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3 Aug
Endless lockdown is not an option. Endless unemployment payments are not an option. Leaving children school-less for a year is not an option. And pretending that these things represent responsible policy options is a lie.
We need a hell of a lot fewer top-line, 30,000-ft. scare quotes from the experts, and a lot more discussion of risk profiles for various populations.
Stop saying "sure, the average age of death from covid is 80, but kids are dying too." This is deeply dishonest. The question is how MANY kids (answer: nearly zero). Stop saying "teachers are at serious risk." The question is which teachers (age, e.g.), and how large a risk.
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24 Jul
The phrase "black lives matter" suffers from, as @EricRWeinstein says, semantic overload. Does it mean:
1. The perfectly inarguable idea that black lives are of equal value to all other lives?
2. The belief that the US is systemically racist?
3. Agreement with BLM organization?
Disintegrationists wish to conflate these ideas, then separate from whichever aspect is least palatable during a given conversation. If you say you agree with (1) but not (2), which most people do, then they will say you don't agree that black lives matter.
If you castigate (3) for being radical and neo-Marxist, which the organization is, you will be told that's not what the phrase means.
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24 Jul
Frankly, I think we need more politics in sports. I won't be satisfied until every player releases a policy platform, and until every team uses sporting events themselves to promote a political cause I personally support.
Now, I hear you saying that you just want to watch professional athletes perform in their area of expertise. That sports should be about sports. But that's just because you don't understand that everything should be political. EVERYTHING.
I will only buy sneakers that carry slogans I like. I will only buy HVAC parts sold by companies with CEOs who agree with me. I demand that my barista declare his support for my favored causes. And if these people disagree, they are symptoms of everything wrong with the system.
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22 Jul
There is little to no evidence schools are serious vectors of covid transmission; children are at extraordinarily low risk from covid, far lower than from the flu. If you have evidence to the contrary, please present it. Otherwise, stop shouting SCIENCE! while promoting panic.
The evidence of child-to-adult transmission remains weak; there are a bevy of studies from places ranging from Iceland to Australia to China to this effect. Covid is primarily passed between adults in closed spaces with air conditioning for prolonged periods of time.
If teachers are particularly vulnerable (serious pre-existing condition, age), they probably shouldn't risk being in schools. But that holds true for literally any public place.
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17 Jul
The NYT dedicates nearly 1,500 words to documenting supposed racism in a Washington town of 8,000 people...and comes up with zero evidence of racism whatsoever. This is only national news because the NYT is trash.…
The entire story is people kept writing "BLM" in chalk on city streets, the city washed off the messages -- there is zero evidence the city was discriminating based on message, btw -- and neighbors then offered the "chalk artists" their driveways as venues for the chalk art.
But the implication of the piece is that hidden in the hearts of evil small-town Washingtonians is abiding hatred for minorities...and, apparently, chalk. Also, chalk changes the world. Or something.
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10 Jul
Is the new big plan for fighting covid-19 for everyone -- no matter the underlying risk factor -- to simply hide until a vaccine is developed? Which, by the way, may never happen? If not, let's hear some ideas about balancing risks and rewards. Otherwise, you're just posturing.
And please spare me the lectures about how lockdowns worked. They didn't in LA, which is now experiencing massive spikes. And New York's newfound "success" isn't a result of its lockdown -- it's more likely the result of the fact that the virus ran roughshod through NYC already.
It's fascinating how Colorado has completely disappeared from the conversation. They pursued reopening the same exact time as GA. Their caseload is down 41% according to the NYT. Which suggests spending lots of time indoors with AC may be more predictive than lockdown, e.g.
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5 Jul
The vile media mischaracterization of Trump's July 4 speech is extraordinary gaslighting. The speech wasn't dark. And it wasn't "out of nowhere" or "aggressive." It was prompted by weeks of rioting, looting, tearing down monuments, and lying about Americans both dead and alive.
Trump did not mention the Confederacy in his speech; he praised Lincoln, and mentioned Union soldiers singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic. He paid tribute by name to Frederick Douglass, MLK, Harriet Tubman, Jesse Owens, the Tuskegee Airmen, Louis Armstrong, and Mohammed Ali.
The media's takeaway: he was defending Confederate monuments (even though he specifically only mentioned monuments of non-Confederates) and his speech was implicitly racist. The bare-faced dishonesty boggles the mind.
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2 Jul
It is perfectly clear that the Disintegrationist view of America -- that America is inherently bad, that its systems are immutably racist -- is no longer counterculture, it is the dominant culture of our major institutions, from universities to media to Hollywood.
The Right is losing the culture war because it is not fighting a culture war. The Right fights in the culture by electing Republicans. But culture is the ship upon which we sit; the politicians we elect are the deck chairs.
The arrangement of the deck chairs matters a lot when the boat isn't sinking. But when you've neglected the upkeep of the ship for generations, and the ship is sinking, electing politicians who will be sliding along the deck in the direction of the tilt won't fix the problem.
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30 Jun
It is not enough that Americans have Constitutional rights to free speech. We can't live with each other unless we have a culture of rights, in which we respect each other's rights to say things we don't like. That's disappearing incredibly fast, which is spectacularly dangerous.
The hard Left pushes where it meets least resistance. So they promulgated hate speech policies on college campuses, where the administration was sure to cave; they moved on to newsrooms, where editors were sure to cave.
