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Fake cheese πŸ§€πŸ§€

Schrodinger's science, on orders.

While Trump is in office "don't rush the vaccines".
Months later "get them here asap".

Yet the story in this tweet was never possible as a natural phenomenon. It was a lie.

Incidentally, DARPA funds Simine.

Thread 🧡

This was the story.
It was fake because it's not possible.
I'll tell you why.

The claim: "Out of 30 people at the event 24 unvaccinated were infected, and 6 vaccinated were not infected"

The first reason is that all the infected people apparently were infected at the same time. There was no spread (with 2-3 day incubation) between them. And no further contagion reported from that group...
Which means that ONE person infected 24/24 people with a 100% transmission rate of the most contagious virus in history, that then was not passed on. That is one unique virus.

But there is more.
We know now after 2 years of being lied to that the "vaccine" does not stop infection. In fact the UKHSA reports showed higher rates of infection in vaccinated people. So how did 24/24 get infected while 0/6 got infected?

It's not possible of course.
But there's more.
The transmission rate for delta was around 10% but let's say it was higher, at 20%.

So that means the probability of getting infected if you are exposed is one in five (an overestimate for COVID).

So, what's the probability of 24 out of 24 people being infected?...
Is 1.7e-17.

To a normal person, that's zero.
There is zero probability that story could be true.

Here, check for yourself

And what happened after this event when everybody in NSW (that is, over 90% receiving the primary series and most receiving boosters) was vaccinated?

The case rate went through the roof. Src: covid19data.com.au
In a bizarre twist that only has one explanation...

The "health minister" (now resigned) knew in advance exactly how many cases there would be a month later.

No crystal ball needed for those in the know πŸ˜‰
Yet the story that was pushed by people like DARPA's Simine Vazire was that 100% of vaccinated people were protected and 100% of unvaccinated people would be infected with the scary virus.

Zero possibility.

But don't question them.
And remember, that Simine is the person behind the #DataColada fundraiser.

Who deny that the fundraiser was organised by DARPA or any other astroturfing organisation.

So it's all good.

Take your vaccine to stop infection and transmission.

Data Colada are the good guys.

DARPA didn't have anything to do with creating viruses that killed millions of people.

I'll see you back in room 101.

#Ginogate #Modernagate #ThanksDARPA

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Oct 18
The author of the BMJ article quoted by Viki as if it is gospel is a freelance journalist. He chose not to include that qualifier in this BMJ piece.

This tweet from Viki is propaganda because it suggests something that is not true, adding the @bmj_latest label for authenticity
@bmj_latest Here is the request for the data underlying the MBRRACE report.

Data from the @NPEU_UKOSS has previously been requested under FOI and denied.

This is not their data, it belongs to the British public who fund them.

@bmj_latest @NPEU_UKOSS The BMJ article itself is just an opinion piece from a freelance journalist, basically repeating the party line - that only unvaccinated pregnant women died of COVID.

This is a misrepresentation of the truth.
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Oct 14
Put your hand up if you think that using a biological system derived from the only organism that thrives at 100 degrees celsius (pyrococcus furiosus)...
to generate synthetic viral spike proteins...

Is a good idea.

Poll in tweet below.
Using pyrococcal biological systems to generate synthetic viral spike proteins is...

Grows best at 100 degree celsius.
Processes ethanol.
"Recently discovered".
Don't let it anywhere near you. Image
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Oct 12
WHOA! πŸ§€πŸ§€πŸ§€
This could be the worst paper that @thelancet have published since the #surgisphere fraud.

Kristine Macartney, who received $65m in government grants to push COVID vaccines, tells us it prevents non-COVID deaths.

Not a chance.

Here is just one of the most ridiculous graphs I have ever seen in a paper.

The "Dose 2 > 180 days" group had the exact same mortality rate. So the "vaccine efficacy" in this group was 34%. With tight confidence intervals.

Not a chance. Image
But it gets worse!
The "unvaccinated" death rate drops by half in the second half of the year....
Whilst the "Dose 2 8-90 days" quadruples in the same time frame, yet designated as a "13.9% efficacy"

This paper could go down in history. Image
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Oct 6
Where are they now?
1967: Robert Maxwell during his term as Labour MP for Buckingham, with his wife, Elizabeth, and their children, clockwise from left: Philip, Ian, Isabel, Kevin, Christine, Anne and Ghislaine
As an aside, Maxwell House was literally the worst coffee ever made.

No contest. Image
And another Maxwell crops up.
How does the NSW government manage its massive grant money shuffle?

$25,000 to a "coming soon" (2 years ago) company may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Remember Merunova and the $1m research grants for no-patients-recruited studies?
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Oct 3
For pointing out that DARPA were behind the organisation that did the fundraiser for #DataColada I was harassed with "conspiracy" labelling.

Now it is confirmed - what?
We're just moving on to the next propaganda drive?

People died because of these psyops.


The prior threads. Worth reading the replies before they get shredded
The other funder of these organisations and the people behind #datacolada is the Arnold foundation.

A "hedge fund" created out of the Enron collapse.

Maybe like Epstein's - a "hedge fund" with no computers. Nor fund.

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Sep 30
It's a long way to send a swab, don't you think?

When you understand that the patients in the Pfizer vaccine trials did not have their "COVID" diagnosed on the basis of the swab that they sent in, it should become clear how the result was obtained.

To reiterate.
If you were in the trial and had COVID symptoms, you took your own swab and sent it into to Pfizer at Pearl River, who then sent it to Wuhan.
The COVID case was not recorded in the trial on the basis of your local test (e.g. with your GP)
The TRIAL cases were recorded on the basis of what Pfizer (via Wuhan) recorded.

That's why the results did not match the N-antibody results.

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