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1/ DEI in medicine means that even if doctors injure patients, they might still be protected (even promoted). It means that top hospitals are abandoning key metrics when hiring surgeons. And it means research by whites may be disregarded. Here’s what I've found… 🧵
2/ Sources tell me Wake Forest Medical School is about to graduate Kychelle Del Rosario – the med student who injured a conservative patient and bragged about it. Wake Forest allowed Rosario to lay low and take a voluntary leave of absence when this scandal broke. Image
3/ I’m also told that UPenn Health has hired Ewen Liu, Del Rosario’s classmate who said it “seemed ‘karma-tic’” when she injured the patient who mocked her pronoun pin. Wake Forest showered Liu with awards for excellence in patient care, and she now focuses on “LGBTQ+ Health.” Image
4/ Both UPenn and Liu’s medical school, Wake Forest, have attempted to hide Liu’s hiring. Wake Forest didn’t list Liu’s hospital in graduation materials, and UPenn doesn’t list Liu’s medical school on its website. Image
5/ This is the norm in medicine. Meet award-winning Duke surgical resident Vignesh Raman. At an internal DEI lecture, Raman says his "heart sinks" when he has patients who watch Fox News or wear MAGA hats. Then he celebrates having a majority "non-white" population to treat:
6/ Raman adds that post-George Floyd, Duke made a concerted effort to stop hiring so many “walls of white men.” He says the team is now "abandoning ... all sort[s] of metrics" and adopting a "completely holistic" application practice in order to recruit more women and non-white surgeons:
7/ Raman also tweeted that he won’t “amplify” medical literature involving only white men – because it’s not as if white men have ever advanced medicine or anything. Image
8/ Vignesh Raman is just one example of a much larger trend. The American College of Surgeons, or ACS, recently gave its 88,000 members a definition of “racism” that implies it’s impossible to be racist against white people.
9/ The ACS also invited Madeline B. Torres to explain to its members that "when patients see physicians who look like them, they tend to do better." She also says grants and awards are being distributed to surgeons on the basis of minority status.
10/ This is now the prevailing view in surgical medicine. At a recent conference on DEI at UPenn, where Ewen Liu now works, one surgeon says that it's "off putting" that so many surgeons are white men.
11 / The doctors also state that surgery needs something like the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which requires that teams interview minority candidates. But the doctors say surgery needs an expanded version that goes further and ensures that minority candidates are selected.
12/ It’s bad enough when teachers or government bureaucrats talk like this, but valuing intersectionality over merit can literally mean life or death in surgery.
13/ According to a recent Johns Hopkins study, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States. The only thing physicians should care about is competence. Anything else will get people killed.

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Iran's attack on Israel is unprecedented. It is obviously and definitionally an act of direct war, after years of using proxies to attack Israel. The scale of the success of the allied defense against Iran's assault is near-miraculous. 🧵

And Iran should be grateful that defense worked. Iran is a terror state, and it is the leading cause of conflict in the region. Only the technological superiority of Israel's defenses, the intervention of the United States, and the coordination of Sunni states prevented the attack from starting World War III: if Iran had been successful, Israel would have had no choice but to devastate Iran.
Iran did this because they believed there was daylight between the Biden administration and Israel -- daylight created by the absurd position of the United States trying to stop Israel from finishing off Hamas.
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1/ BREAKING: Following my reporting on rampant DEI in medical schools, U.S. Congressman Greg Murphy, MD, is introducing legislation to end federal funding — including student loan funding — for any medical school that practices DEI. 🧵
2/ The bill, called the Educate ACT, would ban the anti-white admissions standards that Duke uses to hire surgeons, which I exposed last month. Murphy tells me that the DEI policies at Duke are “repulsive” and need to end.
3/ Here’s what @RepGregMurphy told me: “Duke’s attempt to obliterate a fair and colorblind admissions process to hurt white, male applicants is repulsive. This is not art school for goodness’ sake. Lives are on the line in operating rooms, hospitals, and clinics. Color and gender have absolutely nothing to do with the ability to successfully diagnose and treat patients. Such an attempt to inject this notion into medicine is beyond sinister. My bill will put an end to this nonsense once and for all.”
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Mar 1
1/ BREAKING: We've obtained internal emails from UCLA's medical school -- supposedly one of the best in the country. If you want to understand how DEI and anti-white, anti-American hatred have been mainlined into the medical profession, you need to see this.🧵
2/ These emails come from a mandatory class called "Structural Racism and Health Equity." UCLA med students are told to read about wars of “Indigenous resistance” – in which Native Americans killed thousands of white people – to “imagine what liberation could look like." Image
3/ Students are also taught about "Blackness and Indigeneity" & "how we can imagine a world in the aftermath of settler colonialism and white supremacy." Just to really drive home the point, students are also urged to read an article titled, "Decolonization is Not a Metaphor." Image
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Aug 11, 2023
1/ “Safe” and “unsafe” are dog whistles designed to enable censorship and demonetize “wrongthink.”
2/ GARM has subjective guidelines for what it considers “safe” for advertising, and its corporate partners seem to be interpreting these convoluted rules to fit a narrative. Here's their “Brand Safety Floor” - “content not appropriate for any advertising support.” Image
3/  How are @LOrealGroupe (Garnier) & @Mastercard’s sponsorships of bondage & strippers at this NYC Pride Parade not “Adult & Explicit Sexual Content,” and a “Sensitive Social Issue?" Is this “safe?”
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Jul 31, 2023
🧵Here’s how the World Economic Forum is quietly working to demonetize and deplatform right-of-center voices, including @realDailyWire, using authoritarian tactics and hall monitor “fact-checkers” like @NewsGuardRating.
2/ 90% of all global ad dollars are controlled by members of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), which includes brands like @Hersheys @Disney @ProcterGamble. In 2019, they launched the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), which was then adopted by the WEF. Image
3/ GARM is an unholy alliance between huge advertisers and social media companies like Google’s YouTube, China’s TikTok, Meta’s Facebook & Instagram, and even Twitter/X and Snapchat. GARM developed something they call the “brand safety floor & suitability framework.”
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Jun 19, 2023
The reason so many people agree with @joerogan is because those who have spoken in the name of "The Science" have spent the last decade absolutely wrecking any and all trust in actual science by cramming down anti-scientific nonsense while claiming "the debate is over."
And btw, I vociferously disagree with RFK Jr. on vaccinations generally, although I agree that the covid vaxx was wildly oversold by Pfizer and world governments, particularly to young and healthy people. That isn't really the issue.
The issue is that the same people saying they owe no one a debate also say the same about the lies of gender theory and "gender affirming healthcare," the "covid lab leak conspiracy," universal masking, global warming mitigation efforts, etc.
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