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Apr 4
The guitarist of Guns N Roses (@TraciiGuns) just tried to call me out publicly on the holobunga. It didn’t go well for him.

Highlight reel of the bloodbath in the comments. 😁👇🏻 Image
Keep my name out of your feminine mouth next time, ✡️filth✡️. FAFO Image
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Apr 4
Why the heifers are red. 🧵⬇️

Once again, for anyone paying attention and as they’ve done quite a few times, jews are blatantly telling you that they are Edomites, descended from Esau - not Israelites.
X suspended my account for having this very real newspaper article as my banner, why? Image
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Apr 3
Does pride in your race = hatred of other races?

Quick thread (1/11). 🧵⬇️
(2/11) Image
(3/11) Image
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Mar 31
(Quick thread🧵) Here’s a paper written by Hitler about how proud he is that his new country will not be multicultural or multiethnic.

Just kidding. This was written by one of America’s founding fathers in the Federalist Papers (#2), published under “John Jay” and titled “Concerning Dangers from Foreign Force and Influence.”

He says that America will be “one united people; a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs.”

H/T: @LibertasticImage
In fact, Americas founding fathers “limited naturalization to immigrants who were free White persons of good character” for the majority of our history. It was never meant to be a “melting pot” of races that don’t respect our culture or heritage. Image
The term “melting pot” that turned our Country into a shit hole was coined and shoved down our throats by jew Israel Zangwill. Image
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Mar 31
Never forget that Albert Einstein was yet another degenerate, Zionist ✡️ that they shoved down your throat as a pioneer of science & culture when the reality is that he was a notorious thief of intellectual property & a fraud.

E=MC^2 was first published by Olinto De Pretto …two years prior to Einstein’s publishing of the equation.

Einstein began an affair with his cousin Elsa Lowenthal while on a trip to Berlin in 1912, leaving Mileva (his wife) and his family two years later. It is said that Einstein paid his wife to keep quiet with $100,000 of Nobel Peace Prize money.

When the ✡️Rosenbergs✡️ sold our Atom Bomb technology to Soviet ✡️Bolshevists✡️ in the 1950s, Einstein was at the forefront of a campaign aiming to have President Truman pardon these traitors to America, accusing Truman of…. You guessed it… antisemitism.

They have lied to you about your entire history. Anyway, here’s a picture of ✡️Einstein✡️ cross dressing at a beach in 1939.Image
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Mar 28
Jesus was not a jew, jews are not Israelites, and White Christians have always been God’s Chosen People.

Sauce. ⬇️🧵🪡 Image
Jesus was not jewish, either by religion or by ancestry. “Judah/ Judea” does not translate to “jew,” as the deceivers have successfully made everyone believe.

Jesus did not practice judaism, and the fact that they used the word “rabbi” which means “teacher” in Hebrew does not mean that he did. Image
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