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Trump lawyers respond to #FaniWillis' objection to the cell phone evidence offered to show Willis and Wade lied to the court Image
"The State protests that the defense is somehow not entitled to present expert testimony regarding the cell site location information (CSLI) as they allege that the defense failed to comply with this Court’s Standing Discovery Order that mandates prior notice to the opposing party of a party’s intention to introduce expert testimony and because they claim that defense has not precleared the evidence through the process of a Daubert hearing. However, neither of those preconditions apply here because the CSLI information that the defense intends to introduce through the testimony of Mittelstadt is not being offered through expert testimony and Mittelstadt will not be offering any opinion testimony"Image
Brutal footnote:

"The State’s last-ditch claim on page 9 of its response that the defense obtained the cell phone records at issue illegally is patently frivolous. The records were obtained by valid subpoena issued to AT&T. As the State hopefully knows, defense counsel cannot apply for a search warrant and a subpoena does not require probable cause to be issued"Image
"There is clear authority that cell tower evidence – linking a particular phone with a particular cell tower at a particular time – can be established through the cell phone records without any witness testifying" Image
"Mittelstadt used CellHawk instead of Cellebrite. His testimony will mirror the testimony offered in Georgia courts and courts throughout the country: when one uses a cell phone either by texting, or calling/receiving a call, or by simply having the cell phone on so that it is constantly pinging, a cell tower nearby will receive and record the ping. This evidence simply shows the approximate location of the cell phones based on the nearby cell towers"Image
"The prosecution will surely point out that nobody knows what was happening in the house between midnight and 3:28 a.m. on September 12, or between midnight and 5:00 a.m. on November 30. Mittelstadt does not claim to know. Neither does President Trump or any other defendant in this case. Only two people know. They are certainly the ones who should testify and say exactly what was happening on those occasions, so nobody will complain about improper speculation, or improper efforts to distort the truth, or nefarious contacts with the media"Image
"it is highly significant that the State’s response did not even attempt to challenge the CSLI evidence regarding September 11-12, 2021 or November 29-30, 2021.3 The defendants’ business record CSLI evidence is admissible and Mittelstadt stands ready to testify as reflected in his affidavit"Image
Another brutal footnote:

"The State’s response also fails to factor in that the more extensive data for the two dates, including the CellHawk generated animated map which details every cell tower hit along the route of travel, demonstrates Wade's phone traveling to and remaining at the Dogwood address (Yearti condo) geofence during times when clubs, restaurants, and the Porsche experience are most likely not even open for business.

Nor does the State chose to inform the Court that this is the same data that Fulton County District Attorney's Office routinely relies upon to obtain convictions, and thus any suggestion that this data is unreliable is disingenuous at best"Image
"Either party is entitled to offer evidence that contradicts the testimony of a witness

The witnesses in this case – both Wade and Willis – testified that their romantic relationship did not begin until March or April of 2022 and that they had never spent the night together prior to the Spring of 2022. The evidence offered by the defense to refute this testimony – the CSLI – is admissible pursuant to § 24-6-621"Image
Here, they essentially allege #FaniWillis and Wade lied under oath

"the CSLI records that demonstrated that Willis and Wade spent two nights together on dates that contradicted their version of events concerning the inception of their romantic relationship and in contrast to their testimony that they never spent the night together at the Hapeville condominium"Image
"Given the testimony of Wade and Willis that they never spent the night together at the Hapeville condominium, the evidence – actual record evidence, not just an opinion or speculation – that proves that while talking on the phone with DA Willis, Wade drove from near his house to a location near her condo (if not exactly to her condo) at midnight, where he then remained for five hours – not once but twice in two months"Image
Here's the direct claim that #FaniWillis and Nathan Wade lied, more likely than not

"[They] ended up at a location near or at her condominium for five hours makes more than just one fact more likely than not: (1) they spent the night together on those two occasions; and (2) their romance began before Wade was hired. One more fact is also more likely true than not: (3) neither of them testified truthfully at the hearing on February 15"Image
Here's a link to the entire document:…

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Feb 25
Nathan Wade Led #FaniWillis Transition Team

"Wade made the decisions to hire or fire employees...sources say Wade and Willis obviously had an ongoing romantic relationship at the time Willis won the election. “There was just something so weird going on"…
Looks like #FaniWillis employees are talking

"Willis, sources asserted, violated the Friends and Family Policy by “hiring friends and family” and hiding it from the county with fungible state and county dollars.

All the people that worked on her campaign became the inner circle,” one source familiar with the inner workings of the office said"
I have to wonder. If these employees are talking to Breitbart, there's surely a good chance they are also talking to lawyers for the RICO defendants.

