries and screams in the White House, as many insiders report.

Bad temper due to desperation.
@TuckerCarlson 22) When Joe Biden saw Gavin Newsom on Fox with Sean Hannity, he saw the writing of the Wall.

He knew his days were counted.

Joe Biden is dumb as heck, but he knows the Cabal, and he knows how it operates.
@TuckerCarlson 23) Joe Biden is dumb as heck, but he knows the Cabal, and he knows how it operates.

Joe Biden has been a member of the Cabal for 45 years.
@TuckerCarlson 24) for the Cabal, the death of Joe Biden will be a Ritual Sacrifice.

A Ritual Sacrifice to their Moloch.

A Ritual Sacrifice to Beelzebub.

Just like 9/11 was.
@TuckerCarlson 25) So we will soon see another Funeral.
A Funeral like this:


But this time it will be Joe Biden in the casket, instead of George Bush.
@TuckerCarlson 26) The only question is:
which flag will be on Joe Biden casket?

The Chinese flag
or the Zelensky flag?

what say you @JoeBiden ?
which one you prefer?
@TuckerCarlson @JoeBiden 27) and if you believe that Joe Biden is not a satanist, just look at this: Image
@TuckerCarlson @JoeBiden 28) by the way: here is a quick list of people that the CIA installed in the White House:
-George Bush
-Bill Clinton
-GW Bush
-BJ Obama
-Joe Biden

They planned to have also Hillary Clinton in 2016
(but that didn't work out very well...) Image
@TuckerCarlson @JoeBiden 29) There is an unsettling part in all this:
Donald Trump Jr. girlfriend is Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Kimberly Guilfoyle was married with
... Gavin Newsom!

I don't know what to make of it.
@TuckerCarlson @JoeBiden 30) If I were the son of President Trump, I would stay MILLIONS of miles away from anything that Gavin Newsom has touched.
@TuckerCarlson @JoeBiden 31) This is how you know that the CIA
(and the DNC)
have decided to throw Joe Biden under the bus:

• • •

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Sep 21
Rupert Murdoch resigns from Chairman of Fox Corporation.

Exactly the day after I exposed Rupert Murdoch as a CIA/MI6/Mossad asset.


cc: @GuntherEagleman , @KariLake , @SarahPalinUSA

pls Retweet!…
@GuntherEagleman @KariLake @SarahPalinUSA 2) Does it mean that Rupert Murdoch reads my tweets and Threads?

But the CIA does.
and FBI, DHS, MI6 and GCHQ do, too.
since Sept 9, 2018.

How do I know?
Because I have the tools to know. Image
@GuntherEagleman @KariLake @SarahPalinUSA 3) This is what I wrote yesterday about Rupert Murdoch:

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Sep 21
1) so this is why the DNC don't want to run any Primaries:
it's not to protect Joe Biden:
it's to protect Newsom!
2) The DNC can put Gavin Newsom on the Presidential ticket as Presidential candidate as late as at the Dems Convention, in July 2024.

They can do it.
So they WILL do it.
3) This means that the DNC have plenty of time.
They are not in a rush.

Gavin Newsom doesn't have to fill any paperwork until July 2024, to be on the Presidential ticket as Presidential candidate.

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Sep 8
1) Obama thrown Under the Bus. [THREAD]

Who could have imagined that?
Who could imagine that Tucker Carlson would interview Larry Sinclair, in his show?

I applaud the courage of @TuckerCarlson and his producer @justinbwells for bringing out the TRUTH.
2) Obama thrown Under the Bus.
in such a brutal way.

Obama exposed as a Liar,
Obama exposed as a Sodo*mite and a Perv*ert
Obama exposed as Crackhead. (just like Hunter...)


in just 45 minutes.
@TuckerCarlson @justinbwells 3) But what is really going on???
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Sep 2
430,000 Ukrainian soldiers died.
Thanks to Joe Biden, Obama, John Kerry, McCain, Lindsey "Linda" Graham, Nuland, Jake Sullivan (HRC puppet), Zelensky, the CIA, DoD.

Zelensky prepared a new cemetery, which can hold 600,000 corpses.

1 Million dead is Joe Biden target.
2) Joe Biden, Nuland will fight until the last Ukrainian is dead.

Listen to what Lindsey Graham said, in Dec. 2017:
"2017 will be the year of offense"

The War in Ukraine had been planned by those Warmongers since 2014.
The target was to start the War against Russia in 2017.
3) 2014 was the year of the CIA Coup in Ukraine.
Obama, Joe Biden, Nuland, Eric Ciaramella, John Kerry, John McCain were all involved in the Plan.

along with John Brennan (CIA Director)

and Hillary Clinton, of course.
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Aug 28
I believe that Adam Schiff is possessed by the Devil Image
2) Literally possessed.

Father Malachi Martin, former top level Jesuit and exorcist,
revealed that many politicians in Washington DC sell their soul to the Devil, for money and power

3) and what happened to Mitch McConnell a few weeks ago, by the way?

That was weird.

How do you explain this?
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Aug 25
TRAITOR Mike Pence was in in the STEAL, together with the DemocRats, with the Biden Cabal, the FBI, CIA, DOJ

Mike Pence: one of the Most Disgusting human beings ever lived on Earth.

Mike Pence is as disgusting as Joe Biden and Adam Schiff.

Retweet if you agree
2) I believe that the TRAITOR Mike Pence got a bribe in the tune of $50 Million (from George Soros) for his cooperation in the STEAL

maybe even $80 Million, or more.
3) I also believe that George Soros is secretly funding the Mike Pence campaign right now - with Millions of dollars (through proxies)
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