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At this crucial moment in SAG-AFTRA negotiations, here’s some WGA history that SAG members should know.

In our 2007-08 strike, our leadership wanted to hold out a little bit longer to get the best deal. But 30 wealthy WGA members thought they knew better.🧵
These 30 wealthy writers drew a few of our leaders into an ambush meeting and told them: “You’re done.”

They insisted that we take the DGA deal or they would start scabbing.

The betrayal by these 30 wealthy writers — The Dirty 30 — forced WGA leaders to end our strike early.
And here’s the kicker: Guess what WGA leaders wanted to hold out for.

Better streaming residuals.
The bad streaming residual formula we were forced to accept became pattern for both SAG and AFTRA.

The Dirty 30 didn’t just screw us.

They screwed you, too.
Think how much better off we’d all be today if the Dirty 30 hadn’t betrayed their union.

That small group of wealthy writers is one of the reasons both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA had to go on strike this year.
So if a small group of your wealthy members starts trying to undermine your leaders because they think they know better — shut that shit down.

Make your voices heard and let your leaders know you have their backs. Give them the time to get this right.
Don’t let a few members stop your union from getting what you need and deserve — the deal your 114 day strike has earned.

Because if this dirty trick works, trust me: we’re all gonna pay for it.

#WGAStrong #SAGAFTRAStrong

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Nov 7
When it comes to AI protections, SAG-AFTRA isn’t just fighting to protect their lowest-paid members.

They’re fighting to protect every performer in their union — and thousands of other jobs in the entertainment industry.🧵 hollywoodreporter.com/business/busin…
The AMPTP’s “last best final” proposal would allow them to body scan performers making *more than minimum* in TV and features.

Performers would get paid once. But studios would be allowed to profit off their AI likenesses without their approval forever — even after they’re dead. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is seeking to secure Al scans for Schedule F performers - guild members who earn more than the minimum for series regulars ($32,000 per TV episode) and feature films ($60,000). The companies' suggested clause would require studios and streamers to pay to scan the likeness of Schedule F performers. SAG-AFTRA is seeking to attach a compensation for the re-use of AI scans as AMPT member companies would also need to secure consent from the performer. The language currently in the AMPTP's offer would see the studios and streamers secure the...
This “Zombie Clause” from the AMPTP is obviously reprehensible and grotesque.

It also makes clear that NO member of SAG-AFTRA is safe from the studios’ greed. "This is one of the biggest reasons SAG did not accept the 'last, best and final offer from the AMPTP. We could not allow that language to stand, says one union-side source. "This is massive. Every A-, B-, C-, D-and E-lister - all the higher-paid performers - who think this is a minimum wage strike, they must know they are in this fight. They have to realize that this is about protecting them. This is their strike now when they realize what's on the line. The people who launched the campaign to take a deal - they'd be f-ked if we took this deal with that in there."
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Nov 5
“Last Best and Final.”

Carol’s three favorite words — because they’re a classic unionbusting trick.

The WGA got “last best finaled,” and you know what we did? We kept right on negotiating for the AI protections we needed.

Because AMPTP rhetoric doesn’t change the facts.🧵
The fact is that the studios and streamers don’t want to quit the entertainment business. So they’re gonna have to make a deal at some point.

The fact is that they are desperate to get actors back to work before they lose any more money.
The fact is that while AI is a real danger to SAG-AFTRA members’ careers, the technology is not ready for prime time yet. Right now, the studios have no other choice but to make a deal with you.

And if SAG doesn’t lock down AI now, 2026 might be too late.
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Nov 1
A few high-profile members are pressing SAG-AFTRA negotiators to take a deal.

A unique challenge for Hollywood unions is that some members think success in *individual* negotiations makes them experts in union negotiations.

If anything, the opposite is true. Here’s why:🧵
When you get offered a job in Hollywood, that’s an individual negotiation. In this type of negotiation, the Venn diagram is two circles that are mostly overlapping.

You want to work for the company, they want to hire you, and you just need to settle a few issues to make a deal. A Venn diagram in which the circles labeled “Company” and “Worker” are mostly overlapping.
Because both parties in an individual negotiation *want* to work together, relationships and tone are very important.

The more a company wants to work with you, the more leverage you have to get a good deal.

Being too aggressive can piss people off and blow the whole thing up.
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Oct 25
Instead of negotiating in good faith, it seems studios, and their anti-union allies are using scare tactics and outright lies to try to trick SAG-AFTRA members into pressing their leaders to take a bad deal.

Don’t confuse their fiction with facts:🧵
“Money from the new streaming percentage would go to the Union, not the members.”

This is a b.s. scare tactic. *All* residuals go to the union, which processes them and sends you checks. Been this way for decades. This is nothing new and nothing to be afraid of.
“If this doesn’t get resolved ASAP, shows will be canceled!”

The CEOs have foolishly let this drag on so long that the pipeline of content is running dry. You think they’re not gonna refill it? That the people who love a reboot won’t bring back shuttered shows?
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Oct 25
These stories in the trades have some SAG-AFTRA members concerned.

First, these are likely a kernel of truth under a steaming pile of studio spin.

But let’s cut to the chase. Is Fran Drescher eccentric? Hell yes.

And there’s enormous power in that.🧵
Before talks had broken off, sources say, the four CEOs who attended SAG-AFTRAS negotiations had been taken aback by Drescher's negotiating style, which involved bringing a doll (a heart-shaped plush toy with a smiley face given to Drescher by an 11-year-old fan) and saying Buddhist inspirational quotes. She also alarmed the CEOs when she proclaimed, "I don't care if we are here for a year" in order to achieve the unions ends, sources maintain, which a union source denies. A source close to the union explains that Drescher uses a "less contentious" bargaining process and...
Drescher opened the first Zoom meeting with the A-listers by asking to take a screenshot, or selfie of sorts, according to two sources familiar with the session. The source close to the union maintains that Drescher wanted to take a screenshot in order to preserve the historic moment in the life of the union; SAG-AFTRA collects the history of its union as part of its general operations. Perry politely declined, expressing that he would prefer to get down to business.
CEOs are used to being in rooms with people they can control. People who are afraid of them.

From the start of this negotiation, Fran has made it clear that they cannot control her — and she is not afraid of them.

That scares the shit out of CEOs and gives SAG-AFTRA power.
Fran Drescher and her fearlessness, her unpredicability, and her eccentricity add strength to SAG-AFTRA’s negotiation.

This woman has survived cancer and sexual assault and been publicly authentic and vulnerable about both. You think she’s scared of David F. Zaslav?
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Oct 23
Since the CEOs walked away from negotiations with SAG-AFTRA on Oct. 11, the AMPTP and Molly Levinson’s unionbusting crisis PR firm have been spinning out nothing but propaganda and outright lies.

With negotiations resuming tomorrow, it’s time to set the record straight.🧵

SAG-AFTRA is seeking a significantly larger increase in minimums than the WGA and DGA got. But there are good reasons for that.

First, a 5% increase after 2 years of 6+% inflation isn’t a raise at all — it’s a pay cut.
The WGA got enough increases in other areas to compensate for the 5% increase in our deal. But SAG-AFTRA is a different union with different needs.

And performers *need* a significant increase in minimums.
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