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8 reasons Western liberal democracy could lose the "culture information war" against the authoritarians (Thread)

The "anti-Western front" is forming, and we are divided & apathetic - what did I miss in my list? 🧵
Parts of the far right and the far left, as well as religious extremists, are united in favor of Anti-Western ideas & regimes like Iran and Russia. This means our societies are penetrated with a variety of propaganda narratives, depending on the target audience...
2)Tale of the "Global South" that "sees things differently" is a tool used by authoritarians to gain more influence in the West. It favors Russia's position towards Ukraine & China's influence
It has nothing to do with the people of the Global South, it's only about the regimes
3)Same goes for the so-called "Multilateral World Order." This term is used by individuals who question the "Western dominated" or "US dominated" world order. A fair world order is not a bad thing, of course, but in this case, it means more power to the growing BRICS+ community
4) The way we question our society is the strength of our democracies, but it has gone completely out of proportion.:

Many people living in today's democracies have never faced the reality of a dictatorship. On university campuses, you can hear "the West is the root of all evil
5) While freedom of speech and the press are undeniably among our greatest strengths, we must recognize that adversaries exploit these freedoms by placing their propagandists in our talk shows or even our universities.
6) We lack allies: China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus—they already cooperate closely. Countries like South Africa, India and Brazil pretend to be 'neutral,' but their neutrality as 'BRICS' partners is also questionable and serves aggressors like Russia
7) We refuse to face reality. A vast alliance of anti-democratic, anti-Western nations is forming, cooperating to destabilize and divide our societies by spreading their propaganda narratives. Many people are eager to reproduce and spread these ideas, due to various reasons
8) We underestimate how determined the enemies of the Western Liberal World order are and how obsessively they pursue their goal to beat the West. We make the mistake of applying our rational standards to dictators; they don't need a common ideology. Anti-Americanism is enough..

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Jan 11
Some context about South Africa's role in the "genocide" allegation against Israel:

This is the official statement of the foreign ministry on October 7th. They don't condemn Hamas but instead "explain" the attack, blaming Israel and the (occupation)...but there is more...🧵 Image
If we take a look at their Twitter account, there is also no condemnation of the Hamas terror attack. Instead, we see this vaguely worded statement about "violence" (both-sidesism), and even three tweets praising the great relationship with BRICS partner China...

Talking about BRICS, while the South African foreign ministry accuses Israel of "genocide" and fails to condemn Hamas, which is clearly one-sided, they refused to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and abstained (on UN level) Image
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Jan 3
5 things about Russia's war against Ukraine that are seemingly almost forgotten 🧵

1)Russia downed MH17 passenger jet, claiming 298 lives

2)Russia is fully responsible for the war in Donbas that started in 2014
3)Russia annexed Crimea with 'little green men' (soldiers without insignia) and exerted pressure on the local population/politicians (Girkin admits that they had to use force on local politicians)
4) A few days before the war, the idea of an upcoming full-scale invasion was denied as a ridiculous fabrication by the West.
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Jan 3
It's not about what they say when they speak about 'peace now & negotiations'

It's about what they leave out because they just don't care

- 🇷🇺occupation terror regime
-Kremlin's goals in 🇺🇦 have not changed at all
-Constant genocidal propaganda
-Impact on European security 🧵
Reminder: Russian occupation entails Russification, deportations, looting, cultural genocide, and anyone deemed 'non-re-educatable' can face torture, imprisonment, or death.

This is on main reason why Ukrainians are determined to liberate their territories.
You don't need to listen to 🇷🇺propagandists and 'experts' ; even high-ranking Russian politicians are very clear with their non-negotiable goals:

They still want to subjugate Ukraine, annex 4 territories (and keep Crimea), some even mention Odesa & Kharkiv as "Russian cities"

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Dec 27, 2023
Some of the damage done by Russian, and even already Soviet propaganda seems unfortunately irreversible. No, I am not only talking about Russia itself; I am speaking about the discourse in the West.

Reasons and signs for this assessment🧵
There are a number of people who defended the Soviet Union back then and now stand up for Russia. The enemy remains NATO, the United States, "the West"; Russia can do whatever it wants, they will defend the Kremlin's actions.
Instead of admitting that they were already wrong with the Soviet Union back then, many now even defend modern Russia – this also applies to Western communists, even though Russia is not communist anymore
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Dec 27, 2023
If one is uninformed about the goals of Russian propagandists & officials in Ukraine, unaware of or indifferent to the suffering in 🇷🇺occupied territories, and ignorant of several broken agreements, then, and only then, does it make 'sense' to call for 'negotiations' with 🇷🇺🧵
The goals of the Russian invasion remain unchanged, and they consistently communicate this. Some people simply refuse to listen. In addition to Luhansk, Donetsk, and, of course, Crimea, they also claim Zaporizhia and Kherson Oblast—some even add 'also Odesa and Kharkiv, at least.
They also constantly speak about capturing Kyiv, of course. When Kremlin officials talk about 'Denazification,' they are not referring to actual Nazis; instead, they mean subjugating Ukraine, erasing Ukrainian culture, and installing a puppet regime.
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Dec 21, 2023
7 signs that Russia is winning the information war (unfortunately):

1) We still fail to see how essential the fight against disinfo and propaganda by authoritarian regimes is to protect our democracy & security🧵

The never-ending call for negotiations.

There are still people speaking about "negotiations" as if Russian leaders showed any signs of compromise in their path of cultural genocide, deportations, annexations, and subjugation of Ukraine


One could think that we did our homework after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, but no, Russian narratives about Maidan, Crimea, and Donbas are still widespread, and we failed to educate people. It's easy for Russian propaganda to create confusion about the past...
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