It's unbelievable how dumb and reality-defying propaganda can be.

It's based on and spread via incredible ignorance, lack of understanding of basic facts of general knowledge from the secondary school curriculum, and incredibly shameless display of the Dunning-Krueger effect.

Now, the latest thing in Russian propaganda on Ukraine is this incredibly stupid "GOTCHA!" Ukraine "has a colorful Nazi history" because a 98-year-old Waffen-SS veteran, an ethnic Ukrainian who has lived in the West for the last 75 years, was mistakenly given an ovation in the Canadian parliament.

It's now being presented as if during WWII and up to this time, Ukraine has been stuffed full of no one but sworn Nazis and most various Nazi collaborators, while ethnic Russians have always been the only ones to fight and defeat Nazism.

So this somehow gives Putin the right to declare today's Ukraine "a Nazi state" and pursue the country's annihilation via the most brutal war of conquest since the very WWII.

I love this torrent of imbecilic WWII takes from geniuses who seriously believe that citizenship defines a human being's DNA, which, therefore, can be somehow targeted via ethnicity-centered biological weapons.

What these beautiful minds who wouldn't find Ukraine on a map comfortably forget about is the estimated 400,000 ethnic Russians who served with Nazi Germany's various military formations between 1941 and 1945.

Ever heard of General Vlasov's Russian Liberation Army (ROA) corps (120,000-130,000 troops), part of the Wehrmacht in 1942-44?

Or the 29th Waffen-SS Division "RONA" ("The Kaminski brigade" responsible for the slaughter of Warsaw that shocked even the senior SS command)? Or the Russland Division (8,000-10,000 troops)?

Or of some 80,000 Russian Cossacks who served Adolf Hitler, including as part of the 15th SS Cossack Corps and the 1st SS Cossack Cavalry Division?

Or maybe, since we're talking about Waffen-SS, we should also be talking about, I don't know, the Viking Division formed of SS volunteers from north European countries -- Norway, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands?

Or the 13th SS-Division Handschar of Bosnian Muslims? Or the 33rd SS Division Charlemagne of some 7,000 French collaborationists?

Or a number of American Volksdeutsche that once crossed the ocean to fight for the Fuhrer in Europe?

Do those figures say those nations also deserve to be enslaved and bombed into the stone age in 2023 from the point of view of some perverted high moral ground?


What those acid tongue Kremlin bootlickers on Twitter are not talking about is over 6 million Ukrainians that fought Nazi Germany as part of the Red Army.

Also, 2.5 million Ukrainians who were decorated for valor in combat. And some 250,000 ethnic Ukrainians who fought as part of Allied militaries in Europe and beyond.

Also, let's also talk about up to 10 million Ukrainians, civilians and combatants, who were killed in WWII, with over 700 Ukrainian cities and 28,000 villages destroyed in hostilities.

That's not very helpful to the imbecilic all-Ukrainians-were-all-Nazis narrative, is it?

And it's not a fucking rocket science.

It's the purposeful ignorance spread by apologists of Russia's obsession with territorial grabs and its chauvinistic sense of impunity "because Nazis from 80 years ago."
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Jan 14
People - I got contacts of this girl, she was among those who were in that house in Dnipro ruined by a Russian missile today.
She’s not a soldier — but what do you say if I suggest that we send a bit of our aid to her from you donations?
She has lost everything.
May I?
All right. I see overwhelmingly positive feedback from you guys. Let’s send the girl $5,000 — that will be helpful to her and her parents in need.
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Dec 31, 2022
Sue me, but Zelensky is right now having the greatest New Year’s Day address in this country’s history.
My girlfriend is crying like hell
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Dec 10, 2022
Just to give you guys an idea of how people in Ukraine adapt to the lack of electricity because of Russia’s missile terror.
It’s all thanks to modern technology and a bit of imagination (and money, yeah).
For instance, I have a gas boiler in my apartment. If the power… off, I have neither heating nor hot water. And I’m screwed. So I get myself a charging station, and if things are really bad, I can turn the boiler on for a couple of hours a day and sustain more or less acceptable air temperature at home.
And I can recharge the thing…
…wherever the power is on at the moment. Or if there’s total blackout, many business centers, or gas stations, or shopping malls, or companies have purchased and installed large power generators to ensure stable electricity access. There’s always a way to recharge…
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Nov 8, 2022
Hey everyone!
I have transferred our aid to two Azovstal soldiers: Vladyslav “Wikipedia” Zhaivoronok (he lost an eye and a leg in combat) and Dmytro “Orest” Kozatsky @Kozatsky_D (the author of the legendary photos from inside the Azovstal).
$20,000 and $5,000, respectively. ImageImageImageImage
The guys needed assistance with medical rehabilitation/prosthetics/recovery etc. They are the first ones to get our aid. I have made a list of over 30 marines, border guards, etc who were badly wounded, upon recommendations from trusted friends among medical volunteers.
In the coming days, I’ll continue sending money to them and their families to help cover their medical expenses and needs. It takes time, but I’m making sure your money is well-spent!
More reports from me soon.
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Sep 27, 2022
We’re just about to hit $50,000 in donations to #HelpAzovstalDefenders — and everyone is welcome to join!
The charity campaign was launched just 24 hours ago but we have already fundraised a lot.
We’re to provide medical treatment to disabled Azovstal soldiers.
Here’s my PayPal account for donations:
Yeah, babe!!
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Sep 26, 2022
Hey, people, a bit of news here.
I’ve decided that I start fundraising to help wounded Azovstal soldiers.
That’s on the regular basis.
#HelpAzovstalDefenders Image
The recent campaign to help heal Mykhailo Dianov, the Azovstal marine, was quite a success. And so many of you guys are so eager to keep donating.
I’m receiving donations on my PayPal account ImageImage
I am to decide who gets the money for medical treatment, rehabilitation, prosthetics, etc, so your donations could be safe and fine. Of course, I’ll report to you guys here on Twitter.
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