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My thread covering the third GOP presidential debate of the 2024 cycle begins here πŸ‘‡ Follow along for highlights and commentary Image
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"I'm sick of Republican losing" -- DeSantis begins by attacking Trump as a loser, which is something he should've done months ago
Haley also uses her opening statement to attack Trump, albeit more mildly than DeSantis did
"We've become a party of losers" -- Vivek Ramaswamy, who goes on to call for Ronna McDaniel's resignation and for Tucker Carlson, Elon, and Joe Rogan to moderate the debate. He then pivots to a full-frontal attack on Kristen Welker. Wow.
Chris Christie: "Anybody who is gonna be spending the next year and a half of their life focusing on keeping themselves out of jail and courtrooms cannot lead this party or this country, and it needs to be said plainly"
On topic of Israel-Hamas war, Haley says that she urged Netanyahu to "finish them"
meanwhile Sarah Sanders is on stage at the Trump rally endorsing Trump Image
it's a competition to see who can be the most hawkish and over the top in urging Israel to demolish Hamas
Ramaswamy calls Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis "Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels" to groans
Haley fires back at Ramaswamy
Tim Scott didn't quite stick the landing here
what does "making common cause with Hamas" mean? seems problematically vague
Ramaswamy, attacking Ukraine, calls Zelenskyy "a Nazi ... a comedian in cargo pants." He then expresses indifference (to put it charitably) for Russian annexing parts of Ukraine
Haley to Ramaswamy: "Putin and President Xi are salivating at the thought that someone like that could become president"
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Tim Scott is out here talking about fighting three wars at the same time
... the look on DeSantis's face as Ramaswamy attacks him ...
dipping in to Trump's speech in Hialeah during a debate commercial break as he crudely attacks Schiff and Pelosi. So pretty normal stuff.
meanwhile Fox News is scraping the bottom of the barrel for non-debate content Image
both Christie and DeSantis just pledged to ban TikTok
Wow. Nikki Haley was itching to unload on DeSantis here
"Leave my family out of your voice" -- Haley to Ramaswamy after Ramaswamy brings up her daughter
wow, get a load of environmentalist Ron DeSantis scoring points on Nikki Haley
amazed that we've made it 75 minutes into this debate and there hasn't been a question on abortion or last night's election results yet
DeSantis looks like he has bad heartburn
the second part of this debate has really bogged down as moderators let the candidates filibuster about how they propose to starve your granny
the other candidates are so eager to starve your granny that they make DeSantis seem like the reasonable one on Social Security
What will end first -- the debate, Trump's speech, or my life after I pass from old age?
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Trump on Biden: "Now that he indicted me, we're allowed to look at him. But he did real bad things."
DeSantis gets applause after he promises to shoot dead people bringing drugs across the border
I too have driven to Winnipeg. pretty boring drive tbh
DeSantis's abortion policy is doubling down on the same position that has been killing Republicans for more than a year now
Nikki Haley's "women who get abortions should not be executed" shirt raises many questions answered by her shirt
lol good luck buddy
Ramaswamy literally mansplains abortion to Nikki Haley
Chris Christie spitting facts: "The bigger issue is we're not pro-life for the whole life. To be pro-life for the whole life means that the life of a 16-year-old drug addict on the floor of a county lockup is precious and we should get treatment for her."
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@SnapStream the debate audience was hungry for some transphobia
@SnapStream Ramaswamy ends his closing statement with a conspiracy theory about Joe Biden not really being in charge and that Michelle Obama might step in and run for him
@SnapStream DeSantis closes with an awkward tongue-exposing smile
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Here's my wrap of last night's GOP debate publicnotice.co/p/gop-debate-v…

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Feb 23
Trump, just starting a late speech to the National Religious Broadcasters, sounds quite slurry
now THERE'S a name i haven't heard in a while
you gotta pick one, buddy
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Feb 22
CPAC having a normal one as always Image
"I just want our military to be GI Joe again" -- Byron Donalds at CPAC
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Feb 21
Trump is addressing the absolutely critical issues during this town hall with Laura Ingraham. Impressive.
INGRAHAM: But they saw there's no evidence that Joe Biden received any financial benefit personally. And to that you say?

TRUMP: Well, he's got a lot of houses all over the place.
INGRAHAM: How do you plan to deport the millions of people that have come here, and how will it work?

TRUMP: It's gonna work that we get the bad ones out first

INGRAHAM: How will you find them?

TRUMP: We're gonna find them through local police
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Feb 20
this is honestly pretty brilliant from Nikki Haley -- she hyped a major speech, getting Fox News and company to take it live thinking she might drop out, and instead she's using it to make a campaign speech
Nikki Haley: "Of course, many of the same politicians who now publicly embrace Trump privately dread him. They know what a disaster he's been and will continue to be for our party. They're just too afraid to say it out loud. Well, I'm not afraid to say the hard truths out loud."
Nikki Haley: "South Carolina will vote on Saturday. But on Sunday, I'll still be running for president. I'm not going anywhere. I'm campaigning every day until the last person votes."
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Feb 18
Trump is about to speak at a rally in Waterford Township, Michigan. Follow along for a thread πŸ‘‡ Image
Fox News is carrying at least part of the Trump rally, which has been rare in recent years Image
Trump: "They call me a whale. I don't know if that's good or bad. I don't know if they meant a whale from the standpoint of being a little heavy, or a whale because I got a lot of money."
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Feb 16
quick 🧡on instances of Trumpers using a report to the FBI that has now resulted in an informant being arrested for lying to make the case against Biden

From June: Comer, Jordan, & Hannity cite the false report to accuse Biden of crimes & "taking bribes"
Jim Jordan: "They had a credible source. .. how much you wanna bet this source is a lot more credible than Christopher Steele? ... I bet you this source has a lot more credibility." (The source was just arrested for lying to the FBI!)
Comer to Bartiromo last May: "We have determined the whistleblower is extremely credible." (The whistleblower was just arrested for lying to the FBI!)
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