Is another bombshell filing forthcoming?
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Feb 15
The disqualification hearing for Fulton DA #FaniWillis is underway. “Special prosecutor” Wade had a personal lawyer in court. As does Terrence Bradley, Wade’s former partner. Bradley is asserting “attorney-client privilege”

Both sides are now accusing the other side of lying
A source familiar with what’s expected to happen today tells me to expect a “shit show”

… whatever that means
Roman lawyer Ashleigh Merchant says a former DA employee will be the 1st witness who will testify that the affair with Willis and Wade started in 2019
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Feb 11

Trump Co-Defendant David Shafer formally moves to recuse Fulton DA #FaniWillis

He quotes DA Willis at the beginning:

"If I were to comment on any open case, it would be a reason to conflict my office out" Image
"1. District Attorney Willis began a romantic relationship with attorney Nathan Wade prior to hiring Mr. Wade as a special assistant district attorney, under a limited contract with a cap on the amount he could charge the County, on or about November 1, 2021. The next day, Mr. Wade filed for divorce from his wife;

2. In March of 2022, District Attorney Willis and Mr. Wade modified the initial professional services agreement;

3. During this time, District Attorney Willis and Mr. Wade continued their personal, romantic relationship;

4. On or about November 15, 2022, District Attorney Willis and Mr. Wade signed an extension of the professional services agreement through May 15, 2023;

5. District Attorney Willis and Mr. Wade continued their personal, romantic relationship before and after the November 15, 2022, extension of Mr. Wade’s
Shafer says Willis playing the "race card" was improper:

"the District Attorney chose a church setting to deflect the Roman allegations by making the most offensive and incendiary allegations against her accusers—forcing the defendants onto the lethal third rail of American politics, and in her own words, “playing the race card.

The obvious intent of her remarks was to inject and infect the jury pool in Fulton County with unfounded allegations that anyone who dares question her or Mr. Wade’s conduct must have done so for racist purposes"Image
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Feb 9

Trump Co-Defendant offers eyewitness proof that Fulton DA #FaniWillis lied to the court

"Special Prosecutor" Wade's former law partner will testify the love affair began before Willis was sworn in as DA

Willis stated it was only in 2022 that the affair beganImage
Roman says #FaniWillis and Wade lied about cohabitating togther

A former Fulton DA employee says Willis & Wade "stayed together at this apartment until Yeartie's employment was terminated in 2022"Image
More on Fulton DA #FaniWillis alleged personal financial gain via her paramour "Special Prosecutor" paying for luxury travel

2022 Royal Caribbean Cruise
2022 Aruba trip
22-23 Bahamas Cruise
2023 Belize trip
2023 Napa

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Jan 30

Attorney for Trump Co-Defendant Michael Roman sues Fulton DA #FaniWillis over alleged failure to comply with Open Records law

"DA is in clear violation of the Act, appears to be
intentionally withholding information in advance of scheduled evidentiary hearings"

The Open Records law exists:

" so that the public can evaluate the expenditure of public funds and the efficient and proper functioning of its institutions. The General Assembly further finds and declares that there is a strong presumption that public records should be made available for public inspection without delay. This article shall be broadly construed to allow the inspection of governmental records"
It appears Ms Merchant is probing the manner in which #FaniWillis used public money, including any federal grants, in an effort to uncover any misuse or hiding of expenditures which would indicate improper bias and abuse of prosecutorial discretion
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Jan 19

The wife of Fulton DA #FaniWillis alleged paramour, has filed a response to Willis' motion to quash her subpoena

It references travel to:

"..San Francisco and Napa..Florida and even Caribbean cruises, enjoyed a trip to Belize, another to Panama and even just last month to Australia..Willis was an intended travel partner for at least some of these trips as indicated by flights he purchased for her..."Image
"Plaintiff did not reveal to Defendant his appointment by Ms. Willis or the substantial income he has been receiving throughout this divorce case as a result of that appointment, and Defendant did not discover the same until much later in the proceedings. Plaintiff also left Defendant with little means of financial support while simultaneously spending tens of thousands of dollars per month on a very lavish lifestyle. Plaintiff willfully failed to comply with his discovery obligations in the very divorce case that he initiated, which led to the Court holding him contempt of this Court's Order on Defendant's Motion to Compel Discovery"
"On December 22, 2023, Plaintiff only produced a portion of his outstanding required discovery responses. In these responses were credit card statements which demonstrated that Plaintiff had paid for and taken trips unrelated to his work with the Fulton County District Attorney's office. Since Plaintiff filed for divorce, he has taken trips to San Francisco and Napa Valley, to Florida and even gone on Caribbean cruises, enjoyed a trip to Belize, another to the country of Panama and even just last month took a trip to Australia. The evidence si clear that Ms. Willis was an intended travel partner for at least some of these trips as indicated by flights he purchased for her to accompany him. [True and accurate copies of credit card statements showing purchase of plane tickets for Plaintiff and Ms. Willis are attached hereto as composite Exhibit A"
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