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Since this tweet seems to be taking off, I thought it might be a good time to remind people that fewer than 1 out of 16 black applicants accepted by Harvard would have been accepted without affirmative action.

Let me explain. Harvard currently accepts about 3% of its applicants. Let's say it had selected students based solely on high school academic performance, and, further, that the school had been less selective than it is now — so let's say it accepted 10%, rather than 3%, of applicants.

Extrapolating from the Harvard lawsuit plaintiff's consultant report, under a system that used only academic merit in its decision-making, only 0.94% of black applicants would have gotten into Harvard, rather than the 15.81% actually accepted, if the acceptance rate was 10%. So roughly only 1 out of 16 blacks admitted under Harvard's affirmative action-based system would have gotten in under a academics-based meritocratic system.

But Harvard doesn't have a 10% acceptance rate. Its rate is only 3%. This means that, given the SAT score distribution curves for different racial groups (which heavily favor Asians and hugely disfavor blacks the farther you move toward the extreme right tails), even fewer than 0.94% of blacks would have been accepted in a real-world meritocratic scenario. Almost certainly it would have been fewer than 1 of 20 applicants.

This was the immensity of Harvard's preferential treatment of blacks, and of its institutional racism against Asians.
Data in the table is from the plaintiff's report. Image

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Oct 26

1/ At a South African university, an argument is made to eliminate science from study because it's a "product of Western modernity."

"We have to restart science from an African perspective."

As an example, the speaker suggests "Black magic."

2/ When a "science person" objects, he is scolded by the organizer for "disrespecting the sacredness of this space," and asked to apologize, which he does. But that doesn't stop the scolding. Opinions can only be expressed under rules that appear to guide outcomes.
3/ The "Black magic" advocate then adds that, despite the fact that she took some science in high school, she decided to not be on the science faculty because science stands in the way of "decolonization." [Note: Africa was decolonized over 50 years ago.]
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Aug 10

I've gained lots of new followers since news of Elon Musk following me got out and leftwing Twitter began its mob against me.

About my account: I tweet accurate statistical and scientific data about group differences that make people nervous and angry.

Examples below. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Black people in America commit wildly disproportionate amounts of violent crime, and the government statistics on this crime rarely if ever get reported in the media.

Here's a 32-tweet thread on the subject.

I also talk about the scientifically-established (and scientifically-uncontroversial) group differences in IQ, and the effect these have on group outcomes in the US.

Full-scale East Asian-American IQ: 105+
White: 100
African-American: 85
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Aug 6
A demographic comprised of about 2% of the US population committed about 50% of the murders in 2021.

Which demographic is this?
Please remember to give the age range.
15 minutes after tweeting the question, and still no one has provided the correct answer, which is: Black males between the ages of 17 and 44.
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Aug 4

1/ Richard Hanania has not yet responded to this long, detailed and explosive piece alleging he's used a pseudonym to pen hundreds of incendiary — "racist" and "sexist," according to HuffPost — online comments over the years.

2/ HuffPost alleges that Hanania used the name "Richard Hoste" to express "support for eugenics and the forced sterilization of 'low IQ' people," opposition to "race-mixing” (Hoste called it "shameful"), and to argue that "Black people cannot govern themselves."
3/ Hoste is also quoted as claiming that women "didn't evolve" to be decision-makers and non-white immigrants from Latin America should leave the US, among other provocative ideas.
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Jul 8

This mentally disordered basement-dwelling slug is responsible for smearing dozens of honest scholars and damaging the careers of people like Noah Carl and Bo Winegard. He attacks almost anyone who touches the subject of race and IQ.

Meet Oliver D. Smith.
Smith started out as a neo-Nazi, but after being tossed out of every racist online user group, he careened to the other end of the horseshoe so that he could take his revenge.

In other words, he went from being a creep to being another kind of creep.

I highly recommend the article. It details Smith's sordid and despicable history, his extreme obsessiveness and total lack of conscience, and his inability to behave in a reasonable manner. His self-admitted mental health issues can't fully explain his behavior.
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Jun 29

1/ The most perfect (and almost unbelievable) metaphor for affirmative action: The lives of Allan Bakke (a white guy who challenged racial quotas at UC Davis) and Patrick Chavis (a black guy admitted to UC Davis under affirmative action the year Bakke was rejected).
2/ After Bakke won his SCOTUS case in 1978 (which ended the use of *overt* racial quotas in university admissions), he finally was accepted at UC Davis medical school. He graduated and eventually began practicing medicine. He kept a low profile, and didn't give interviews.
3/ Years later, the NY Times, still stinging from Bakke's victory, published a long and glowing account of a “thriving” black UC Davis medical school graduate named Patrick Chavis, noting how he had benefited from the school's old affirmative action quota system.
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