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BREAKING: Dr. Chen Kugel, Israel's chief forensic pathologist who heads its Abu Kabir Forensic Institute that handled all the bodies from October 7, said in early November that he personally saw "beheaded babies". But that is a proven lie, as Israel's own records have confirmed
in another much cited piece from an Israeli propaganda outlet in early November detailing the supposedly scientific forensic pathology discoveries of Israel’s Abu Kabir Center of Forensic Medicine, it's head Dr. Chen Kugel repeats the false claim that he saw beheaded babies Image
in the same piece Dr. Nurit Bublil, head of Abu Kabir’s DNA laboratory, is depicted with a seemingly blood-stained baby's mattress. She claims a "brutally disfigured" baby was killed, elsewhere saying the baby was stabbed. But again, records confirm no such baby exists

here's a report on Israel's Abu Kabir Center of Forensic Medicine's Dr. Nurit Bublil, the head of its DNA forensic pathology team, where she repeats the false claim about a baby being stabbed to death as part of her deranged evidence-free lurid fantasies about October 7
Dr. Nurit Bublil, head of Israel's DNA forensic pathology team that worked on October 7 bodies, isn't just a liar who fabricates stabbed babies, she is also a genocidal maniac who makes up lurid fantasies of what Palestinian fighter supposedly did, and saying "they are not human" Image
so we now have incontrovertible evidence that not only Zaka, Shari Mendes and other "volunteers" deliberately lied as part of the Israeli regime's atrocity propaganda push but also the heads of Israel's Forensic Pathology Center Chen Kugel and DNA team Nurit Bublil

It's over now
the Economist piece also cites morgue workers saying they saw non-existent beheaded babies. So it's not just random "volunteers" who are known hoaxers, it goes to the core of Israel's supposedly "scientific" institutions, forensic pathologists, doctors, DNA experts. Holy shit
these are the institutions which prepared all the "information" not just for the Western media class to regurgitate uncritically but also the UN's Pramila Padden. And they're proven genocidal liars. Again, it's an elaborate ouroboros of atrocity propaganda
here is Dr. Chen Kugel, Israel's chief forensic pathologist who handled all the October 7 bodies, doing an atrocity propaganda video together with other proven hoaxer Shari Mendes, who claimed to have seen a non-existent fetus ripped out of a womb. They're all in it together
oh my god, it only gets worse. In 2014 the Israeli regime violently assaulted a senior Palestinian official, killing him. The regime handpicked Chen Kugel to do a whitewash, contradicting the conclusion of the Jordanian and Palestinian pathologists. And of course the NYT helped Image
guess what Chen Kugel did before becoming Israel's chief forensic pathologist? For 21 years he was in the Israeli army. The primary "serious scientific" source of the most lurid atrocity propaganda hoaxes like the beheaded babies he claimed he saw, is a pure regime propagandist Image
holy shit, Chen Kugel also testified for the defense in the killing of Tom Hurndall, a British citizen who was intentionally shot in the head by an Israeli sniper. Despite Kugel's best efforts to lie, he was convicted, which is incredibly rare in Israel

another lie told by Chen Kugel, Israel's chief forensic pathologist, is that the age of those killed on October 7 "spanned from 3 months to 90 years". But there was no 3 month old killed. The head of Israel's Forensic Pathology center is a deranged regime propagandist serial liar
in this piece from 2013, Chen Kugel is identified as a "national security intelligence officer", because of course he is. This is the guy the media class turned into a Saint. A serial liar propagandist, and main source of all of the Israeli "scientific evidence" on October 7 Image

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Mar 6
an actual journalist asking good questions here, and getting Pramila Padden to admit yet again that she had no investigative mandate at all, and that everything in her report, which actually debunks the NYT and other media hoaxes about "mass systemic rape", needs to be verified
the fact that Pramila Padden has no investigative mandate was in the mission statement, is in the report itself, and Padden has said it repeatedly in the past, yet the entire media erased it to launder their own hoax by lying about what her report says
again, don't take it from me, listen to Pramila Padden's own words:

"It’s not my or my office's role to go and investigate. I sit in New York. I have an advocacy mandate. My role is not to investigate."

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Mar 6
the NYT hired recent comp lit grad food blogger Adam Sella to team up with his uncle's wife and avowed genocidal racist Anat Schwartz to fabricate its biggest hoax since Judith Miller, and now it allows him to launder his hoax via the UN report that explicitly debunks it. Insane Image
how are you allowing the recent college grad food blogger with zero reporting experience who fabricated your biggest hoax since Judith Miller to not only still report at all, but to report specifically about the topic of his own hoax? It's utterly deranged
it's so bizarre. I almost can't believe it. What the fuck does Adam Sella have over you. He's a fucking food blogger. Why are you destroying your entire reputation and whatever remains of your credibility for a fucking food blogger. Holy shit

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Mar 5
this is amazing. The first story on the BBC's front page right now is the UN report which they lie about by omitting its mandate and conclusion, and beneath it they link back to their own piece on the "mass rape" hoax from December which the report debunks Image
this is among the most deranged things I've seen. They're lying so brazenly and shamelessly, expecting that no one will notice because they won't bother actually reading the report itself. They'll just read the BBC using it to launder their own hoax it conclusively disproves
I said this would happen, that the media class who collectively fabricated the "mass rape" atrocity propaganda hoax months ago, BBC, AP, Reuters, Guardian, and of course NYT, would now use it to launder their own hoax. But it's even worse than I thought, because it debunks it
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Mar 5
BREAKING: The Intercept went back to check one of the main sources used by the New York Times' Anat Schwartz, Adam Sella and Jeffrey Gettleman in their "mass rape" hoax, and have shown it to have been a fraud. Again, the biggest hoax in NYT history since Judith Miller Image
in the full report, it becomes clear yet again that Anat Schwartz, Adam Sella and Jeffrey Gettleman deliberately set out to fabricate this atrocity propaganda hoax, with no regard at all to basic journalistic integrity and ethics. And the NYT stands by it

earlier today the UN report the entire media class and the New York Times itself is deceptively touting as vindication of their mass rape claims, in fact did the opposite, and further exposed the hoax fabricated in the NYT by Getleman, Sella and Schwartz:
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Mar 4
the UN report by Pramila Padden has definitely exposed the New York Times' atrocity propaganda hoax. It states that core "witnesses" they used, Yossi Landau and Shari Mendes, who spread the fetus ripped out of a pregnant woman and stabbed claim, are liars. It's over now Image
the NYT fabricated a hoax which it just recently said it fully stands by, which the UN's Pramila Padden has said is patently false and has contradicted, both in its particulars and its central claim about "systematic mass rape".

What will they do now?
it is now an established fact, not just from Mondoweiss, Electronic Intifada, Grayzone, myself, The Intercept more recently, but also the UN's Pramila Padden, that the NYT allowed Jeffrey Gettleman, Adam Sella and Anat Schwartz to fabricate a hoax built on an empire of lies
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Mar 4
buried on page 15 in its 23 page "report", the UN's Pramila Patten admits that all her information comes directly from the Israeli regime, and that it blocks UN agencies with an actual investigative mandate from doing independent investigations into their propaganda claims Image
after claiming in the beginning she will "verify information", even though she has admitted before and it's in her official mandate that she has no investigative powers or abilities, she finally admits on page 20, near the very end, "yeah, we don't have an investigative mandate" Image
after admitting there's no evidence of rape in the videos and photos handed to them by the Israeli regime, she admits she has to rely solely on "positions of bodies and clothing", which she admits earlier Zaka hoaxers constantly moved around, and "testimonies" by the same hoaxers Image
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