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16 Reasons Biden's Worse than Trump for "Democracy"

16. Biden Admin turned the FBI against parents who opposed his DEIfication of schools & tried using anti-terrorism laws to target them…
15. Biden's FBI is currently using the FBI to target MAGA-aligned voters ahead of 2024…
14. Biden's bragged about locking up hundreds of Trump voters ahead of 2024. Many spent months in solitary confinement before anything like a conviction.
13. Whistleblowers report Biden officials forced them to drop investigations that could lead to exposing Joe Biden's corruption…
12.5 Biden's DoJ gave Biden a get-out-of-jail-free card for violating the same laws they're currently prosecuting Trump for…
12. Despite Ukraine canceling elections and banning rival political parties as well as media outlets, the Biden Admin continues to force Americans to fund Zelenksy's fight against freedom & democracy…
11. Biden's CIA has bragged about murdering journalists who oppose their war in Ukraine…
10. Biden Admin refused to help an American journalist who pleaded for help from the State Dept. after Zelensky's regime locked him up & later tortured him to death 
9. Biden blocked his only rival from appearing on the Democratic primary ballot; they're currently fighting to obstruct his attempts at running on a third-party ticket…
8. Despite news reports the FBI was abusing its domestic surveillance powers, Biden signed into law a FISA extension that allows the feds to spy on Americans……
7. Biden's DoJ is trying to imprison their chief 2024 opponent ahead of November's election…
6. Biden defended states trying to select which candidates voters can choose from…
5. Biden is importing an entirely new electorate ahead of the 2024 election, facilitating more than 5 million potential Democratic voters (greater than the population of the 25 smallest states)…
4. Democrats blocked an amendment that would explicitly thwart illegal immigrants from voting…
3. Democrats are using migrants to boost the population of blue states and thus electoral votes; they also killed a bill that would block the Biden Admin from buying plane tickets for migrants to ship them to blue states /……
2. Democrats are expanding ways for illegal immigrants to vote in elections…
1. To suppress Americans who disagree with any of the above, Biden is currently fighting in the Supreme Court to continue having the power to violate Americans' 1st Amendment rights & censor them online…
P.S. And as my followers know, I oppose Trump, and will vote for RFK in 2024. But my opposition to Trump hasn't turned me blind from seeing the Biden Admin in all its tyrannical infamy.
As heard on the @treyradel show!

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Feb 18
Even Politico is now admitting to Biden being the key player in his family’s corrupt schemes
Just counted & this article has at least 27 references to spox from the WH, Hunter & Jim Biden, associated parties, etc., refusing comment to Politico.
This sounds like familiar Image
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Dec 20, 2023
Here’s the real story of the 14th Amendment, which progressives are using to try Putining Trump off the ballot.

The 14th Amendment has always been intended to empower Washington to lord over states, although even its authors never intended for it to go as far as it has, w/ federal judges over the last 100 years having decided it actually enables them to nullify state laws they dislike.Image
After the Civil War, Lincoln's Republican Party controlled Congress (in large part due to federal officers arresting anyone speaking on behalf of Democrats), and, seeking to adopt the 14th Amendment, they prevented southern states congressional representation unless they ratified the 14th Amendment.
Despite being blackmailed, every southern state except Tennessee voted against the 14th Amendment. Congress responded by passing the Reconstruction Act of 1867, which "established a comprehensive military dictatorship to run the governments of each of the 10 states" that were not yet back in the United States. (Am quoting from Thomas DiLorenzo's must-read book, "The Real Lincoln.")
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Dec 12, 2023

Media warn if Trump wins again every bad possible thing will happen
As heard on the @VinceCoglianese show
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Nov 22, 2023
As today’s the 60 year anniversary of JFK’s assassination, I’d like to share the most interesting information I’ve come across while recently reading a few books: “Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination” by Lamar Waldron & Thom Hartman, “Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government,” by David Talbot, and “Chaos: The Truth Behind the Manson Murders” by Tom O’Neill.
Waldron’s basic conclusion is that the CIA’s partnership with the mafia — involving myriad criminality, such as trying to assassinate Fidel Castro — spun out of control & the mafia, angry at AG RFK’s crackdown on organized crime, exploited their insider-role in Washington to assassinate Kennedy (as any proper investigation would expose the CIA’s enabling of the then-three largest crime families). Waldron acknowledges that many of the most mobbed-up CIA agents also admitted being involved in the assassination, such as the CIA’s Miami station boss, David Morales (who, the more you read about him, the more he sounds like a serial killer who happened to work for the government), but Waldron stops short of blaming anyone at the CIA for orchestrating the hit.
Then by destroying evidence & hampering investigations into JFK’s assassination, the CIA — and their enablers in Washington — left in place a criminal architecture that was later used to kill both MLK and RFK. (Waldron reports one of those involved in JFK’s assassination, a white supremacist named Joseph Milteer, was able to orchestrate the hit on MLK, thanks in part to the FBI explicitly forbidding their agents from following any leads that revealed the conspiracy behind killing Kennedy). RFK’s assassination, which I knew virtually nothing about before this book, is another clear case of conspiracy. Like Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan was a patsy — who, even if he shot any of the bullets that hit RFK — was merely being exploited by powers greater than he.
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Aug 7, 2023
Did you know that starting August 22nd, BRICS nations are meeting in S. Africa, where they're rumored to announce the launch of a gold-backed digital currency, obviously meant to dethrone the dollar as the world’s reserve currency?

The U.S. media is specifically avoiding……
For years I've thought "Wouldn't it be awesome if someone made something like Bitcoin, but using actual money like gold & silver, as opposed to intrinsically worthless digital vapor?" Then Peter Schiff started a company called GoldMoney that tried to do something like that.……
So it seemed allowing U.S. consumers to transact with real money was dead in the water. However, in the last two months I've learned about an incredible new project called Kinesis (@KinesisMonetary), which, so far as I can tell, solves every problem related to money. In short, it……
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Aug 1, 2023
Morning Joe defends Biden & Hunter's working relationship:

@Lemire: "We should put this in context; this is the time when Beau Biden, the president’s other son, was ill & dying & then passed away. So perhaps he wasn’t as attentive to what he should have been"

Rep. @danielsgoldman: "Let's put this in context: Beau Biden got very sick in 2015. He died in 2015. It was right in the middle when Devon Archer had his business dealings with Hunter Biden. At that point Joe Biden and Hunter Biden began to speak every day because they were……
This is what passes for journalism on MSNBC
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