Now they're targeting corporate boardrooms, where risk aversion dominates, and seeking to weaponize corporate risk aversion to take down social media platforms. The result: a closed system in which only approved opinions are allowed.
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25 Jun
This may be the single most hilarious story in human history.…
I cannot stop laughing. CHAZ literally seceded from America to avoid the cops. The media and mayor portrayed it as a "block party," a haven of democracy and freedom. Then violence broke out, people fled, and the armed leader is blaming...AMERICA.
People are fleeing the beautiful republic of CHAZ for the dystopian racist hellscape of the United States. Clearly, they have internalized their white privilege.
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24 Jun
Just finished Robin DiAngelo's insane "White Fragility." And it is insane. But there's good news for Robin DiAngelo: precisely because it is unfalsifiable, cultish bulls***, the mere fact that I say it is unfalsifiable, cultish bulls*** is evidence of my white fragility!
This is literally the entire book. White people are solely responsible for racism; they are especially responsible for racism if they consider themselves non-racist; if they deny any of her claims, it is because they suffer from unacknowledged "whiteness."
All dissent is turned into evidence of undiagnosed racism. And the only person who can cleanse you of your racist thetans is, of course, Robin DiAngelo. My God, what a beautiful scam.
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23 Jun
This article is pretty incredible. Young people who have not experienced racism chastising their parents, who have experienced actual racism and who have succeeded in America nonetheless, for not being woke enough.…
This right here is why the country may be screwed. The parents are supposed to be the bad guys in this paragraph:
I am also fond of this section, in which a 24-year-old artist living in NY castigates his father, 54, a Chinese American who grew up in Dallas and went on to work for the FBI, as "delusional" for believing the system works.
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22 Jun
This article is just spectacular. In it, the advice columnist maligns kids who have black and brown friends for not caring whether their friends are black or brown. Because anti-racism!…
It doesn't matter if you have a fully integrated group of friends who sit together, modeling anti-racism for others. You aren't anti-racist until the Woke Priests deem you so (and until you pay white woman Robin DiAngelo $10 to be educated on your privilege).
"Anti-racism" is a term without true definition other than "parrot what I'm saying, and if you don't, I'll call you racist." It's a non-standard created by a self-appointed religious priesthood who will cast you out into the wilderness for heresy if you dare ask what they mean.
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18 Jun
I will admit amusement at a media determined to believe, simultaneously, that Trump is a complete and utter dumbass and also that he is a detail-oriented historical scholar with abiding knowledge of Juneteenth, the 1921 Tulsa racist riot, and Nazi symbology.
First rule of interpreting Trump: there is no subtext. There is just text.
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18 Jun
Democracy dies in darkness, guys…
This piece is 3,000 words long. And it is about two whiny staffers who couldn't get over a bad 2018 Halloween costume MOCKING racism. And they get a hero picture out of it. Being offended is the new virtue.
My favorite new euphemism, btw, is "resurfaced." We are not sitting in a lake of news, and stories just "resurface" randomly. These two wokescolds dug up an old photo to whine about it and target the Evildoer.
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18 Jun
If you are an Atlanta police officer, the apparent expectation is that if a suspect resists arrests, wrestles you and your partner to the ground, steals a taser, then fires it at you, you will be prosecuted for shooting him even if you are justified in doing so under APD rules.
Even if the DA is correct that the officer in this case kicked the suspect after the shooting, that would justify the assault charge, not the felony murder charge. The simple film does not justify that charge by any stretch of the imagination.
Police won't operate under these conditions. Swaths of police officers are considering early retirement. We're about to see a massive crime wave across America's major cities, and it's entirely the product of Leftist slander about cops. Atlanta is just the beginning.
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15 Jun
This Gorsuch decision is not originalist in any way; he acknowledges as much. It is simply a bad, outcome-driven legal decision. And it throws religious liberty, free speech, and employment law into complete turmoil.
The Alito dissent is a devastating rebuttal, but logic is of course of no account here. Those who love the outcome will celebrate, because the first rule of legal interpretation is that the law comes last.
Gorsuch himself acknowledges that Title VII obviously wasn't mean to cover sexual orientation or gender identity. Democrats know that too, which is why they've attempted to pass separate legislation concerning these issues. This has nothing to do with textualism, obviously.
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10 Jun
"Social distancing and personal responsibility must remain our priorities unless you're protesting on behalf of properly woke causes."
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9 Jun
This column is morally horrifying…
The column is not about "accountability." It is about woke-shaming everyone with whom you disagree on the basis of little or no evidence. Her key example of successful "This You"? Going after Drew Brees for taking a photo with Donald Trump.
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5 Jun
Mystery of mysteries…
I may not be a mathematician, but I believe that a week ago everyone was protesting.
It was the Jews, probably. Them and their minyanim.
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5 Jun
If you cannot define a problem clearly, you cannot propose a solution. "Systemic racism" or "institutional racism" or "implicit racism" is a miasmatic, deliberately vague charge. Name the racist policy, name the racist person, so we can all fight the racism together.
And do not cite as evidence of discrimination mere disparity. Some disparity is the result of discrimination; some is not. The attempt to conflate the two is the death of decent policymaking and human decency more generally.
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